Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tonight's feature was a lace body suit with strategically placed hole. I haven't seen that outfit in years but it looked nice on her. I regret not getting a naughty pic of her in it but I was quickly distracted.

In no time she had her fingers in that hole playing with her shaved pussy as she teased me with dirty talk. She really took control tonight and it was extremely erotic. She forced her crotch onto my face. She devoured my cock. She begged me to lick her titties which were barely contained in the loose top part of the outfit.

Then, she fucked me reverse cowgirl for a time then turned around and ground me until she came hard. Then I pumped away until I came equally hard deep inside her.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poor thing wasn't feeling well at all so I was surprised when she offered to fool around. Of course I told her she didn't have to, but she seemed rather insistent.

She ended up in her black pantyhose with pretty pink lace panties underneath and her dark blue bra and rubbed her crotch on my stiffness at my request. I cut her short though because I don't think being on top made her feel any better. I even told her I could make myself cum if she wanted but she wanted to blow me. Which she did, pulling away just in time to stroke my load onto my shirt, belly and her knuckles.

She's too good to me at times.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I had to take a nap before going into work, but asked if she wanted a quickie. Seeing her in her tight jeans that showed pantylines all day made me want a piece. It wasn't terribly romantic or drawnout.

Once her jeans were down, she looked hot in her sheer light blue string bikini. She sucked me wearing only those panties and a dark blue bra and then I tugged those sexy panties down and climbed aboard and fucked her pussy until I deposited a strong load deep inside her. Her bra never even came off.

Then her mini vibe and me helped her get hers.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I walked into the bedroom wrapped only in a towel. My skin still glistening from the shower and a perceptable bulge ruining the otherwise smooth lines of the towel.

She lay on the bed in a slinky black nightie her long black-hosed legs protruding the length of the bed. Upon sight, the tent-pole in the towel grew outward and I asked if what I was wearing was okay. She said it was and pulled me towards herself as my towel came loose freeing my stiffness for her mouth.

I hadn't cum in a few days and I knew my cock couldn't withstand a significant amount of her expert attention without exploding so I made sure to divert attention back to her as often as possible first by paying particular attention to her tits. After doing so and letting my hands slide up her legs I realized that she didn't just have simple thigh-highs on. They were gartered.

Delicious. And they mixed great with her cheeky lace black panties which didn't take long for my fingers to move aside in order to play with her dampness. While she has let a bit of her pussy hair grow back in, I like that she keeps the lips smooth and what hair there is is in a tiny, tightly trimmed triangle.

I went down on her and ate her out around and through her panties but that became cumbersome so I tugged them off and had free reign at her wet cunt which I initially teased but was quickly fucking with my tongue, then my fingers. I let my tongue drift down around her other hole a bit too.

I dipped my stiffness in it a few times but told her I wasn't fucking her. Just sampling her. She took care to clean my shaft off with her mouth on one occasion. Eventually she climbed aboard and fucked me nice and slow. Seeing the panged look on her face and her closed eyes turned me on so much. She increased her fucking velocity and at one point smacked her own ass. That's a first. And it was HOT.

Soon after she came. Hard. So I increased my vigorousness and came hard myself deep inside her.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The boring tan bikini panties were offset by the hot black nightie that barely contains her breasts. Which I took great delight in sucking. The fur between her legs is growing back in from her latest shave, but she's carefully trimmed it. She was really into my hard cock pressing up against her ass and at one point reached down inside her panties and stroked me through them. After some dry humping she demanded I undress so she could climb aboard.

Which she did and we had a nice intense hard fuck session while my mouth wandered all over her tits and my free hand toyed with her asshole. Then she grabbed her vibe and slid it into herself before pushing my cock in there since I mentioned last time I thought it was hot.

The vibe slid its way out with our furious fucking and soon enough I was erupting deep inside her. Then the vibe assisted us in making her cum.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What started out as a great session didn't end so nice.

Shame too. She looked good with her newly shaved pussy. It was hot, too, when she put my cock inside her with her vibe still in there. But it was too much for me to take and I pulled out to sum, she tried to put me back in.

Damn baby fever. I came, but it was all interrupted and she kind of got pouty afterwards. To me, usually it feels better to pull out to cum, so as to not be too sensitive. I thought we were doing a nice job of mixing it up, but per usual, we see it differently and she thinks I'm not cumming inside her enough.

Anyway, bad ending to the evening. Left a bitter taste in my mouth and I didn't feel like getting into it with her, so I remained quiet, as did she, until I fell asleep.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It was short and sweet but involved some tittie-play through her "Sweetie" tank top, a hand down her yellow "pucker" panties and my cock in her mouth as she used the vibe between her legs. Soon enough, those panties were tugged down and my stiffness was plowing into her semi-moist cunt until I quaked and quivered and made it a greater thant "semi-moist" cunt. Then Mr. Vibe and I helped her complete her task.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Freshly showered we engaged in all sorts of tawdry action. She in her red nightie and matching thong, me in my "man-thong". The passionate groping heated up quickly and led to some hard sucking of my cock and me eating her out for a long time in semi-69.

Before long, she was rolling on a new cock ring with built-in vibration and delighted in riding me cowgirl until she came hard with her tits in my mouth.

It was nice after to rub my soaked cock up and down her ass-crack and tease her butt hole. But eventually I had to spew and a few quick strokes took care of that.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Her new dress vest looked even better with nothing on underneath it. I teased about whether she'd ever go out in it (she wouldn't) but it did enhance my titty sucking. I slid up the bed so she could suck my hard cock as I reach inside her panties and massaged and finger fucked her.

Her cock sucking is simply amazing so once inside her I knew it wouldn't be long. She dirty talked me by saying how I should fill her cunt with cum. So I did. Big wet spot on the bed too.