Sunday, December 28, 2008

Surprisingly I got out of work early.

When she saw me she was so excited and wanted to have sex. I didn't mention I jacked off right before I left for work so when we got going I wasn't as hard and had to tell her why.

She asked what I thought about when I jacked and I mentioned her doing naughty things and having cum on her face. Actually, I was thinking about her eating out her friend but I think that would freak her out a bit.

She sucked me to 60% stiffness and I enjoyed watching her dip her hands down her panties and play with her pussy as I sucked her nipples. I dry humped her for a bit and she put my cock in her panties.

That felt good but I could tell I wasn't going to get rock hard because of the proximity to cumming and the fact I was exhausted.

So I positioned her on the bed so she could masturbate and I stroked right over her pussy. I wanted to lube it with cum as she came herself. When she started cumming I shot a load right onto her fur patch and her massaging hand.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The nice red nightie with black thigh highs was a great start to a great session.

Passions were high as we kissed passionately and felt each other up involving lots of oral. She kept mentioning how rock hard I was and I could tell it hurt a bit when I pummeled it deep into her. I have to admit I delighted in seeing her contorted face and when I asked if I should back off she defiantly said "NO!".

So I fucked her even harder as she drove her nails into my ass cheeks.

She wanted me to shoot my load onto her chest and neck. I gently touched her as if she was feeling my cum splatter her and that really turned her on.

Within moments I was hiking up her body to follow her orders and she decided on her face was ok too. When I started spunking she even took some in her mouth! HOT!

Again, she's only recently been receptive to that so it excites me that much more. Evidently, my cum went everywhere. Her face. Mouth. Hair. Pillow. I didn't care though. Felt so good.

Then we took out her brand new vibrator (the one with that new matching cock rings) and rubbed her clit to orgasm.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mostly dressed, she lay prone on the bed. I tugged up her shirt and pink bra to get at those beautiful nipples. I was completely nude and kneeling over her midsection. My left hand found her pants button and zipper and commenced to creating a bit of access to the good parts hidden there.

As my right hand playfully tweaked her hard nipples, my left found its way past her trimmed bush to her special spot.

Her mouth found my special spot and very quickly had me about to explode.

She said to cum on her belly. So I did.

Friday, December 19, 2008

As I watched her dress I started touching myself under the covers since I had not yet gotten out of bed. She smiled as I ogled her tight, lacey dark blue bikini panties and white lace, pointy bra.

When she moved over closer to me and stooped to show off her cleavage and groped herself through her panties, including giving me peeks of or fur patch, I soon deposited a nice load onto my belly.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I asked her to stay in her regular clothes as she sought out a pretty nightie. I like the slow reveal and everyday lingerie at times.

I found a lace white bra that she says makes her tits pointy. This under a pretty button-up blue shirt. I also found dark blue VS bikini panties, under gray dress slacks. I also found a pad. Its that time.

We gently played with each other and nuzzled. At some point I ended up kneeling down around her waist and toyed with her clit as she stroked me. With gentle direction she'd gotten better and better at stroking me. She asked if I wanted lube I never felt the need for it when by myself, nor do I with her.

Eventually, my hips thrust forward until I started to spurt onto her lower belly with a bit landing on her panties. White thick cum on her dark blue panties was very erotic. She slowed as I asked then "did me a favor" by cleaning the tip with her clenched hand. Not good. It was too sensitive and I told her so and we had a nice laugh together about it as she apologized for her faux pas. Its not a big deal but the sweathear that she is......

Then I rubbed/scratched her back as she convulsed to her own orgasm.

Sure hope her period is done by Xmas.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

After grinding her ass up against me in bed for a while, I asked if I could slip around down there for a bit. She got the lube, got my cock all slick and we tugged her panties down as I slipped and slid around her tight ass for a time before she popped the head in just a bit.

She was going really easy and slow and it felt great. Soon enough our pace quickened and the ultra-tightness had me squirted a couple times in her ass before I pulled out and stroked the rest onto my belly. The tip sensitivity due to her tightness was simply too much.

Then she went prone and massaged her pussy while I rubbed her slick ass until she came hard.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The shower together was nice.

Some mutual back scrubbing and butt washing/squeezing led to her cleaning my cock with the sponge and plenty of soap.

Very quickly she went down onto her knees and sucked my already rock hard cock. I told her I was about to cum and she looked up and said "Cum all over my face". That was hot and had me spurting up onto her nose and forehead.

She kept her mouth open the whole time too, seeming to want the cum inside it. That's out of the ordinary for her because, while she has a nice little fetish for cum, she usually doesn't want it in her mouth.

Not much went in (if at all) but THAT was a big turnon and I made sure to tell her so.

Monday, December 8, 2008

By the time she came to bed she was in a good mood but exhausted from studying. She asked, sheepishly, if it could be a "quickie".

Of course, I said.

Quick hand action on both parts. A bit of sucking with some nice firm fingernails on my ass (I always want more from her in that regard). Some cowgirl followed.

Eventually, at my request, she mounted me and I jacked off with her wet pussy against my face.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Of course I woke up hard as usual. 38C seemed ready to go to, since her hands were all over my package and then she "presented" by shoving her butt up against me. I obliged by dry humping that for a bit before eventually tugging her stretch pants and black panties down so I could mount her missionary and cum a nice one deep inside her.

Which I did.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

It has been so long we almost had to plan out a session and I had to dash off to work. After showering she gave me a good limp-dick blowjob claiming she wanted it to grow in her mouth.

Grow it did. Rock hard and I had to fight cumming for most of our session.

I spent a good deal of time eating her out too. I wanted her doggy for that as well and she complied. I let my mouth do the walking and toyed a bit with her ass even.

When we finally got down to some business it was more the teasing variety. I would go into her for a few pumps, but not stay long. It frustrates her a bit and I like that.

We got interrupted by a phone call at one point, but once we were back on track, she knelt beside the bed and sucked me good before standing up and fucking me face-to-face.

That didn't last long either and I pulled out and spurted everywhere. Of course she quickly dove on the bed and I helped rub her to her own orgasm.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Since we haven't been having as much sex lately (damn life) I've been pentup as hell and I think 38C knows it. After exchanging some flirtatious texts all day, it was nice to get her alone at home.

Gentle caressing between her legs and over her red satin panties had her soaking wet. I mean soaking. After she went down on me for some rock hard cock sucking as asked her to mulch her pantied crotch on my face. Of course, that resulted in them being tugged aside and me eating her out.

Next we stuffed her bullet down her panties and I had her "mount" me so we could both feel it. She got rid of her regular vibe because it died and I'd rather she use that. But she came hard like that and shortly after put my cock deep inside her where I eventually came.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It was late. I was tired. She sucked and sucked but I only maintained about 60% wood. That is, until I went down on her wet pussy. After spending some considerable time eating her out, I was rock hard and she kept pulling me up to suck me. At one point, I pulled out of her mouth and felt myself dripping just a bit more than precum. I was fighting off a cum, but dropping heavy amounts. So she climbed onboard cowgirl style and I deposited it where it was supposed to go. Deep inside her.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I was packing up some stuff to head out the door to do some holiday/grocery shopping and gave 36C a kiss and hug goodbye. But then it struck me: SEX! I asked if she was up for a quickie and she was. We closed and locked the front door and she knelt and sucked me right there, in our foyer.

Soon, she spun, tugged her sweats and panties down and spread for me to enter her from behind requesting only that I hold her hips while I pumped her. I did and once again it wasn't long before I pulled out and shot my load all over her ass. She quickly retreated to the bedroom with me in tow so she could get off as well stating that she had to lie down for that.

The lines shopping didn't seem nearly as bad. And I noticed, in one particular line, a wet spot at the base of my sweatshirt. Cum? Yeah, probably.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I wanted to sleep badly since I had worked all night but was so damn horny it was actually getting in the way. I normally would have just rubbed one out but wanted a bit of help from 36C. She said she would as soon as she could and once she was able to get Sonny pre-occupied she came into the room, stripped down to her panties and began a terrific blowjob.

I couldn't hold out for long at all and thought I began pumping some into her mouth and was surprised when she didn't pull away. She finally did and it was obvious I hadn't started spurting yet, just feeling contractions. Once I did spurt we marveled at the distance (neck high) and volume (everywhere).

Then I took a nice long happy nap.

Monday, November 17, 2008

She was practically asleep and nearly unresponsive when I asked if she wanted to fool around. Once I sensed she was coming around to the idea, I immediately tugged her PJ pants and panties down and spent significant time orally stimulating her clit. She emoted between giggling and ecstacy.

After some brief sucking of me, we moved into spoon position where I tested to see if she was up for some anal. After poking and proding around her ass, it appeared she wasn't, so I fucked her nice and easy in that position until I came inside her once again.

Just in time, she has signs of her period starting.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dressed in her red, sort of boring pjs, she began massaging my already hard cock, which led to sucking it for a bit, which led to me sucking her tits (after opening her shirt) until which time she climbed aboard the Cum Express and I did just that: pumped a substantial load deep inside her newly stubby pussy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I came back from Sonny's bus stop to find 38C dressed in a tiny black nightie and even tinier string matching thong. She climbed up on me on the couch and ground down onto me as we kissed and I sucked her titties. Time was of the essence so before long she had my stiffness in her mouth and was sloppily sucking and stroking it until I eventually shot my load all over her hand, my shaft, balls and belly.

After some cleanup, I zipped up and headed to work with a smile.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

She shut the bedroom door dressed in a sexy, strappy black nightie with her white cotton bikini panties underneath.

Nearly immediately, which isn't normal for me, I had her panties off and was spending some sweet time licking between her legs. Her shave is growing back in, so it was a bit stubbly and I teased her about that, but still enjoyed myself.

At one point she asked if I was humping the bed. I tend to when I eat her out and she LOVES it. I proceeded to peel her panties off the rest of the way and humped them as I continued my enjoyable task.

After quite some time, she said she wanted to suck me and did so, enthusiastically and wetly while leaving the panties wrapped around my shaft. I find that extremely erotic.

Eventually, she climbed aboard for some cowgirl and after some nice slow grinding I quickened the pace until shooting my load deep inside her. She clinched and clinched before eventually climbing off and rubbing herself to two nice orgasms.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

While snuggling and watching football I slid her hand down to my rock hard cock. I don't think she was necessarily in the "mood" but she promptly went down for some enthusiastic sucking before removing her black pucker-butt panties and mounting me. I think she wanted to cum with me deep inside her again but when it seemed her mood was different I suggested she put the bullet on her clit as she rode. That seemed to do the trick and soon after she calmed down I began to pump vigorously before pulling out and shooting my load directly onto and perhaps slightly into her ass.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

While dressed as the St. Paulie Girl I loved how the skirt part barely covered her frilly panties. Time was an issue so after some quick wet sucking I tugged her panties down to mid thigh and entered her spoon-style as I unzipped the back of her outfit exposing her bra. I firmly held it, or her shoulders as we pumped in rythym with each other until I shot deep up inside her and she followed with some manipulation to get herself to cum strongly.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

She may have wanted more of that cum she had when she rubbed her bald pussy into me as I drove deeply into her cowgirl pose. She was a little stubbly and I was freshly shaved and we weren't able to achieve the same feeling so we settled on some hard and fast, progressed into some standing doggy-style and I eventually blew my load all over her back and rubbed it in (something we had been talking about from a recent dream she had).

Sunday, October 26, 2008

After another hot text session, wherein she mentioned "after my nap, I'm going to take a shower, shave my pussy and fuck your face with it" we ended up in a VERY hot session.

She surprised me a bit, because she was in rather boring PJs when I got to bed, but underneath was the tiniest red satin thong and her pussy was as smooth as the material.

Passionate kissing and titty sucking all the while rubbing her pussy through her sexy panties had us BOTH raring to go. After getting her good and hot with some aggressive cunt licking and fingering she said she wanted my cock bad. When she got a hold of it, it could not have been harder and her sexy and sloppy sucking had me doing all I could not to pop in her mouth.

She even climbed up for a quick insertion so she could "taste" herself on it. She does that to get me hot, because I don't think she's really into it. But it works.

Some more sucking and pussy eating along with a hint of finger anal play (both ways) gave way to some great cowgirl that had her grinding fiercely on me until she shuddered in orgasm. I let her calm down for about 20 seconds before pumping away until I pulled out and shot all over my belly and chest.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I woke up to find her locking the door dressed in sexy sheer white lace panties and matching top. I didn't even need a view of that to be stiff, since that's how I awoke.

Intimate kissing led to some nice crotch rubbing. She slid down me to spend a good length of time servicing my incredibly hard and recently shaved cock. At times, she'd surface so I could work on her very sensitive nipples as I fingered her recently shaved pussy. At one point I was jacking off with her nipple by squeezing it against my cock shaft and rubbing back and forth.

Then it was time for some good oral on her pussy and I took my sweet time down there as she held my head firmly to avoid any chance of escape. Her wetness was incredible.

After perhaps 45 minutes of this foreplay, we got down and dirty with some shaved on shaved fucking. I was so hard and penetrating so deep I could see her wince in pain/ecstasy until I eventually pumped a full load deep inside her.

Just in time. She got her period a few hours later. PHEW!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I walked in the bathroom as she was putting on her makeup but already dressed. It didn't matter to me, I poked her clothed ass with my morning wood anyway and she ground back against it. I asked for some kisses on it and she sloppily complied as we traded who stroked. I was getting close and time was an issue, so I asked to see her pussy. She promptly unbuttoned, lowered her tan lace panties and showed me her bald pussy. A few more strokes and I was shooting a load into my hand.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

She woke me up on the couch by not so gently rubbing my cock through my jeans.

In bed, rubbing turned to sucking and when my hand dove down into her plum-colored lacy "cheeky" panties I was surprised to find she had shaved it down again. Nice!

She mounted me and rubbed against my uninserted shaft until close to cumming, then put my cock inside her panties to rub skin on skin and did cum.

It was a matter of moments until I was inside her soaking wet pussy fucking fast and hard as I fingered her ass gently and she talked dirty into my ear. I pulled out to shoot two good distance loads and a few more dribbles all over my belly and shaft.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I worked late and was surprised to find she was still sleeping beside me when I awoke at 10:30. She had on a sexy red pajama suit and I liked spooning up against her (Sonny was downstairs watching TV) and pushing my semi-hardness into her and feeling up her pantylines as I tried to guess which ones she had on (brown bikini).

She awoke and after quick trips to the bathroom (pee and teeth brushing) we came back to a nice, aggressive blowjob and I went down on her for some rather brief oral followed by some titty sucking before we yanked her PJ pants and panties down for another missionary session which resulted in another creamy load in her stubbly pussy.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The texting was actually a bit hotter than the session that followed. Sonny stayed up so late that I think it cramped into our time, but she started off with a nice blowjob when I finally got to bed. I was rock hard and she was ready to go when I finally plunged into her wet, stubbly (she's letting it grow back in) cunt. Some vigorous pumping soon resulted in a nice internal cumshot. She proceeded to finish her cum with the help of her bullet.

Texting Fun!

36C is home today studying for an exam. I am at work. She text me.....

She: God damn I am so horny for you! :)
Me: No shit????? Sweet!
She: All I can think about is sexy kissing and squeezing your ass with both hands while sucking your hard cock. I can hear your moans. Mmmmm :)
Me: Waoh! And boiiiiiiiinnnggg!
She: Mmmmm I want to taste that boiiiiing. My clit has been tingling all day. Think you could take care of that for me tonight? :)
Me: Absolutely! :) - Was thinking about today's pretty lingerie not long before you text me (she had a cute ensemble on this moring)
She: By the way, the twins (her boobs) really miss you. They were hoping your were in the mood to play etch-a-sketch tonight. How about it? You in the mood?
Me: Always in a mood - but you have really charged it up now :)
She: Well you did ask me to charge your batteries (play on a text I sent asking her to put some batteries in the charger). It just so happens mine were already charged. Rrrraaoww!
Me: Heh, heh - then I will start with some deep kissing....
Me: before moving down between your breasts - tugging your bra aside for my tongue's access.....
Me: Eventually moving even lower to pull your panties aside and lick and fuck you with a stiff tongue.
She: Nice. :) On my neck, shoulders and back too?
Me: Of course! and gently pushing against you so you could feel my excitement - like it is now
She: Wow! I didn't think I could get any more Horny than I already was. I look forward to everything your tongue has to offer. I have to warn you though, I think my pussy is explosive at this point.
Me: I will create an explosion of my own after helping you to yours :)
She: Inside me? Please? I want to feel your body quiver and hear your deep quiet groans as you shoot gobs of hot cum into my pussy. Please?
Me: Yes! Deep in your pretty, shaved pussy.
She: Very deep! I want my legs spread over your shoulder as you thrust deep into me, slapping me with your balls and watchign my tits bounce with each thrust. That's what I really want, Babe. Please fuck me like that.
Me: Oly to collapse onto you as I cum hard - spurt after spurt -before falling limp on top of you , exhausted
She: That sounds hot Babe. I can't wait. The twins and puss send their love. :). wow am I worked up now, lol.
Me: Touching yourself?
She: Only with the phoe when your texts come in :) I want this feeling all saved up for when I fricken attack your body tonight.
Me: So I shouldn't let my hand "brush" my lap then either? :)
She: No! I'll take damn good care of your lap tonight. By the way, did I tell you I'm horny? Or how badly I want to suck your cock as I stroke it and listen to how wet my mouth has made you.
Me: Um. Yeah....I heard, LOL
She: Then I'll give it to you.
She: But of course. Do you want to be standing, sitting, kneeling or laying on your back or a combination of each?
Me: Start by standing. We'll go from there.
She: You want me to undo your pants while giving you deep sexy kisses (sucking), then go down on my knees and look up at you while you guide my head with both hands?
Me: Oh yeah I want that.
She: I love looking up at your face when I have your cock or your balls in my mouth. Especially when you smile at me.
Me: Can I look down your back at y our sexy pantied ass as you do?
She: Oh yeah!
Me: Mmmmmm
Me: As a hint of cum oozes out and you watch as my balls tuck up as your fingernails grip my ass.
She: Ooh. Nice.
She: Okay. No more dirty talk, I'm at Sonny's school.
Me: Ok :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gambling and drinking led to another nice fuck session in our hotel room. First she changed into a new nightie with matching thigh highs, then she took charge.

Wet slopping sucking led to her forcing her shaved cunt into my face and me going at her titties pretty hard. She talked ultra dirty and rode me rather violently. At one point, she said she said, "fuck my wet cunt so I can taste my pussy on your hard cock".

I can't even remember all the details but I remember vividly another strong cum but this time inside her as she did the same almost simultaneously.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Our trip to Vegas resulted in some drinking and tons of flirting. She looked so cute in that summer dress. After coming back to change for dinner we had some nice dry sex including titty licking and much crotch grinding and even a few explicit photos.

We changed and went out for more drinks and gambling and she looked so hot in her moderately short dress.

When we came back a bit after midnight (seemed later, we're still on east coast time) we wore the suite out. Leaving the windows open and the lights dimmed we used the entire bed, both rooms and the hottub. Sucking, licking, assplay, panty wearing -- you name it, we did -- it was nasty, it was intense and it was HOT!

Eventually, I had her pressed up against our open window as I fucked away from behind before pulling out and shooting my load straight up wherein it landed on her back and ass. She quickly went down on the bed and mulched her pussy as I spread my cum around her ass and back in a gently "lubed" massage.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

While spooning, she was pressing her ass up very hard against my crotch. Which in turn, made me very hard.

I continued to kiss her neck and lobes and got her really charged up so that she tugged her panties down and was literally gripping my cock tip with her ass. After quite a bit of this, she asked if I wanted to "slip around down there". That is sort of code for some anal. Sounded good to me.

After lubing up her ass and watching her play with it, it wasn't long before I was easing into it. She seemed to want it really badly but I was careful to take it easy.

She clenched and pulled me in deep until after a while I couldn't take it any longer and I shot my load wherein she kept clenching and massaged herself to her own big O.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's been so long since I've been inside her wet, warm cunt. As she kissed me goodbye I mentioned having sex tonight. She said "We could do that".

I did that!

After some stroking and sucking, I mounted her and pried into her moist wet pussy and spent the better part of 20 minutes alternating between pumping it, grinding it and eating it. Eventually, I moved her into doggy position so I could finish. She requested I do so all over her ass, so I did as I was told.

She stayed in that position and mulched herself into a fine orgasm of her own.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Once again time was limited, but when I came into the bedroom and pulled the covers off she was clad in lacy sheer bikini panties and matching bra. Her ass looked so good I immediately commenced to biting and squeezing it.

She squirmed and laughed until she flipped over and we both accessed her pussy and tits until she took me in her mouth. Since she was coming off her period, we both got her off rather quickly and I pulled out to stroke a thick load all over her tits and bra.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

I wasn't feeling well, but was feeling well enough to say "yes" when she asked if I wanted a BJ. It was obvious she had started her period, but she was willing to strip down to her pink sparkly panties and vigorously suck and stroke me to a rather decent cumshot.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When she awoke me I was so tired and sleepy that I wasn't really into it despite the fact that she was giving a rather vigorous and enthusiatic blowjob soon after.

Eventually, she climbed up and stuffed her pussy in my face so naturally I ate away before she slid back down and humped me.

I knew I wouldn't get off this way but she did and it seemed strong.

She went down between my legs paying particular attention to my balls as I stroked and stroked until depositing a load onto my belly.

Friday, September 12, 2008

After being away for three days, the text she sent about her white lacy thong and matching bra as I drove home gave me plenty to think about. After Sonny went down, she asked to watch a movie and so we did. It bored me to tears although she was enjoying the "chick flick".

I paused the movie to get a better look at her tight black stretch pants and it wasn't long before her shirt and bra were lifted up and I was sucking her nipples as she (at first) worried who could see into our rec room (nobody can see, but she worries so).

Soon my hands were down her pants to find her wet and smooth pussy and I enjoyed placing her hand there as well to feel her feel herself up and get her going as well.

We traded oral a number of times, including an awkward couch 69. Then I enjoyed her ass as she stood and gyrated for me complete with bending over and playing with herself.

I was so very hard for so long it was actually aching, but I didn't want to foreplay to end just yet. She did me in seated cowgirl and in reverse seating cowgirl and in both cowgirls while laying down then in regular laying down girl on top missionary before I eventually blew long and hard deep inside her just as she went into face-down mulch for a big O or her own.

Monday, September 8, 2008

I hadn't seen that particular red thong with black trim in eons. She doesn't wear it with "thong pants" because it has a bow on the back and she feels its visible through the pants.

I don't know about that, but I know her ass looked smoking hot in that thong.

I feel as if lately I haven't been using my oral skills as much as I should so tonight I spent a good long time down on her and we progressed into a rather ravenous 69 for quite the long time before she mounted me in reverse cowgirl. The view of my cock going deep inside her wet shaved lips was hot and I told her so. I was hoping she'd as me to snap a picture or two, but she didn't.

Anyway, she then moved into regular cowgirl, with panties still one, and milked a decent load out of me although my foot started cramping as I started cumming and that sort of killed it.

I hate when that happens.

The bullet helped take care of her.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

We were both close to dozing when I asked if she was up for a quickie. She was and we had some giggle-time as I playfully tried to stuff my pretty soft cock into her pussy. Actually, she said it felt pretty good.

After a bit, she sucked me hard and I fucked her hard as well in missionary position before dumping deep in there. She then sought out her bullet and took care of her own business as I licked her titties.

Total time elapses was maybe 10 minutes. Sometimes quickies are fun!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I purchased some KY Hers & Mine lubricant/fun lotion to surprise the Mrs. She had worn her sexiest string thong under some very tight black lycra pants for the day and the thought of it had turned me on all day.

We had a nice foreplay session and she seemed anxious to try out the new lube. Apparently hers is supposed to cool the pussy and cause a tingling and the his is supposed to warm the cock and keep it harder longer. Then when you get really nasty with them and mingle them, each gets the sensation of the others.

Per her, hers worked wonderfully. Per me? Eh. Didn't do much, but its all good. I was a bit rough with her pussy since she seemed really into it and I fingered her asshole quite a bit and she didn't squirm away as much as squirm as if she was into it.

After a time of fingering her pussy then eating it, she wanted to devour my cock and devour it she did! So much so, I had to pull out of her a few times to hold off from cumming.

I did eventually get my hard cock deep in her pussy for some good pumping until I unloaded deep inside it.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The back and front scrubbing in the shower was very sensual. It got hot when the titty sucking and clitty fingering got going. It got steamy when the cock-sucking started and everything got downright hellacious when I shot a 6 or 7 pump load onto her face.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I like eating her out through her panties. So when she came to bed wearing only a sweatshirt and plum-colored bikini panties I knew where I was headed.

After she sucked me something awesome, I went down on her from above (my thighs up near her head) and thoroughly soaked her panties as I fiddled with her ass. Eventually, she moved up on me rubbing her wettened crotch against me until she tucked my cock inside her panties and rubbed her clit against it until she shuddered in orgasm.

Then I plunged into her, not before she was completely calmed, and fucked good and hard until I busted deep inside her too.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Honestly, I thought she was awake when I asked if she wanted a "quickie". Apparently, she had dozed off again, but, as usual, she agreed. My goal, in essence, was to get on and get off and get back to sleep but we ended up with a bit more foreplay than anticipated. The foreplay ended in a good blowjob wherein I gently nudged her face down to my balls and taint and stroked myself until I came rather quickly.

She did a belly mulch and came nearly as quickly herself.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Once Sonny dozed off we were in for some long-overdue boning. Since he was in our bed and we need not risk waking him we adjourned to the spare bedroom where 36C gave me one of the wettest blowjobs she ever has. Apparently, the time off from sex turned her into a near animal and I enjoyed seeing her in her new navy blue bikini panties with the lacy waistband and ultra smooth material.

Naturally, I had to hump those panties somewhat with my cock until eventually I was poking at her ass with my ultra hardon as I did the necessary reach-around both for her tits (turn the volume up she requested) and her pussy.

She was hot to trot and it wasn't long before I had one of her legs hiked up and I was fucking away scissor style before blowing a load deep inside her as she fingered herself to a big orgasm of her own.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Watching the Olympics turned into our own Olympics. Naturally, she bronzed in cock-sucking earning especially high scores when we morphed into a hot 69 and I got to take in her pussy and ass at the same time.

Silver was earned when she expertly mounted the apparatus in a Reverse Cowgirl and ground down fiercely with even more ass viewing for the judge.

Finally, the gold medal was awarded when she changed position, keeping her toes pointed of course, into regular cowgirl in an especially different program because she was able to move about so rapidly eventually dismounting in fine fashion to watch the ensuing cumshot reach my upper chest.

Que the Star Spangled Banner.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Morning wood resulted quickly into a little crotch rubbing, titty sucking and a nice blowjob.

The peach sleeping shorts and black bikini panties were ankle bound soon however and I mounted her in missionary. Just when I felt I could pump that sweet pussy all morning long she asked, "Does my bald cunt feel good when it sticks to your balls? Because I love it."

Soon thereafter, I was filling that (not entirely) bald cunt with my hot cum and as I pulled away I could see it running down towards her asshole.

Hot! Her little bullet and my tongue on her nipples took care of the rest.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

After we got nice and warmed up, it was hot when she wrapped her pink lace panties around my cock and stroked me in them as she sucked me.

I still had them wrapped around my shaft when I came inside her as she rode me cowgirl.

They're definitely going to need to be washed.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

There's something very sexy about her coming to bed still dressed from the day. The slow unveiling of her body and underthings is extremely hot to me.

After some passionate kissing my hand found its way under the black skirt to her plain white bikini panties. Before lone, they were off since her bikini line was killing her. She didn't really warm up until she spent some time between my legs and with every new visit between hers I noticed it getting damper and damper.

I went down on her for a short time, but soon she was mounting me cowgirl style and I varied my speed from quick and furious pumping, to slow and easy until her dirty talk of "I love you fucking my cunt like that. Come on, fuck me hard" had me cumming deep inside her in no time.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

With a wink, she asked if I wanted to come take a shower with her so I could "wash her back".

Sonny was propped before a movie and we were off. She climbed in wearing the white tight tank top she already had on as well as her reasonably sheer pink bikini panties. I put on a tight white tee shirt and my uber tighty whitey Calvins.

First, we did some actual washing. I know! Regular every day showering. Yet, I still noticed the smaller version of myself growing in my Calvins.

Soon enough, after some kissing, we were bumping, grinding and massaging each other under the therapeutic and steamy water. I went so far as to go down on her ass tugging her panties down and burying my mouth and face in it, but I almost drowned since the water ran straight down her spine and into her butt crack.

After some brief sucking of my cock, I spun her, re-tugged her panties down and entered her from behind. Water, of course, actually acts as the opposite of a lubricant in this case, so the friction had me cumming inside her in not time.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

She walked into the rec room and gave me a choice: I could sit there and watch the end of that shitty-ass movie Road House or I could come upstairs for some oral lovin'.

Sorry Patrick Swayze, I chose her!

Dressed in her long flowy work skirt she quickly stripped off her top and began rubbing me in a bra that was having a hard time staying on.

The rubbing and the sucking resulted in many positions - her between my legs with me on my back and then her on her back with my cock right at her face. The latter allowed my access under that skirt and to her tan bikini lace pantied pussy.

Either position had her expertly working my cock with her warm wet mouth as well as grabbing my balls and stroking me as she sucked.

Soon she reached for her panty drawer and it was obvious she was going for her toy. The bullet. But she didn't use it on herself as she sucked me, rather she used it against my asshole! And DAMN if that didn't feel great!

Eventually I was back on my back with my legs spread. She sucked my cock allowing a hint of saliva drizzle down as she toyed with my asshole with her vibrating bullet. Instinctively, she knew when I was about to cum. That, or I said, "Oh my god, I'm going to cum!". In any event she popped me out of her mouth and stroked a few more times before I covered her knuckles and my belly in cum.

Then the bullet had a turn on her pussy and it worked marvelously in no time.

Monday, July 28, 2008

She entered the bedroom and asked "should I lock the door" or are you too tired? Lock the door is codespeak for sex!

Who was I to say no?

The sloppy wet blowjob that ensued left a slight pool at the base of my cock. After climbing up me and removing her black tummy tucker panties I had a go at her wet pussy which she ground emphatically into my face.

After some spooning and some minor assplay with my cock, she mounted me reverse cowgirl. It felt good and I certainly love viewing her ass and asshole as she rides me. Then she spun around and humped me good and I sucked her tits. This was more or less a marathon session and I could have lasted forever even though I was rock hard.

Evidently, she got tired though and wanted me to climb onto her. Not so fast was my reaction and I went down for more pussy eating wherein I had her at the very edge of a big O in reasonably short order. So I slid up her, slid in her and pumped for quite awhile until her dirty talk of "fuck my cunt" and "fill my cunt with your cum" resulted in just that!

Out came the new toy and a shuddering orgasm for her shorty afterwards.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I love a lady in a denim skirt.

What I love even more is when she's on her back on the bed, legs up, the skirt and hiked up high and I'm playing with her through her pretty white cotton panties.

Without much foreplay, I inserted my semi-hard cock into her and pumped slowly as it grew. She mentioned how much she loved that feeling and I lifted her shirt and bra to have a go at those beautiful tits.

As I kissed her lower legs and feet it wasn't long before I pulled out and popped a thick load onto her clit and pussy lips which she rubbed in.

Friday, July 25, 2008

We had semi-planned a naughty dip in the pool when it got dark, but 36C fell asleep on the couch with sonny. So off to bed I went only to awakened by a hand down my shorts.

Braless, still in her work shirt and clad in light pink lace panties she had me stiff in no time and soon was gobbling my cock. That progressed into me tugging her shirt off and suckling her tits as I massaged her clit and eventually stuffed my cock inside her panties and dry humped her. That really got her going and she asked me to eat her pussy, so I tugged her panties off and started jacking with them to make her wait just a bit before going down on her.

Her dirty talk of "my lacey panties feel good on your cock?" and "you stroking into my panties?" turned me on so much that I wrapped my cock in them and humped the bed as I ate her out. She really gets turned on when I hump the bed as I eat her and the material felt so good that I actually slipped the panties on and continued.

I've done this before and she didn't seem as into it as she did this time.

I had her so wet and wild as I fingered her and sucked her clit that I'm sure I was dripping pre-cum into her panties and told her so. That turned her on even more.

What turned me on, was when I slid up to dry hump between her legs with the panties still on and she reached around and grabbed my ass-cheeks hard. I stuffed my cock into her a few times and then went back to eating her out before she pushed me off and sucked my pussy juice soaked cock.

Soon after, still clad in her panties, she climbed aboard and fucked me cowgirl until I blew my load deep inside her.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Her semi-topless sunbathing in the afternoon primed my pump pretty good so that when she came to bed later I was hard even before she starting giving me a nice handjob.

Which, in turn, morphed into some nice sucking which changed into her favorite pastime lately: spooning with my hard cock pushing her panties up against her ass together with some hard grinding and some reach around.

Soon enough the white lace bikini panties were down to mid-thigh and my cock-tip was poking into and inside her ass. Although we didn't go for full anal, her flexing of those certain muscles soon had me popping a first spurt into her ass. My tip felt too sensitive to stay there though, so I pulled out and shot the rest of my load onto my belly. She finished her orgasm with some quick face-down grinding.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Early in the evening I suggested that if we got Sonny down we go for a "naughty" swim. Well, the little bugger was still up at 10:20 so instead 36C put on her St. Paulie Girl outfit complete with fishnet thigh highs. I haven't seen that outfit in a while but I love it!

She suggestively moved around for me for a little while and since the outfit doesn't even cover her pantied cheeks, I was hard in no time. Soon enough she commenced to gulping and biting my incredibly rock hard cock which segued into her mounting my face for some panties-aside oral which did absolutely nothing to aleviate the condition below my belt.

After some more intense sucking of my cock, I had to ask her to back off for fear of popping too soon and in her mouth.

So what does she do? She climbs onto me and fucks me hard! I mean, a good old fashioned bucking bronco cowgirl ride complete with titties smacking me in the face.

I thought about cooling off but instead spun her off me, turned her around, bent her over the bed and fucked her hard doggy style before blowing my load deep inside her as she massaged her pussy to a strong orgasm of her own.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My back has been killing me. I hurt it in the gym on Thursday and its not getting better.

What made me forget about it for a little while was 38C's hand reaching down my sleeping pants though. I was hard in no time and she went down for some noisy sucking. After a while, she complained her "head was too heavy" and laid back next to me wherein I slid up and stuck my rock hard cock in her face so she merely had to turn her head to suck me.

A reasonable solution for both of us and damn if it didn't feel good.

After a short time she slid up for some quick titty sucking and I felt up her crotch before she spun over and presented her brown satin pantied ass for some poking and proding. She had me poking it pretty hard for a time before she pulled them aside and massaged her clit with my stiffness.

Eventually I tugged them down though so I could fuck her in spoon position. It felt good and I forgot all about my back as I pulled out and blew my spunk all over her pussy.

A quick wipe up and she flipped over and massaged herself to an real quick hard orgasm as I gently rubbed her back and kissed her neck.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I had to get off to work and get off before work.

38C was on her phone with her sister ( I know, shocker!) when I began unzipping her pants and tugging down her panties. I wanted to eat out her pussy and she knew it.

However, sensing things to come (cum?) she quickly got off the phone and I quickly commenced to getting her off. She was in a great mood for sex and got really wet quickly and was thoroughly enjoying my oral escapades.

Before long I was trading a few cock pumps inside her pussy as she licked her juices off my face then going back down below to service her smooth lips. Back and forth that went until I felt my cock explode cum deep inside her.

Then we reached for her new toy and stimulated her cunt as I licked her nipples until she had her own hard O.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

We snuggled together watching the end of the Red Sox-Yankees game when I asked if she wanted to "play". She said, yes. I rubbed her shoulders and back as she slowly moved down to my already stiffening cock.

She tugged my shorts down and I had her tug her PJ pants down revealing pink satin briefs with a nice lacy front.

When she went down to suck me she discovered I had shaved completely. Normally I trim extensively and shave the sides, my balls and taint, but I was feeling shaggy so I started from scratch. She seemed to dig it and man did my bald cock look big when hard.

She sucked me pretty good and for quite a while before laying back so I could suck her tits and rub her pussy. Soon we were in a dry hump position and I asked if she was fuckable (still coming off her period). She said she wasn't sure but after some more dry humping, then spooning humping I tugged her panties down and pushed hard against her ass. Before long she shifted my cock to her pussy and I entered it and pumped away until I blew a nice load.

Then out came her new favorite toy and together we worked her up to a nice and intense orgasm.

And there wasn't a mess. So she was, indeed, fuckable. As always.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The way-too-tight orange shirt that accentuated her nipples, including areola, was very enticing to me. The tight stretch pants completed the impromptu PJ outfit and when she jumped on the bed between my legs I knew a good sucking was in order (she's on her period).

The sucking was good and soon we had her new toy stuffed down her panties which caused her attention to my cock to waiver as she moaned and gyrated with the vibrations. I slid up and stuck my cock against her lips and she eagerly took it in as the bullet shot her straight through an intense orgasm which actually had her uncomfortably clamping her teeth onto my cock.

Her enthusiasm was appreciated, however.

Once calmed she went back to sucking me until I took over the stroking as asked her to slide up so I could watch her play with herself. Soon thereafter, I too, was gyrating to an intense orgasm of my own.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Her mouth took care of my morning wood.

Dressed only in tummy tucker white lace panties, it didn't take me long at all.

It was weird though, that as I was about to cum, she pulled me out and stroked. I felt the ass-clinch of a cumshot and then another but nothing came out. Then I came a bit and it shot pretty good but there wasn't much volume. Finally as her pumps slowed I dumped another shot onto my belly, but didn't really feel it coming up.

Everything was like 2 beats behind. Felt good though.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stopped at an Adult Store on the way back from a wedding at about 1:30 a.m. 36C has been in need of a new bullet and we found one.

After getting home, she slipped into a tan camisole-type thingy with tiny white bikini panties and we immediately went into some passionate kissing and foreplay. Before long, the toy was tickling her clit as I played with her titties and sucked them. I enjoyed seeing her reach inside her panties as the bullet did its thing and she was cumming hard in no time at all.

After a time to collect herself, she practically tore my pants off and began furiously sucking my cock. I was hoping she'd make it soaking wet but that wasn't happening (perhaps she had cotton mouth from drinking). Soon enough we were in spoon position were she was pressing my stiffness hard against her pantied asshole as the toy began round two on her pussy.

I asked if I could slip around down there since her pushing back was actually getting tough on my cock. She lubed up and before long I was fucking her ass in the spoon position. It amazes me she's able to take me all in and the more we do it the more she likes it.

Every time I went balls deep I could feel her toy hitting the base of my shaft and stimulating my balls. Upon hearing this, it really, really turned her on and her act of reaching back to grab my ass to pull me deeper was all I could stand so as gently as I could, I eventually drained my entire load up her ass.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

She rubbed me. I rubbed her. We fucked! And came HARD!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Laying in bed, I asked if she wanted some. She said yes although I think she wasn't feeling great. I tugged her tight aerobic pants down revealing her sexy lavendar lace bikini panties and felt up her once-again stubbly mound. She's letting it grow back in. Oh well.

Quickly she was wet and I was grinding my cock against her thigh.

Her nipples were very sensitive from Friday night but that seemed to pass as she got more excited. Nevertheless, I only gave them very gentle licks as I got her pussy more and more wet all the while slipping my cock in her pantied legband and humping.

She went down for some noisy sucking before moving up and into spoon position and toying her asshole, through her panties, with my hard cock. I asked for some lube so I could "slip around" down there (my code for potential anal) and she said "fuck my pussy first". I don't think it was a ploy to get away from anal. She just wanted some cock first but it felt so good and I was so hard and she was so excited, I had to bury my load deep inside her.

She came soon after in her belly down position by massaging her pussy.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The heavy petting on the couch was nearly unbearable. We had plans to go out to dinner but when she came to give me a big kiss and I could vaguely make out her white thong pantylines, I just had to have a feel or two.

Well, a feel turned into more of a grope. And a grope turned into some cleavage licking. And cleavage licking turned into titty sucking. And titty sucking turned into crotch grinding. And crotch grinding turned into pussy fingering. And pussy fingering turned into quick and gentle cock sucking. And it ended. We HAD to go to dinner.

Before we went out the door, I asked if she had any old bras. "What for?" was her reply knowing I was up to no good. I thought it'd be fun if sometime she cut nipple holes in an old bra and wore it out.

She did. Right then and there and together we went out to dinner. Torpedo tits and all. Plus the white pants with the thong pantyline did nothing to hurt.

When we got home we picked up where we left off but added some pussy on face grinding. Some deep hard and furious blow-jobbing. Some serious tit sucking with the bra still on and some furious cowgirl fucking.

Then I mounted her for some missionary and pulled out hoping to stop a potential cum storm. I stopped the storm, but there was some drizzling. I stayed hard because I didn't fully cum but felt like it would be awhile before I could cum. So I concentrated extra hard on making her cum. Which I did with my mouth and hands and felt her shudder really hard, even so much that her ass was clenching.

I hovered over her, stroking. She teased me and talked dirty. Things were moving along but slowly. I grabbed her soaking wet thong and jacked with that. It helped and she dirty talked more. Then she asked if I wanted her to suck her juices and my cum off my cock.

HOT! And a bit out of her character.

We never got to that. I blew a thick intense load into her panties and onto her belly.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I dozed on the couch watching basketball and when I got to bed she was sleeping as well. I was so tired, I thought I wouldn't bother waking her but tugged the covers down to see her in a silky, lacy negligee and sheer lace panties. Without her knowing I looked at her panties to see if she had shaved completely, as I suspected she had. I couldn't tell whether she had or whether I just couldn't see the stubble.

I turned out the light and quietly turned the TV on not wanted to wake her.

She woke herself though and immediately went for my crotch. I was hard in seconds it seemed. She went down and gave me a good sucking but I was so curious about her pussy, that I interrupted her after about 10 minutes and went to work on her easily accessible nipples with my mouth as I let my hand wander south. Before I could get my hands inside, the pulled her panties out away from her body and showed me her hardwood flooring as she smiled and said the did some Father's Day grooming.


I played with her smooth clit as I continued to suckle her tits noting that she was getting wetter by the second. So, naturally, I had to go south of the boarder and take matters into my own mouth, as the case would be. I just love sucking smooth pussy. So I took my time and got her really squirming.

After I came back up I slid deep inside her and slowly pumped all my 6.5 into her as I watched her face and felt the wetness on my shaft. Alternately, I went down on her after a few pumps until I really felt the surge in my cock and I pulled out and slapped/rubbed her clit with it. She loved it and I pointed the lower part of the head at her clit and she saw my spurts come from below landing on her freshly shaved mound before she rubbed it all into herself.

She then flipped over as she asked for a back scratch and rubbed her clit to a pretty intense orgasm.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Both being exhausted from coming home late from dinner, I naturally assumed we would watch a bit of TV together and doze off.

Therefore, I was surprised when she snuggled up against me and started rubbing me "down there". Funny how that usually wakes me up. After a bit of that, I rubbed back and got her nice and wet as I sucked her nipples at the same time.

She then rolled over into spoon position and pointed my cock right at her satin pantied ass and proceeded to poke herself and stroke me at the same time as she told me how good it must feel to have the sexy panties rubbing my cock. Then she slipped me in her leg band and stroked me through the material.

I moved up and over and slipped her panties down as I entered her. She was a bit rough with my ass, grabbing it hard, scratching it and smacking it a time or two as I pumped into her until eventually I pumped a load deep inside her as she rubbed herself to a climax of her own.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

In full work clothes she snuggled up against me as I awoke from my nights sleep. Me, clad in shorts and a muscle tee, she in her summer sweater, striped dress slacks, lace pushup bra and matching panties.

The gentle stroking quickly brought a smile to my face. She said she was ready twenty minutes early. 36C has a steadfast "no sex after shower in the morning before work" rule because she hates to be "squishy" all day long. But oral is fine.

And oral I got.

I asked her to remove her shirt and I slipped her bra straps off her shoulders to get a good view and I was hard in no time as she gulped my cock and cupped my balls. After feeling up her tits for a bit, I brushed her chin in a "stand back" manor and took the final few pumps into my own hands and quickly shot a small load into my free hand.

Then she was off to work and I was off for my morning shower. With a smile on my face.

Monday, June 9, 2008

After feeling horny all day, I had to rush home from work and head off to a ballgame. However, since Sonny was outside playing in the yard, I asked 36C if she had time for a little "poke". She did.

She came into the bedroom clad only in her low cut shirt. Pantyless and pantsless was perfect considering I was squeezing five minutes in. She displayed her ass and rubbed it up against me and I felt my cock beginning to grow. However, she kept inserting normal conversation into the deal (i.e. stuff about her day) and it was throwing me off and my concentration wasn't what it should have been.

I had her lay back on the bed and she began to play with herself. I did the same and again my penis reacted to her apparent pleasure. But she went into an exam about her pussy hair growing back in. Again, not good for keeping the boner, lol. Plus I felt the pressure of time.

Eventually, I got hard again and while I wanted to fuck her I felt like I was getting close and didn't want to miss the opportunity.

With her bent over the bed clad in only a lacy see through bra, I massaged her pussy from behind with one hand as I stroked with with other until I blew a thick long load onto her back, one shot actually reaching her bra clasp on the back.

I pushed her face down onto the bed and licked and massaged her back until she came a strong one by her own hand.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

We came home from dinner and she quickly stripped out of her blue denim skirt revealing lavendar panties with lacey edges.

After climbing into bed and some foreplay kissing, she rubbed me to hardness before moving herself to spoon position. I reached around and rubbed her stubbly pussy feeling its wetness on my finger as she ground my cock into her pantied ass.

I slid her panties down and we both took turns teasing her asshole with my stiff cock as my reach-around stimulated both her pussy and her tits at times.

Sensing she wasn't going to oil up for some anal, I reached down and stroked myself more furiously as she spread her cheeks a bit then let them go so as to grip my cock-head with her ass. It wasn't long before I was plastering her asshole and butt-crack with my cum.

After a quick and necessary timeout for cleanup, she went onto her belly and mulched her pussy as I kissed her neck and rubbed her back until she came herself.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I awoke from the nap and shortly she came into the room and promptly removed her shirt, showing me the white lacy bra that barely contained her tits as she hopped on the bed clad only in sleeping pants and a tiny blue string thong.

Within moments she had my pants down and was sloppily sucking my rock hard cock as I rubbed her back and held her head a bit.

I wanted desperately to get to her recently shaved pussy (which was already growing back in as she was having "issues" with it and couldn't shave it again). I played with her clit inside her panties before she stood up to show me her beautiful ass, which she played with for me before moving it over my face.

She is on her period so we couldn't go too far, but I enjoyed what access to her nether regions I had. She went back down on me and sucked the shaft from the side as I watched it glisten wet before shooting a hard quick load that covered her hands.

My hand found her hand between her legs as she too, came hard, in short order.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Before dinner she gave me a peek of her incredibly small green lace thong that actually served none of the purposes underwear should serve except to charge my batteries. The short green skirt she wore over them didn't exactly kill said batteries either.

As I exited the shower, I too decided to wear a thong. One of my man thongs under some dress shorts. But that was to be a surprise.

Upon arriving home we were both exhausted as dinner was late but we were up for some fun. I had my hands and mouth all over her tits as she massaged my ass not yet knowing what I had in store underneath. We moved into sexy spoon position and she still had no clue I was wearing a thong even as she reached back and massaged my hardening cock and poked it against her ass.

When she went to suck me, she noticed and although she knows I own them (for fun use only - they're not comfortable really) she seemed pretty into playing with my butt cheeks and even near my sensitive area as she sucked me.

Soon after, I was between her legs grinding my still covered, hard cock against her before we had to tug hers and mine down for some actual penetration wherein I pumped away, fiddled with her ass, sucked her tits and eventually filled her with a nice load before she massaged herself to orgasm as I kissed her neck and rubbed her back.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The wet sloppy blowjob was returned in kind with some wet sloppy oral. Both of us delighted in teasing and pleasuring the other. Her well-manicured nether regions regaled in long, deep and at times firm sucking, licking and biting. I, as well, enjoyed watching her saliva slowly run down my ridiculously hard shaft.

In no time, she had climbed up onto my cock and teased her clit with it. Gently putting the tip in before letting it fall back against my lower belly and rubbing furiously on it and further wetting it. She came a quick and explosive orgasm and before she had completely settled down was stuffing my member inside her pussy wherein I came a quick and explosive orgasm deep inside it as I reached around and felt up her ass.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

She had to get in to work early and when I walked in the bedroom as she stood in electric blue nylon bikini panties that framed her ass just beautifully, plus the blouse she planned to wear to work, I asked if she had a few minutes to "help me out".

She did.

After a few neck kisses and nibbles, some gentle titty massage through her nearly-sheer bra, she was on her knees as I lay back on the bed and she sucked and massaged my cock to stiffness. She made it a bit wet, but not as much as I like it. However, it didn't stop me from soon counting down my cumshot.

3......2......1 (she pulled it out of her mouth and stroked) and cum!


Saturday, May 24, 2008

It was so hot when I was down on her, licking and sucking and getting my face wet and when I went up for a kiss, she licked my face.

Literally, licked my face and said "I can taste my pussy juices on you". That had precum dripping from my engorged cock so rather than waste it I stuffed it in her tight pussy, pumped twice and deposited probably my biggest load ever!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My normal 7 a.m. morning wood was being a pest. As 36c was waking up I was already stroking inside my boxers. She sat up on the bed and I continued and slowly felt my load coming. When she cupped my balls and felt up my ass, it was too much and I unloaded my cum all over her nice tits.

She smiled and went off to shower.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The way her hands were grabbing my ass hard was terribly erotic. She even toyed with my asshole just a bit but never seems to do as much down there as I would like. When horny, I actually would like a finger (or more) inside my ass. Sometimes I want to be very submissive to her and spread my legs and let her have her way. In any event, it felt good.

As did her mind-blowing blowjob. Something about vacation makes the sex better and her hornier. After a time, she rolled onto her side and I used my spit-lubed cock to rub her asshole until eventually I slipped into her soaking wet cunt. She reached back and grabbed my ass some more before I pulled out and jacked a load that shot for some distance and even got on the hotel sheets.

Then I rubbed her and sucked her tits until she came as well.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

We were in the hotel.

I woke her up by tugging her pink cotton panties off and licking her pussy. In not time she was wet and I had my head firmly between her thighs and was really going to town on her cunt even flicking her ass with my tongue at times.

She soon curled around and sucked me hard all the while cupping my ass cheeks and getting her fingers so close to my hole.

I mounted her missionary and fucked hard like she was requesting, slowing down periodically to watch her rub herself or jumping off altogether so I could lick her pussy. Eventually, however, I had to blow and clenched up as I unleashed a strong burst of cum deep into her pussy as she massaged herself to her own orgasm.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We pillow-talked and snuggled while watching the news for a while as my hand gently rubbed her lower back and occasionally slipped inside her nearly sheer white lace bikini panties.

As my mouth explored her neck and cleavage I felt a discernible sigh and movement from her as if to say "just do it!". So I did as I allowed my tongue to explore her nipples as it pried its way into her lace push up bra.

Her reaction of pure pleasure was more than enough to make my boxers tight. As I licked and suckled I noticed her left hand buried inside her panties rubbing herself. At that point I thought my boxers just might explode. Or something explode in them.

She tugged them off soon enough and I enjoyed her wet slurping sucking and caught a glimpse of saliva pool at the base of my stiff shaft. I actually had to pull her mouth off me for fear of popping too soon.

So what's a gal to do? Climb up me like a tree, tug her panties aside and stuff her wet pussy on my mouth. That suited me just fine.

When she went back down for more oral attention on my cock I saw her tugging her panties off. I eagerly anticipated her warm wet cunt engulfing my cock. I was not disappointed. After considerable crotch grinding I moved her off me and mounted her missionary. Some deep tongue kisses had my little guy a bit too stimulated and I thrust a series of cumshots deep inside her as she quickly massaged her clit to orgasm.

She laid there nearly naked for a time watching TV afterwards as I took in her body. Her womanly hips and curves. The way her tiny fur patch of pubic hair shows through her sheer panties. Her beautiful breasts and big nipples. Soon she was dozing off in just her panties.

As was I to dream of next time.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The patient presented herself in nearly sheer white lace bra and panties.

Dr. Feelgood proceeded to examine the breast tissue over the bra until a more intimate exam became necessary at which time patient removed her bra and doctor manipulated the nipple area with his tongue and mouth. Results were positive. The nipple became erect.

Doctor next examined, again orally, patient's soft mouth and neck while multitasking by giving an over-the-panties pelvic exam. Results were once again positive. The required response was met in thrusting hips and passionate moans.

Inexplicably, patient examined doctors penis both manually and orally. While this would normally be against protocol, doctor's official position was "no harm, no foul". And there was no harm at all except the aching in his loins. Results were positive. Increased bloodflow was clearly evident to doctor's penis.

Doctor returned to patient's crotch. Manual manipulation of the pelvic region proved inconclusive however so it was necessary for patient to slide up doctor's body, pull her panties aside, and demand an oral examination. Doctor complied under protest but in the interest of science. Of course, during this process a thorough breast exam was also concluded in case something was missed for the fist one. Results were terrifically positive and doctor's face was soon glistening in patient's wetness.

Soon thereafter, patients crotch somehow found its way to doctor's hardening member wherein patient proceeded to grind it back and forth on it. Its unclear exactly what purpose this method of examination serves except pleasure for both patient and doctor. Doctor paid particular interest to patients facial movements and once again, positive results. "O" face like no other.

What became even more pleasurable was patient's removal of her white lacy panties and insertion of doctor's throbbing hardness deep into her vagina wherein warm, wetness and some vigorous pumping soon led to and explosion of cum deep inside her.

Patient rapidly lurched off when pumping settled down and massaged her clitoral region to an orgasm of her own.

Patient was then administered ice cold water and instructed to get a good night's rest and come back and fuck me again in a day or two.
I awoke on the couch to find her snuggling with me. It had been a while since we had "quality" time together, but things looked good for tonight.

After cleaning up, she arrived in the bedroom in just her white blouse and new white nearly sheer panties. I nuzzled her neck and toyed with her pussy through her panties and cupped her breasts before asking her to take off her top and bra.

This move, of course, granted me full access to her beautiful and hardening nipples. My mouth was pleased as was my hard cock when she went down on it for a bit of sucking.

After a short session she cowgirled up on me and mulched her privates against my hard cock to a quick and powerful orgasm.

Quickly, we peeled her panties off and I entered her and fucked cowgirl for quite a while as my hands and fingers roamed her ass. Gently, one finger made its way barely inside her tight ass and she dirty talked me with "Are you fingering my ass?" until I buried a load of cum into her cunt.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Her hand cupped my bulge in my tight boxer briefs and woke me from my slumber.

Apparently, studying late got her a bit horny which is always fine by me.

I was hard rather quick and she enjoyed a quick suckling of my cock before sliding up me and stuffing her tits in my face as she ground her cunt on my stiffness. She was cumming in no time and rather than let her settle down I tugged her panties aside and penetrated her. It took a while but soon I was pulling out of her and shooting my load onto my belly and down my shaft.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm not sure she was into it, but I wanted to try something different.

36C was studying on the couch while I was watching TV downstairs and feeling horny. I thought maybe she's enjoy watching me get off.

So, without word, I went upstairs, dropped trou and started jacking it. She said I was insatiable which was somewhat of a turn-off, although I'm not sure why.

She seemed as much curious as anything but didn't do or offer anything to help right away, which was okay by me.

Slowly, my cock grew in my hand. I was, however, having trouble concentrating. As I got harder though, she asked if I wanted to see her boobs. I did and it helped. Before long my cock-head was glistening with precum and soon enough I was gyrating my hips as I shot a load onto the hardwood floors.

It was okay by me as I knew it was somewhat of a risk and since she had a lukewarm response I doubt I'll try it again, but it was worth a shot.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I called her in from her reading in the sun on the patio.

Sonny had gone to a friends house so I was hoping she'd be up for some fun. She was.

She went and washed up and showed in the bedroom wearing a red velour spaghetti strap nightie with blue lace boy short panties underneath.

Quickly I commenced to kissing her neck. Moving my way down to her nipple as the strap fell of her shoulder. I spent a good long time teasing it and flicking it and sucking it. Until I noticed her hand was in her lap, massaging her own pussy.

She moved her legs, tugged her panties aside and gave me a good show of playing with herself. That evolved into a long session of me eating her out. I really liked her grabbing my head and pulling it into her crotch.

Soon that changed into a 69 with her on top.

Is it weird that I don't care for 69? I love eating her out, but the angle of her sucking me is awkward. I've never said anything to her about it, but I usually shift positions so she can't suck me in that position.

She climbed off and gave me some good wet sucking and the non-awkward position felt fantastic. It was especially hot when her stroked me fast and furiously using her spit. I'm very into that lately.

I'm also into having my cock inside her panties while she's in them. Anyone reading here knows I love panties as does 36C and she seems into seeing my bulge inside as she rubs my shaft against her clit. Which we did until she came really hard.

After she calmed down, I slipped into her soaking wet cunt and pumped away until I felt my own 3 days worth of cum about to spew. She wanted to see, so I pulled out and jacked a spurt up to my mid chest while the rest shot onto my belly and eventually merely drizzled down my cock and hand.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My hand went to her lap as I carefully steered the car down the rather deserted highway. Her response seemed indifferent.

However, I noticed some ruffling to my right in the dark and, as I suspected, she had removed her bra.

Shortly, my hand went to her breasts, but I don't think she was sufficiently warmed up enough for it to feel really good, so I let it fall back into her lap.

As the fingers walked to her "sweet" spot I sensed her moving her hips and could tell that it was feeling better and better.

With the cruise control set at 72 on the 3-lane reasonably empty highway I eventually made my way inside her pants where I proceeded to fiddle her clit through her panties enough to make them quite wet. This definitely felt good to her as she lifted her shirt and was massaging her breasts and moaning the whole time.

We passed a few truckers but she was careful to cover up although a flash of her tits to some poor overnight trucker would have turned me on.

As I continued my massage of her pussy with a quick break for her to thrust her tits in my face for some sucking she proceeded to gently massage my stiff cock through my jeans.

After 40 minutes or so of this action we arrived home. Once inside she kissed me very passionately as she tugged my pants down and took my cock into her mouth. Next she pushed me down on the bed and climbed on and straddled my face wearing only her plum colored soaking wet bikini panties and her heels. I ate her vigorously but stopped her from sucking me too much. I didn't want to cum.

Later, she flipped off me and I ate her out as she lay on her back, legs spread. I slid up her after a time and stuffed my cock into her panties, above her clit and ground on her until she had an extremely hard orgasm as I told her I might shoot my load into her panties and onto her fur patch. Apparently, my dirty talk set her off.

After settling down she went back to sucking me until climbing up on me cowgirl style and giving me a good fuck as I sucked more on her nice titties.

The whole time she was telling me how hot my dirty talk was and the word "cum" was really setting her off. I asked if she still wanted me to cum in her panties and she said yes so she dismounted me and we tugged her panties off her thigh and wrapped my cock in them where I promptly deposited a rather heavy load that oozed through the material and down my shaft. and the sexy nylon fabric.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I called her in from the patio where she was soaking up some sun in jean shorts and a low cut blouse.

Sonny played in the neighbor's yard so we crept up to the bedroom and locked the door. Some passionate kissing led to a bulge in my pants which led her to turning around for some neck kisses and grinding.

Hastily she whipped off her shirt to reveal her sort of too small light purple bra which I groped before she went down on me for some nice sucking.

I worried I'd blow my load so I pulled her up and gently pushed her face down on the bed as I ground into her ass and pussy with my stiffness.

Next I flipped her over for more of the same before tugging her shorts and tan bikini briefs off as I eagerly dove into her wet cunt and ate her out. She was squirming like crazy and really went off when I double fingered her as I ate her clit. I took my time until she was so hot to trot that she wanted me inside her.

She stood, turned and bent over and I fucked her really hard from behind while making sure I held her hips hard like she likes. Then I pulled out to shoot an extremely thick load down my shaft and knuckles as she finalized her cumming using her fingers on herself as I kissed and licked her ass.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I walked in the room just as she was changing into her comfortable sleeping clothes. I glimpsed her tan, lace panties and wanted a peek at her tiny fur patch, which is growing long. I gave it a quick kiss as I did her nipples when she exposed them.

When she finished (not sure why I waited until she did) I ground up against her nice ass and she ground back. It wasn't long before I had those stretch pants and panties down to her knees as my cock grew and poked her ass and pussy lips.

Soon enough I was driving it into her and grabbing her hips hard just like she likes. She reached between her legs and fiddled with my balls and remarked how good my thrusting felt. I had to pull out to cum and it was a hard cum with more than a few thick spurts which I attempted to catch.

She delighted in seeing this and immediately went into her patented face-down-clit-mulch position and had an incredibly intense and long orgasm of her own as I rubbed her ass.

Total time for our quickie: about 9 minutes.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

We had attempting to have some "alone" time on Thursday night but 36C wasn't feeling well.

Saturday morning came and I was up bright and early and so was she. She already had Sonny playing on the PC and came back to the bedroom and locked the door.

Since I knew she was on her period, I sensed a nice BJ to help get me off.

Wasn't long before she was doing just that. I asked her to take off the PJ pants so that I could see her black string bikini Victoria Pantied ass sticking up. Deep soft sucking and some nice twisty hand action, with a titty suck and ass grab intermission, had me ready to blow in now time.

She slipped me out of her mouth and I came thick gobs first onto my own belly then down her cock clenched fists. Her timing and rhythmic motion was near perfect.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The lacy top she bought at Kohl's matched the panties she was wearing under the tight jeans which also matched her bra that she complained about spilling out of.

The panties were "cheeky" and red with a hint of horizontal striping and I enjoyed teasing her when she came to bed. Long drawn out kisses. My tongue close to her nipple but not quite touching it, or if it did touch it, just for a quick flick. All while keeping her mostly covered. My wandering hands perhaps brushing between her legs but mostly toying around the "good" parts.

At some point the teasing built up too much and she roughly straddled me and ground herself down onto my stiff shaft. She was quick and forceful and it was damn sexy. From that position I could tease her titties even more.

She went down for some quick and hard and wet sucking which I had to stop one point because I thought I'd shoot a load.

Then she hiked up me and made me eat her pussy through her panties as she straddled my face. She was very wet and sweet and I enjoyed myself.

Before long my little cowpoke had slipped me in and was fucking me cowgirl style even though we both still had on underwear.

She flipped off, tired. I went down on her for a good long time in a semi-69 and let her play with my cock and balls, with a hint of gently assplay. I did this for a good long time, but I wasn't teasing anymore. I was fingering her and tongue-fucking her hard.

Of course, she also wanted her usual ass massage and I was happy to oblige when she turned to allow spoon position. She spread her cheeks and guided my stiff cock to her asshole and toyed around the edges with some firm pressure but without penetration until she had me fuck her in the spoon position.

Before long, I announced my cum and she said she wanted to feel it and see it. I pulled out and back and within four or five strokes was blowing a huge load first onto my chest, then my belly and finally into her hand which she rubbed all into me as she played with her pussy.

Next, per usual, she flipped onto her belly and asked for a back scratch as she came herself.

After about 45 minutes of pillow talk we were drifting off to sleep.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I told her I was going to spend some serious quality time eating her out.

She had sexy, lacy edged cream colored boyshorts on in bed. I tugged her tank up and sucked her nipples before she went down and gobbled up my cock.

But a plan was a plan.

I climbed off the bed and pulled her towards me and dove in. I flicked her with my tongue. I probed her with my tongue and fingers. I got her soaking wet and played with her ass just a bit.

Then I slid up and spanked her clit with my cock. It slipped in a few times even.

Then I went back to eating her out. Then back to spanking/fucking before I felt a swell in my balls. I pulled out and pumped a huge, but really thick load right onto her tiny fur patch.

She cleaned it up quickly and we both rubbed her to her own orgasm.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

We both slept in but I didn't want her to get away when she offered to go make some breakfast. As she sat at the edge of the bed I massaged her pantied ass and her back as I stroked.

She sort of raised her eyebrows and said "I'll be right back."

Since we still haven't sorted out the pill change I knew I wouldn't fuck her but hoped for a good blowjob.

She came back freshened up and immediately went down on me. It was nice but I wasn't going totally crazy for the sucking. I tugged down her PJ pants revealing gray bikini panties that are designed to not have pantylines. I like them because they're tiny.

I massaged her ass as she continued to suck me. Then I asked her to come up to me, meaning come kneel up near my face so I could either kiss her pussy or at least look at it as I stroked.

She came right up and in that position masturbated. That got me going watching her fiddle her clit and soon enough I dribbled out a nice thick wad.

She fell face first on the bed and massaged her clit for a few more moments before cumming as well.

I was surprised that I didn't really give her much attention to helping her get off but she got off really quickly. Sometimes, for her, quickies are easier.

Fine by me.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The black string nightie with plum colored panties underneath was a nice welcome when I came to bed.

I could tell she was really up for some, but we couldn't have intercourse because of some changes to her pill.

That didn't bother me as I sucked her titties and massaged her pussy first through the panties then inside them. She was instantly wet.

We continued this for a while before she rolled onto her side in spoon position. I was hoping she'd be up for some anal and it appeared she was with how hot she got when I tugged her panties down and massaged her asshole with my hard cock.

After a brief timeout to lube up, she went back into spoon position and controlled the motion as my cock entered her ass. I wanted to pump hard and fast, but held off. Instead I pulled her hair as she gyrated me slowly into her. Eventually, as she clenched her muscles and pumped me in and out I blew a big load deep in her ass.

She kept me inside and gyrated yet more as she rubbed her pussy and I tweaked her nipples and kissed her neck until she came too.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

She stood at the base of the couch and tried to awaken me from the long holiday weekend.

Groggily, I caught sight of her in a black, satin and lacy spaghetti strap nightgown.

She smiled as did I.

"Let me go wash up and brush my teeth" I said.

When I got back to the room, still dressed in my Easter best she said she wanted to watch me undress. To me, that's very hot. So without much dance, but without rushing I removed my tie, shirt, belt and slacks. She ogled me standing there in soft red cotton/spandex boxer briefs and a too tight tee shirt.

I jumped in bed and she clicked out the light. It was pretty dark. We kissed passionately for a while and my eyes adjusted to the light.

My hand roamed her body the whole time. Teasing her tits and her panty-clad goodies.

She tugged my shirt off and pulled my underwear down for some quick sucking. Then came back up and proclaimed that her titties needed sucking. Which I did.

Next, we spooned and she guided my hard cock against her panty-covered asshole as we both took turns massaging her clit. I thought it might be a night where she let it in there, but instead guided me into her pussy. So I fucked her with one leg straight up int he air. At the same time, she pressed my hands against both her tits and wanted her rock hard nipples squeezed.

Perhaps I wasn't hitting the spot or she wanted it harder, but she pushed me back and climbed on for a very long and hard and fast cowgirl fuck. When I got close, I pumped rabbit speed into her as I watched her face contort in ecstasy before finally blowing my load deep inside her.

She stayed on and rubbed her cunt on my oozing both our juices all over me before climbing off and rubbing her pussy to a hard and quick orgasm.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Last night she said she had a plan.

She was going to get a good nights sleep. Since she had a friend coming over for a visit, she wanted to get up early. And since I had to go in to work, she wanted me to get her up.

And she promised me a great blowjob.

She delivered.

After showering I went into the room and pushed my 30% hard cock up against her face. Sort of a funny alarm clock. She woke up smiling and after coming back from brushing her teeth went right into it.

I got big and hard instantly as she lay on the bed sucking me while I hovered and felt up her pantied ass and semi-exposed tits. She also gently played with my asshole as she sucked me.

I asked if I could cum in her mouth and she agreed. I probably only do that once a year or so since its not her thing, but damn, it felt great. I think I came a ton too. I swear I felt 7 or 8 surges of cum and she took every drop.

Then, like clockwork, Sonny was tapping on the door. I had to finish getting ready and head out anyway but not before kissing her goodbye and teasing that she must "love" me.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I had her legs up high and my stiff cock pressed against her asshole. With one hand I was jerking it and letting it slap against her with my other I was massaging her wet clit.

She was loving it.

She reached back and pulled me towards her. I entered. It felt good.

She shimmied her body back and forth fucking me and I was trying not to move to furiously.

Soon, I realized......

I wasn't in her ass! I thought it slipped in her ass, but it didn't. It was in her pussy. I thought she was rather vigorous. Didn't really matter. It felt good and I enjoyed fucking her for quite a long time.

Soon, I pulled out and began smacking/jerking it against her ass. She was loving it. Absolutely going crazy. The head might have been peeking in a bit and then I blew my load. She got even more turned on at my hot cum splashing her sensitive hole

She vigorously massaged her pussy too until she came as well.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

When I came to bed after putting Sonny down we had some small talk before I jokingly said "let's fuck!"

She said "Okay".

So I tugged her shirt up and began licking her nipples as my hand dove down her PJ pants and I massaged her mound inside them, but over her pink lace panties.

A quickie seemed in order.

As I licked and felt up her pussy she did a cool thing: she tucked my hard cock inside her panties and massaged it through the material. That was hot and it felt good.

Soon afterwards, I was tugging her pants and panties down and she was climbing on top. I slid easily into her wet cunt and enjoyed more titty sucking as I fucked away.

Her verbalizations really got me going and she climbed off as I was about to cum and put her tongue right near my cock tip to watch/help it come out. Come out it did.

She immediately went into her customary "belly down - hands on clit" position to massage herself to orgasm as I kissed her neck and stroked her back.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


We took a nice, hot, non-sexual afternoon shower together and proceeded naked to the bed.

36C was sucking my cock in a matter of seconds. I progressed to eating her out for a time. We swapped back and forth that way.

At one point I got her on all fours and enjoyed her pussy and ass with my tongue. Teasing it like i was fucking it doggy-style. She went back to sucking me again but I had to shut it down for fear of blowing my load.

Eventually, we meandered into some cowgirl for a long slow fuck. Soon she was cumming and I continued to fuck her long after she was coming down from that (which makes her antsy).

Then when I was about to blow, I told her I wanted her tongue right there. Normally, she won't take my load in her mouth or tongue, but will flick my cock tip as I shoot. Which she did. It was hot and intense.

Then we went out for lunch.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mmmmm, tight

Of course we evolved into her wanting me to rub my stiff cock against her ass, so naturally we moved into spoon position after plenty of my rubbing her pussy with her assistance. I love it when her hands control mine and she gyrates her hips to the motion.

After a bit of to spoon grinding, however I had her pink lace panties tugged down and was really pressing up against her asshole as she pressed back. She asked if we should lube up down there so we could really slip around. Another turn on is watching her lube up her ass.

Before long she pulled a cheek aside and my rock hard cock was easing into her ass. I could tell she was really into it as she was reaching back to pull me tighter and at the same time massaging her pussy. Eventually, I was all the way in and very excited. It wasn't very long until she was squeezing cum out of me up into her ass.

The excitement of that apparently had her cumming in no time.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Full Regalia

I was awoken from a slumber on my favorite couch by 36C dressed in a black negligee clipped to tan thigh highs. Needless to say, I woke quickly.

She favors this particular negligee but I don't care for it because it has flesh covered "cups" that are see through although the rest of the outfit is black. Seems odd and looks odd.

Didn't stop me from quickly getting the biggest of boners though. Under that she has on a black lace thong.

Since I don't like the top part (which I haven't told her) I quickly had it tugged down to expose the natural tits and spent a good time licking and sucking them as I played with her pussy through her panties. Soon she has my underwear down and seemingly couldn't get enough of my ridiculously hard cock, which really had her going so that she slinked up toe rub her clit on it. Then she came up for some oral which I gladly indulged her in even though her panties were in the way.

Soon enough she spun around in a 69 and deep throated my cock as I serviced her pussy from behind. She was quite wet and I also enjoyed the proximity to her ass. At one point she grabbed my hand and had me grab my own shaft so show me how much saliva was running down. I didn't think I could get harder, but I did.

After a time, I tugged her panties down and licked her cunt with her on her back. I slipped up to give her 10 or so pumps with my cock then went back down to eat her out. I did this time and again. One reason is she loves it. The other is that I didn't want to cum too fast and her wet pussy just felt so good.

We got into spoon so I could grind her ass crack with my stiffness. Anal wasn't on my mind. I wanted more pussy but it felt good when she went onto her belly and I dry humped her ass as she dirty talked me.

Shortly after she climbed on my stiff cock and controlled the pace. Then I would fuck her hard and fast for a bit, which she loves. Then she would control the pace and we'd repeat. My cock could take no more of that great feeling of her pussy so I asked where she wanted my load. She said she didn't care but wanted to see it. I fucked her hard and fast for a good 3 minutes before pushing her off me.

She immediately went onto her belly with her hands on her clit as she watched me pump a sizable load out which in turn had her cumming strongly.