Saturday, May 31, 2008

The wet sloppy blowjob was returned in kind with some wet sloppy oral. Both of us delighted in teasing and pleasuring the other. Her well-manicured nether regions regaled in long, deep and at times firm sucking, licking and biting. I, as well, enjoyed watching her saliva slowly run down my ridiculously hard shaft.

In no time, she had climbed up onto my cock and teased her clit with it. Gently putting the tip in before letting it fall back against my lower belly and rubbing furiously on it and further wetting it. She came a quick and explosive orgasm and before she had completely settled down was stuffing my member inside her pussy wherein I came a quick and explosive orgasm deep inside it as I reached around and felt up her ass.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

She had to get in to work early and when I walked in the bedroom as she stood in electric blue nylon bikini panties that framed her ass just beautifully, plus the blouse she planned to wear to work, I asked if she had a few minutes to "help me out".

She did.

After a few neck kisses and nibbles, some gentle titty massage through her nearly-sheer bra, she was on her knees as I lay back on the bed and she sucked and massaged my cock to stiffness. She made it a bit wet, but not as much as I like it. However, it didn't stop me from soon counting down my cumshot.

3......2......1 (she pulled it out of her mouth and stroked) and cum!


Saturday, May 24, 2008

It was so hot when I was down on her, licking and sucking and getting my face wet and when I went up for a kiss, she licked my face.

Literally, licked my face and said "I can taste my pussy juices on you". That had precum dripping from my engorged cock so rather than waste it I stuffed it in her tight pussy, pumped twice and deposited probably my biggest load ever!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My normal 7 a.m. morning wood was being a pest. As 36c was waking up I was already stroking inside my boxers. She sat up on the bed and I continued and slowly felt my load coming. When she cupped my balls and felt up my ass, it was too much and I unloaded my cum all over her nice tits.

She smiled and went off to shower.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The way her hands were grabbing my ass hard was terribly erotic. She even toyed with my asshole just a bit but never seems to do as much down there as I would like. When horny, I actually would like a finger (or more) inside my ass. Sometimes I want to be very submissive to her and spread my legs and let her have her way. In any event, it felt good.

As did her mind-blowing blowjob. Something about vacation makes the sex better and her hornier. After a time, she rolled onto her side and I used my spit-lubed cock to rub her asshole until eventually I slipped into her soaking wet cunt. She reached back and grabbed my ass some more before I pulled out and jacked a load that shot for some distance and even got on the hotel sheets.

Then I rubbed her and sucked her tits until she came as well.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

We were in the hotel.

I woke her up by tugging her pink cotton panties off and licking her pussy. In not time she was wet and I had my head firmly between her thighs and was really going to town on her cunt even flicking her ass with my tongue at times.

She soon curled around and sucked me hard all the while cupping my ass cheeks and getting her fingers so close to my hole.

I mounted her missionary and fucked hard like she was requesting, slowing down periodically to watch her rub herself or jumping off altogether so I could lick her pussy. Eventually, however, I had to blow and clenched up as I unleashed a strong burst of cum deep into her pussy as she massaged herself to her own orgasm.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We pillow-talked and snuggled while watching the news for a while as my hand gently rubbed her lower back and occasionally slipped inside her nearly sheer white lace bikini panties.

As my mouth explored her neck and cleavage I felt a discernible sigh and movement from her as if to say "just do it!". So I did as I allowed my tongue to explore her nipples as it pried its way into her lace push up bra.

Her reaction of pure pleasure was more than enough to make my boxers tight. As I licked and suckled I noticed her left hand buried inside her panties rubbing herself. At that point I thought my boxers just might explode. Or something explode in them.

She tugged them off soon enough and I enjoyed her wet slurping sucking and caught a glimpse of saliva pool at the base of my stiff shaft. I actually had to pull her mouth off me for fear of popping too soon.

So what's a gal to do? Climb up me like a tree, tug her panties aside and stuff her wet pussy on my mouth. That suited me just fine.

When she went back down for more oral attention on my cock I saw her tugging her panties off. I eagerly anticipated her warm wet cunt engulfing my cock. I was not disappointed. After considerable crotch grinding I moved her off me and mounted her missionary. Some deep tongue kisses had my little guy a bit too stimulated and I thrust a series of cumshots deep inside her as she quickly massaged her clit to orgasm.

She laid there nearly naked for a time watching TV afterwards as I took in her body. Her womanly hips and curves. The way her tiny fur patch of pubic hair shows through her sheer panties. Her beautiful breasts and big nipples. Soon she was dozing off in just her panties.

As was I to dream of next time.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The patient presented herself in nearly sheer white lace bra and panties.

Dr. Feelgood proceeded to examine the breast tissue over the bra until a more intimate exam became necessary at which time patient removed her bra and doctor manipulated the nipple area with his tongue and mouth. Results were positive. The nipple became erect.

Doctor next examined, again orally, patient's soft mouth and neck while multitasking by giving an over-the-panties pelvic exam. Results were once again positive. The required response was met in thrusting hips and passionate moans.

Inexplicably, patient examined doctors penis both manually and orally. While this would normally be against protocol, doctor's official position was "no harm, no foul". And there was no harm at all except the aching in his loins. Results were positive. Increased bloodflow was clearly evident to doctor's penis.

Doctor returned to patient's crotch. Manual manipulation of the pelvic region proved inconclusive however so it was necessary for patient to slide up doctor's body, pull her panties aside, and demand an oral examination. Doctor complied under protest but in the interest of science. Of course, during this process a thorough breast exam was also concluded in case something was missed for the fist one. Results were terrifically positive and doctor's face was soon glistening in patient's wetness.

Soon thereafter, patients crotch somehow found its way to doctor's hardening member wherein patient proceeded to grind it back and forth on it. Its unclear exactly what purpose this method of examination serves except pleasure for both patient and doctor. Doctor paid particular interest to patients facial movements and once again, positive results. "O" face like no other.

What became even more pleasurable was patient's removal of her white lacy panties and insertion of doctor's throbbing hardness deep into her vagina wherein warm, wetness and some vigorous pumping soon led to and explosion of cum deep inside her.

Patient rapidly lurched off when pumping settled down and massaged her clitoral region to an orgasm of her own.

Patient was then administered ice cold water and instructed to get a good night's rest and come back and fuck me again in a day or two.
I awoke on the couch to find her snuggling with me. It had been a while since we had "quality" time together, but things looked good for tonight.

After cleaning up, she arrived in the bedroom in just her white blouse and new white nearly sheer panties. I nuzzled her neck and toyed with her pussy through her panties and cupped her breasts before asking her to take off her top and bra.

This move, of course, granted me full access to her beautiful and hardening nipples. My mouth was pleased as was my hard cock when she went down on it for a bit of sucking.

After a short session she cowgirled up on me and mulched her privates against my hard cock to a quick and powerful orgasm.

Quickly, we peeled her panties off and I entered her and fucked cowgirl for quite a while as my hands and fingers roamed her ass. Gently, one finger made its way barely inside her tight ass and she dirty talked me with "Are you fingering my ass?" until I buried a load of cum into her cunt.