Wednesday, February 27, 2008

After Trip

I was exhausted upon returning from my trip. 36C was too but we had to have some killer sex and I had gone 5 days without cumming. That has to be the longest time ever for me. I didn't even jerk off.

So, 36C came into the room as I was dozing in a sheer blue nightie which I like. Underneath, for some reason, she had on her black tummy tucker panties that she wore under her skirt that day. I would have liked something sexier, but......what are you gonna do?

I mentioned we could wait if she wanted to since I knew she was tired but she said we had to have at least a quickie.

Didn't take me long to have those too big panties off and play with her pussy as I licked her titties. I was so charged up as was she. I told her not to expect much in terms of quantity since I had such a buildup.

She sucked me good for a bit and soon enough I climbed onto her missionary style. She told me "My cunt has been waiting for this". Her use of that word always turns me on.

I pumped maybe 8 times into her and felt my cum swelling. So I stopped and tried to calm it. I could feel a bit ooze out and thought I really blew a chance at a huge orgasm. However, I stayed hard and was able to pump her really good after that. Her moaning about how good it felt in her cunt set me up good but I could've pumped forever at that point. I was actually getting tired.

I pulled out and stayed over her as she massaged herself and I stroked. I told her I could cum and asked where she wanted it. She said "Right on my smooth pussy lips. Do you like me fingering my cunt? Does that turn you on?" Then she finger fucked herself and just as I was about to cum pulled out and pushed her clit up to take my load. Very hot! Very large load. Right on her freshly shaved pussy.

She proceeded to rub her clit as I licked her and she came a nice strong one too.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Before Trip

I was heading out on a trip the next day so naturally 36C and I were going to have some nice "leaving" sex.

She came out in a sexy lace body suit she's owned forever but I haven't seen in 13 years or so. It has an access hole in the crotch but, honestly, its not comfortable to use it.

It sort of looked like this.

Except she didn't wear panties underneath and was still finishing up her period. It wasn't long before I had the straps down her shoulders and was sucking those nice big areola and my fingers did the walking in and around the access hole.

At one point I mounted her missionary position and put my cock inside the hole, but not in her pussy. Sort of humping the material. She liked the feeling on her clit but the material didn't feel so great on my cock.

After she sucked me good and I massaged her clit we had the cat suit off and I was again humping her clit without messy penetration. Soon enough she climbed on top and did more of the same until she came. Then she went down on me and sucked/stroked a nice load out of me.

Afterwards I told her her stroking rhythm was perfect and my cum was a nice intense one.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Hot Oil

36C has been so good to me lately, that last night I promised her an oil massage. At bedtime she stripped down to white satin panties and I spent a good 30 minutes massaging her back, but, thighs, upper chest and entire body. She just loves a good massage and deserved one.

Normally, massages would lead to sex but if it didn't that'd be fine by me. I wanted to make it all about her.

Afterwards she snuggled up against me as we pillow-talked. I began dozing even and then she asked me if I wanted any "action". Again with the asking. Just DO woman! lol.

She slowly rubbed my cock as I did a reach-around and massaged her boob in her nightie. Soon enough she went down on me for some nice BJ action and I felt up her pantied ass the whole time. I was surprised when she climbed on top of me and rubbed her crotch against mine. Especially since she's still on her period.

Apparently, that, combined with me sucking her tits made her cum. Then she went back to sucking me but I wanted a piece or her ass and told her so.

She rolled over into spoon position and I tugged her panties down and pressed up and ground against her ass. She pressed back so I finagled my cock head at her hole and pressed against it. She pressed back again and clinched her butt cheeks as I pumped gently.

Just the tip went in and she proceeded to clinch tightly against my cock as I fiddled her clit until I unloaded in her ass.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cold Remedy

A lazy day laying around the house resulted in me being tired and going to bed at 10pm. Plus, I've been fighting off a cold. 36C came to bed and asked if I wanted a BJ. I thought I was too tired, and mentioned she never had to ask, but said "sure". My cock responded well to her hand and mouth. She was in tiny blue bikini panties (still on period) and a sweatshirt.

She manipulated me to semi stiffness and sucked me hard for quite a while. I fondled her tits and reached down the back of her sweats and felt up her pantied ass.

After a time, she came around to my side of the bed to suck me while standing. I guess her neck was tweaked a bit. It was good by me as I was able to feel her up even more.

Soon enough I had her shirt up and tits in my mouth as I jacked myself with her hand present. Next I felt up her ass and tiny bush. She went into feeling up her own tits and reaching down into her panties and that was enough for me to shoot my load from my own hand. A nice strong cum and, yes, I did feel better.

Friday, February 15, 2008


After a fantastic Valentine's dinner out, 36C and I, both armed with some liquid courage, engaged in some seriously passionate lovemaking.

She had bought me a new outfit to wear and I thought I looked dashing and she wore thigh highs and garters under a sensible skirt and revealing sweater.

We hit the bed running and didn't stop even if she was on her period. Tons of passionate foreplay and kissing led to her loosing her bra from under her sweater. I had great fun and playing with her tits as she ground on my rock hard cock while we were both still reasonably dressed. Frequently, when she's on her period, she's very horny and I enjoyed noticing her hands moving down between her legs and even inside her pink lace panties. When my hand found its way down there she was soaking wet. Unfortunately I couldn't probe much, but played with her clit and newly and nearly bare pussy. Furthermore, 36C talked real dirty the whole time.

Soon enough she had my pants off and my silk boxers down and was expertly working my cock with her mouth. That lasted a while as I felt up her sexy thigh highed legs.

I even went down and licked her clit although I couldn't dive in like I normally would. In my mind I was thinking of snapping a few pics as she mentioned she owed me a few from before, but I didn't want to break up the passion by stopping and I know its not that much of a turn on for her. I just hope she still owes me them and I can cash in later, lol.

Soon enough, with nipple and clitoral stimulation I had her cumming. She came hard and strong and if my cock stiffness could go beyond 100% it would have. I was that hot. We spooned a bit and I thought about putting it in her ass. She seemed like that might be a possibility but then mentioned she wanted to suck me more. I was unclear if that was her way of saying "no" without saying it of if she wanted me in her mouth one last time before I went "there". Anyway, her expert hand/mouth work soon had me shooting a gusher all over my belly and that was that.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Wake Me Up!

Earlier in the evening I could feel a fight coming on with 36C as she was doing something that was and always has annoyed me. What it was isn't important, but its been a bone of contention between us forever and my past whining hasn't changed it.

However, I was proud of myself for not bringing it up. Even if I was so close to. Its just not worth it. It never ends well and its just a personality thing (for the most part we're great together) that I don't think can be resolved and complaining about it makes it much worse than dealing with it.

Score 1 for me!

So as I was going to bed and she was on the PC doing some work, I mentioned she could wake me up if she wanted to.

And she did.

Score 2 for me!

Lately, however, I haven't performed well when being awakened. Meaning I don't get 100% into it nor do I get 100% hard. She rubbed my body and kissed my neck and reached down my pants and rubbed me to about 70%.

The mood seemed right for a quickie so I gently played with her tits and reached down inside her pantyless sleeping pants. I found everything nicely shaved. Nice!

Soon enough, she was grinding on me and trying to put my 80% stiffy into her. She wasn't very wet either but said she was horny and into it. Maybe we were both just too tired.

She decided to roll off and cum then. I thought that was cool. So she rubbed herself off with me playing with her titties and pussy and she came fast. Apparently, she was into it.

But she still wasn't real wet when she got back on. Meaning I had to go into major concentration mode. I got up to about 90% and was soon enough inside her and pumping her and licking her tits and toying gently with her ass. Soon enough I convulsed a few pumps into her pussy. Its felt better. The cum was kind of weird. Almost like I interrupted it. But it was still cool to get off.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

After Dinner

36C seemed raring to go after we went to friends for dinner. She put on a sexy blue sheer nightie with matching blue nylon bikini panties underneath and after some VERY sexy kissing tugged my sleeping shorts down and sucked me good. Lots of moaning and wetness. I can always tell when she's not into it, sort of into it and raring to go. Tonight was raring to go.

So, naturally, I wanted to return the favor. Lately we've done a lot of her squatting over my face as I lick her sweetness. Eventually, her panties where in the way though, so she spun off me and I semi-69'd her (she didn't service me, except with her hand). Before long the panties were off and she was straddling me as she stuffed my rock hard cock into her.

We did that for a bit and I was hoping she would cum, but she didn't. So I mounted her missionary position and could have pumped for as long as I wanted. Actually, my abs were sore from working out so I had to focus to cum. I shot a nice thick load, for some distance I might add, onto her belly.

She rolled over and I massaged her to climax.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Place

I rearranged the bedroom while 36C (not 38C as previously mentioned - I just saw her pink bra in the bathroom - definitely 36C on that one - perhaps she fluctuates) was in class. When she came home she was excited to see it was different. I suggested we "break it in" later that evening and she went for it.

I fell asleep watching TV. She fell asleep with Sonny in his bed. We're insatiable, eh? I went to bed and decided not to bother her by waking her. She woke me though and asked if I wanted "some". Of course I did. Very little and light foreplay veered into her noisily and a tad sloppily sucking my rock hard cock. Sound + slop = gooooooood!

I wanted to go down on her too and I thought she might give me the "I don't feel fresh" routine since she was in pantyhose all day, but she didn't and quickly climbed up my body so she could hover her goodies over my face. I dug in. It was niiiiiiiiiiice!

Then she slid back down and put me in her as I nibbled her titties. I let her drive for a bit, she let me (with a bit of "fuck me faster") mixed in. Eventually, I shot my load onto myself and she climbed off and mulched herself to an orgasm.

Oh. And -- She started in long leg PJ's with matching top and navy blue Victoria Secret string bikini panties, but nothing stayed on her very long.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I went over to a buddy's house to watch the Superbowl but before leaving asked if 38C might be in the mood when I returned. She said "probably".

I got back a bit later than I expected and thought she'd probably be fast asleep (it IS a worknight after all) and that would have been fine. But she was awake and washing up.

It was to be a mutually understood "quickie". We've been together so long we don't even have to vocalize that stuff, we just know.

We pillow-talked a bit and I was feeling really tired. She was saying her nipples hurt since we went at it so long the night before. She played with my cock and wanted me to get on top. I asked for some wet BJ action to get me going and she complied.

Before long we were tugging down her sleeping pants, tugging up her top and pulling off her red bikini panties. I wasn't 100% hard so it took some fiddling to get into her, but her dirty talk got me charged up. I pumped away for a while and ended up shooting deep inside her.

After climbing off, we both noticed a HUGE wet spot. She was more charged up than I knew. After a bit of cleanup she pulled out the trusty vibrator and as I gently kissed her neck and cleavage got herself to a nice big orgasm.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hockey Night

The wife and I went to a hockey game then to a nice dinner. She wore nice black dress slacks that were just tight enough to look hot, but not so tight as to look ridiculous along with a pink sweater that framed her boobs just right.

Certainly, I was in a "mood" but more importantly, I could tell she was.

After dinner we got home late, got the boy down to sleep and she slipped off to put something on. It was a short skirt we bought at Victoria's Secret but it didn't fit. So, instead she put on a sexy nightie with her pink lace, tiny boy-short panties.

We were both pretty fired up with plenty of sexy kissing and stroking which evolved into heavy petting and soon plenty of oral on each other. I enjoyed her wet, recently shaved pussy for a long time.

Afterwards, I gently fingered her ass a bit and that led to some light anal sex too. By light I mean not plowing away at it, but guiding my cock head in and pushing softly. She was really into it and regaled me with plenty of dirty talk.

Soon she was cumming from that along with me fingering her clit and tits.

I took time out to go clean up because I really wanted to fuck her pussy. Which I did for quite a long time. I was really hard and going in very deep and although that makes her uncomfortable a bit, she was really digging it and asked that I cum on her tits.

After a few more moments I pulled out to cum on her, but I waited until it was too late and ended up shooting onto her belly, pubic mound and nightie.