Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I firmly sucked her tits while she played with my balls and ass a bit.  I told her I liked the feeling of her fingernails back there and she rubbed it pretty good while sucking me.  This had me moving well and I went down to lick her clit both through and around her red lacy panties while she sucked me and even tongued my ass a bit.  Next thing I knew, she was cumming from our sexy 69.  It was fast and strong.  After she calmed down I had her ride me with her wet pussy.  She was worried it was too wet to get me off but by then I was so excited I had no such fears and promptly pulled out and stroked out a good thick load while she once again went between my legs to assist orally.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Although she was finishing up her period, she offered up a nice blowjob.  I worked her cunt through her panties and even fiddled her bare clit a bit, but could tell she was uncomfortable with too much action down there.  Understandable.  She did suck me quite proudly and offered up her tongue when I was ready to spew.  I came onto her outstretched tongue and she immediately used her little toy on her pussy, through her panties, to get herself off rather quickly.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

She looked so sexy at her reunion in her pretty, short dress.  I delighted in the hint of pantylines all evening even though she wore some serious control top under garments.  It didn't matter when in bed later, while still in that dress, she was completely commando.  She squirmed a lot when I tried oral on her.  She enjoyed it but simply could not keep still.  Of course she blew me for quite a while then climbed aboard and rode me to a nice dual orgasm.  It was also nice to have a back-to-back nightly session.  She's due for her period, so I needed that to hold me over.

Friday, May 18, 2012

The black nightie with black matching panties was a good start.  Her titties were tender so I wasn't able to fondle them as much as I wanted to but it was more than okay when she gulped down my cock for a nice long slow blowjob.  I got her on her back and pumped her furiously for a bit, even taking a break to return oral favors for a moment or two.  She moved into cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl before I spoon fucked her and filled her with my jizz.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The fact that she put on a matching bra and panty set meant she meant business for later. And business was good. We didn't foreplay very much except for some manual coittoral stimulation through those sexy panties. Of course she gave me a decent blowjob and I returned favor for a short time. When she climbed aboard I was surprised how quickly she came from the ride as she told me to cum inside her. She got so wet that I didnt get much feeling but that was fine. When my turn came I elected to fuck her missionary and ended up pumping two times inside her with rest nailing her cunt lips.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

In the middle of the day we found ourselves childless so I suggested we get it on rather than wait until later which was the plan.  She agreed and went up to shower while I finished a home repair project I was working on.  When she returned she was wearing only a serape (Mexican toga-type thing) that I had worn as a costume.  Of course she was naked under and some side-boobage and ass was slightly visible.  I went to shower and when I returned to the room she still had on the serape and was jerking off under the matching sombrero.  That was hot to behold.  I started to kiss her and work her slightly exposed boob with my mouth.  She begged me to go down on her but I told her "no".  I delighted in her continuing her masturbation.  She even stroked me a bit and some precum formed.  She wanted to suck it off but I again told her "no".  After considerable teasing I did work my way down to her pussy and gave it a nice licking and she returned favor a bit before climbing aboard and fucking me for a bit.  I bet her she wouldn't suck me off with her pussy juices all over me but she did.  I knew she would, of course.  She mounted me again and rode to orgasm while I sucked her titties. They even lactated a bit.  I thought that was over.  By then, she was almost too wet to fuck.  Or at least to fuck and get enough to cum.  So I had her suck my balls and stroked out my load.  One shot was for some good distance into my armpit.  A good Cinco de Mayo time was had by all.