Saturday, September 25, 2010

After taking her out for dinner for getting her master's degree I knew we were ready for some good sex. I asked her to put on something special and in the meantime I put on this tiny little "tuxedo" thong she had bought me as a joke years ago. She had completely forgotten about it.

We got hot and heavy very quickly. She had on a cute black lace body suit under her black nightie. I groped and groped before finally putting her vibrator inside her "panties" against her clit and later inside her.

Did my "gay" side come out during this session? The bulge there was kind of a turnon. Stay tuned, I get "gayer".

She's still lactating, but her tits aren't painful anymore so she can't get enough of me sucking them. I'm happy to oblige and she was even leaking into my mouth. That alone, isn't something I'm necessarily into, but just the idea of milk-filled tits is so feminine its hot.

I told her so.

So she expressed some out onto my chest and face. That was hot. Then she was literally spraying me with her milk. As I was telling her what a turnon it was she metioned she was "titty-cumming" all over my face. Then went on to talk about how now I can understand why she likes me to spew all over her.

Her titty cumming onto my face = hot. Is that gay?

After, she was really going at her pussy with the vibrator and brought it up for me to taste. Instinctively, I opened my mouth and she put the tip in. I think she was surprised. She probably expected me to lick it. I mean its not a real cock, but perhaps I was caught up in the moment? In any event, it tasted great.

So I went down on her with the vibrator inside her and licked her clit and pussy until she came nice and hard.

She reciprocated by sucking me to a nice orgasm. I thought she might have me spew in her mouth, but she pulled me out at the last second. I blew my load all over her knuckles and my belly.

I'm devising a new rating system for the end of my posts. I rate the sex up to 5 stars. And this session was a 5*.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

After being away for a few days, I was up for some serious McLovin'.

I was, however, a bit disappointed in the wife-beater and sleeping pants she wore to bed. Not to mention the granny-sized pink panties.

After that, though everything was HOT!

Her dirty talk about being double-penetrated was very sexy. Her sucking was incredible and then when she climbed up me to straddle my face, I had to do all I could to keep my hands off myself and avoid cumming.

She slid back down and ground on me as I sucked her big tits and surprised me when she came. Not unlike a guy, she seems to lose it a bit after cumming so I had her climb on me and pumped her until I too, blew my load.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

She asked if I was coming to bed so I figured to do so in order to get a little. I know she hadn't been feeling well but she indulged me with a bit of a handjob and some sucking. I sucked on her titties and ground my cock up against her pantied ass putting considerable pressure on her tight asshole. Eventually, I pulled away and shot all over my lower belly.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I asked 38C to dress "goth" for me. She did up the black nails, both hands and feet. She also put on a pretty black dress with black lacey boy shorts underneath and a black bra. She looked so hot. We went out to dinner that way and when we got home she did the black lipstick.

Unfortunately, we kissed most of it off before she went down on my cock but she spent some extra time servicing me there. I had to stop her a few times so I didn't blow my load.

I returned favor and ate her freshly groomed pussy for quite a while but eventually I just had to fuck it. Which I did before pulling out and jerking my load into the condom (those damn things!).

The little yellow vibe helped me finish her.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I really had the desire for her to climb on top of me and fuck me. Just a quickie cowgirl.

She sucked me really good beforehand, which wasn't in the plan, but man did I enjoy playing with her big titties and ass while she rode me. I came into the condom while deep in her cunt. Her little yellow vibe finished her end.