Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve and she wore a very short gray dress with thigh highs and a bustier under. The thigh highs kept peeking out during dinner, although we were home. Can't imagine she would show that much if we went out. Once we went to bed, her rubbing and subsequent sucking had me rock hard. Slowly her tits began to fall out the top of her bustier which I didn't discourage. She got excited and unsnapped her crotch and climbed up me to rub my face after rubbing her pantied pussy on my crotch. Love when she rides my face and she did it well. She lowered down and rode me a bit then made me eat her cunt some more. After some more of that she rode me to orgasm all over my belly while she sucked my balls.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

She slipped on her string thong which barely covers anything underneath her pretty blue sheer nightie. I started by working her titties and let my hands wander low on and off. She reciprocated by sucking me nicely and coming teasingly close to playing with my asshole. But she just wouldn't. And I wanted her to. I ate her a bit around her panties then took them off to do a better job. Her clit seemed hyper-sensitive so I proceeded to fuck it. I stopped when I felt my jizz boiling up, spurting a few drops into her and onto her before fucking her good and hard before pulling out and blowing all over her nightie. The white cum looked hot against the blue fabric.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

This time she put in her new red nightie with black lace boyshort panties under. I fiddled with her clit after she sucked me and then I went down on her for a bit. She was more into it but I had jacked off earlier so wasn't as hard as I wanted to be. I fucked her a bit missionary before eating her out over the side of the bed while I cranked my shaft until I got rock hard. Then I plowed her cunt with it. She definitely noticed the difference between rock hard and not. Soon enough I pulled out and blew onto her belly and pussy hair.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I was in the mood but kind of lost it when she didn't seem very into it. I guess I was expecting her to dress up sexy and have a nice long session. We watched TV for a bit and she rubbed then she went down on me. I returned favor by rubbing her pussy and she climbed aboard for a bit. Again, she didn't seem totally into it. I could tell at one point she just assume me cum because she stood up for some doggy-style. She knows that gets me off quickly and it was rather hot when she presented her ass by spreading her cheek a bit. So I fucked her doggy-style while standing (with her pink satin panties wrapped around my cock) until I pulled out and blew it on her ass and lower back.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

She wasn't feeling well, so I was surprised when she agreed to a quickie. After tugging down the covers I delighted in seeing her polka dot, cheeky style panties on her nice ass. She aggressively sucked my cock nice and hard while I played with her titties and newly hairy pussy. Then I simply plowed it. Short foreplay is nice in that she's not 100% wet and that feels so good on my shaft. I didn't pump away as long as I would have liked for that very reason. So I pulled out and blew it onto her belly and lower chest. Her toy got her to a quick and strong O of her own.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

It was pretty hot when she tugged her shirt away to show me her nipples as we sat watching football in the bar. Since we were staying with family, sex there was out of the question, but she did volunteer to show me her nipples if I pulled over on the drive home.

I saw those nipples. And I sucked them. She sucked me in return. When my hand was finally down her new red panties, she was amazingly wet. She sucked me some more and I fingered her to a nice hard, quick orgasm even though we were intermittently interrupted by passing cars. I told her I wanted to fuck her but she didn't think it was possible in my truck. But when I want to fuck, anything is possible.
With my pants half down, I jumped out of the truck (it was way too cold to do it outside) and went to her side as she basically put her feet on the dash. Kneeling on the floorboard I stroked myself hard and plunged in and out of her maybe 10 times before blowing deep inside her.

Then we continued our drive home and visited family.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Essentially I put her dozing hand on my hard cock. She worked it for a bit but wasn't very interested in reciprocity due to her sensitivity of her cycle. She sucked on it a bit, but wasn't feeling it so I stroked out a load looking at her newly sprouting fur patch and big tits.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Longer drawn out session than last time with some ass-grinding and two way oral. Her moans of "fuck me harder" as I missionary fucked her proved too much though and I ended up squirting all over her belly.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

We were watching a movie together on TV and there was definitely some plans to fool around afterwards since we were fooling around during the commercials. Unfortunately, during back-to-back commercials I was fucking her in spoon/scissor position and it felt so damn good I ended up blowing all over her pussy mound.