Thursday, April 25, 2013

I walked upstairs as she studied in bed to fuck her sweet mouth.  I had already precummed all over the place during an earlier stroke session, but did not cum fully.  With her head prone on the bed, I pumped her mouth and it was just a matter of seconds before I came a big load into both our hands.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

After a wonderful "date night" out and a few drinks we adjourned to our kitchen where we drank a bit more and began fooling around.  She was looking so sexy in her skin tight stretch pants and pointed knee high boots.  Much kissing and petting led to her hand finding me "commando" in dress slacks and growing rapidly.   Semi-clothed and very turned on, she dropped my pants and dropped to her knees and told me to watch her  eyes as she sucked me.  She was really amped up with the dirty talk throughout and I'm not sure I remember it all.  I know at one point she told me how wet her panties were getting and offered up her finger to my mouth to prove it.  That just made me want to lick her so I then told her to watch my face while I licked her. She was really into that and not her usually squirmy self.  We left half our clothes there in the kitchen and moved onto the bed so I could properly eat her and I even let my tongue wander to her tight little asshole.  She moderately objected of course.  Details are sketchy as well, but at one point she was riding me reverse cowgirl and the view of her big ass plunging up and down on my stiffness was too much so she hopped off and watched as I blew a huge load all over myself.  After a hot flash, she was off and running with her little vibrator.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

She gave a nice enthusiastic blowjob complete with wetness and fingerplay of my taint.  I tugged her pants down and fondled her pantied ass until I blew a big load.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

We were off to a kind of quickie session after she sucked me a bit she climbed on and took rather nice control.  Forcing me to lick her even and talking dirty.  When she told me to "cum deep in her cunt" that was all I needed and I complied.

Friday, April 5, 2013

I asked for a blowjob (suspecting she might be on her period) and she gave me a pretty good one as I felt up her pantied ass.  As I debated whether to blow on her face, she got up, moved to my side of the bed to show me her panties and rubbed my face in her pantied ass.  Then she tugged them down and climbed on me and fucked me quite nicely until I filled her pussy with my load.