Saturday, March 29, 2008

We both slept in but I didn't want her to get away when she offered to go make some breakfast. As she sat at the edge of the bed I massaged her pantied ass and her back as I stroked.

She sort of raised her eyebrows and said "I'll be right back."

Since we still haven't sorted out the pill change I knew I wouldn't fuck her but hoped for a good blowjob.

She came back freshened up and immediately went down on me. It was nice but I wasn't going totally crazy for the sucking. I tugged down her PJ pants revealing gray bikini panties that are designed to not have pantylines. I like them because they're tiny.

I massaged her ass as she continued to suck me. Then I asked her to come up to me, meaning come kneel up near my face so I could either kiss her pussy or at least look at it as I stroked.

She came right up and in that position masturbated. That got me going watching her fiddle her clit and soon enough I dribbled out a nice thick wad.

She fell face first on the bed and massaged her clit for a few more moments before cumming as well.

I was surprised that I didn't really give her much attention to helping her get off but she got off really quickly. Sometimes, for her, quickies are easier.

Fine by me.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The black string nightie with plum colored panties underneath was a nice welcome when I came to bed.

I could tell she was really up for some, but we couldn't have intercourse because of some changes to her pill.

That didn't bother me as I sucked her titties and massaged her pussy first through the panties then inside them. She was instantly wet.

We continued this for a while before she rolled onto her side in spoon position. I was hoping she'd be up for some anal and it appeared she was with how hot she got when I tugged her panties down and massaged her asshole with my hard cock.

After a brief timeout to lube up, she went back into spoon position and controlled the motion as my cock entered her ass. I wanted to pump hard and fast, but held off. Instead I pulled her hair as she gyrated me slowly into her. Eventually, as she clenched her muscles and pumped me in and out I blew a big load deep in her ass.

She kept me inside and gyrated yet more as she rubbed her pussy and I tweaked her nipples and kissed her neck until she came too.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

She stood at the base of the couch and tried to awaken me from the long holiday weekend.

Groggily, I caught sight of her in a black, satin and lacy spaghetti strap nightgown.

She smiled as did I.

"Let me go wash up and brush my teeth" I said.

When I got back to the room, still dressed in my Easter best she said she wanted to watch me undress. To me, that's very hot. So without much dance, but without rushing I removed my tie, shirt, belt and slacks. She ogled me standing there in soft red cotton/spandex boxer briefs and a too tight tee shirt.

I jumped in bed and she clicked out the light. It was pretty dark. We kissed passionately for a while and my eyes adjusted to the light.

My hand roamed her body the whole time. Teasing her tits and her panty-clad goodies.

She tugged my shirt off and pulled my underwear down for some quick sucking. Then came back up and proclaimed that her titties needed sucking. Which I did.

Next, we spooned and she guided my hard cock against her panty-covered asshole as we both took turns massaging her clit. I thought it might be a night where she let it in there, but instead guided me into her pussy. So I fucked her with one leg straight up int he air. At the same time, she pressed my hands against both her tits and wanted her rock hard nipples squeezed.

Perhaps I wasn't hitting the spot or she wanted it harder, but she pushed me back and climbed on for a very long and hard and fast cowgirl fuck. When I got close, I pumped rabbit speed into her as I watched her face contort in ecstasy before finally blowing my load deep inside her.

She stayed on and rubbed her cunt on my oozing both our juices all over me before climbing off and rubbing her pussy to a hard and quick orgasm.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Last night she said she had a plan.

She was going to get a good nights sleep. Since she had a friend coming over for a visit, she wanted to get up early. And since I had to go in to work, she wanted me to get her up.

And she promised me a great blowjob.

She delivered.

After showering I went into the room and pushed my 30% hard cock up against her face. Sort of a funny alarm clock. She woke up smiling and after coming back from brushing her teeth went right into it.

I got big and hard instantly as she lay on the bed sucking me while I hovered and felt up her pantied ass and semi-exposed tits. She also gently played with my asshole as she sucked me.

I asked if I could cum in her mouth and she agreed. I probably only do that once a year or so since its not her thing, but damn, it felt great. I think I came a ton too. I swear I felt 7 or 8 surges of cum and she took every drop.

Then, like clockwork, Sonny was tapping on the door. I had to finish getting ready and head out anyway but not before kissing her goodbye and teasing that she must "love" me.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I had her legs up high and my stiff cock pressed against her asshole. With one hand I was jerking it and letting it slap against her with my other I was massaging her wet clit.

She was loving it.

She reached back and pulled me towards her. I entered. It felt good.

She shimmied her body back and forth fucking me and I was trying not to move to furiously.

Soon, I realized......

I wasn't in her ass! I thought it slipped in her ass, but it didn't. It was in her pussy. I thought she was rather vigorous. Didn't really matter. It felt good and I enjoyed fucking her for quite a long time.

Soon, I pulled out and began smacking/jerking it against her ass. She was loving it. Absolutely going crazy. The head might have been peeking in a bit and then I blew my load. She got even more turned on at my hot cum splashing her sensitive hole

She vigorously massaged her pussy too until she came as well.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

When I came to bed after putting Sonny down we had some small talk before I jokingly said "let's fuck!"

She said "Okay".

So I tugged her shirt up and began licking her nipples as my hand dove down her PJ pants and I massaged her mound inside them, but over her pink lace panties.

A quickie seemed in order.

As I licked and felt up her pussy she did a cool thing: she tucked my hard cock inside her panties and massaged it through the material. That was hot and it felt good.

Soon afterwards, I was tugging her pants and panties down and she was climbing on top. I slid easily into her wet cunt and enjoyed more titty sucking as I fucked away.

Her verbalizations really got me going and she climbed off as I was about to cum and put her tongue right near my cock tip to watch/help it come out. Come out it did.

She immediately went into her customary "belly down - hands on clit" position to massage herself to orgasm as I kissed her neck and stroked her back.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


We took a nice, hot, non-sexual afternoon shower together and proceeded naked to the bed.

36C was sucking my cock in a matter of seconds. I progressed to eating her out for a time. We swapped back and forth that way.

At one point I got her on all fours and enjoyed her pussy and ass with my tongue. Teasing it like i was fucking it doggy-style. She went back to sucking me again but I had to shut it down for fear of blowing my load.

Eventually, we meandered into some cowgirl for a long slow fuck. Soon she was cumming and I continued to fuck her long after she was coming down from that (which makes her antsy).

Then when I was about to blow, I told her I wanted her tongue right there. Normally, she won't take my load in her mouth or tongue, but will flick my cock tip as I shoot. Which she did. It was hot and intense.

Then we went out for lunch.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mmmmm, tight

Of course we evolved into her wanting me to rub my stiff cock against her ass, so naturally we moved into spoon position after plenty of my rubbing her pussy with her assistance. I love it when her hands control mine and she gyrates her hips to the motion.

After a bit of to spoon grinding, however I had her pink lace panties tugged down and was really pressing up against her asshole as she pressed back. She asked if we should lube up down there so we could really slip around. Another turn on is watching her lube up her ass.

Before long she pulled a cheek aside and my rock hard cock was easing into her ass. I could tell she was really into it as she was reaching back to pull me tighter and at the same time massaging her pussy. Eventually, I was all the way in and very excited. It wasn't very long until she was squeezing cum out of me up into her ass.

The excitement of that apparently had her cumming in no time.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Full Regalia

I was awoken from a slumber on my favorite couch by 36C dressed in a black negligee clipped to tan thigh highs. Needless to say, I woke quickly.

She favors this particular negligee but I don't care for it because it has flesh covered "cups" that are see through although the rest of the outfit is black. Seems odd and looks odd.

Didn't stop me from quickly getting the biggest of boners though. Under that she has on a black lace thong.

Since I don't like the top part (which I haven't told her) I quickly had it tugged down to expose the natural tits and spent a good time licking and sucking them as I played with her pussy through her panties. Soon she has my underwear down and seemingly couldn't get enough of my ridiculously hard cock, which really had her going so that she slinked up toe rub her clit on it. Then she came up for some oral which I gladly indulged her in even though her panties were in the way.

Soon enough she spun around in a 69 and deep throated my cock as I serviced her pussy from behind. She was quite wet and I also enjoyed the proximity to her ass. At one point she grabbed my hand and had me grab my own shaft so show me how much saliva was running down. I didn't think I could get harder, but I did.

After a time, I tugged her panties down and licked her cunt with her on her back. I slipped up to give her 10 or so pumps with my cock then went back down to eat her out. I did this time and again. One reason is she loves it. The other is that I didn't want to cum too fast and her wet pussy just felt so good.

We got into spoon so I could grind her ass crack with my stiffness. Anal wasn't on my mind. I wanted more pussy but it felt good when she went onto her belly and I dry humped her ass as she dirty talked me.

Shortly after she climbed on my stiff cock and controlled the pace. Then I would fuck her hard and fast for a bit, which she loves. Then she would control the pace and we'd repeat. My cock could take no more of that great feeling of her pussy so I asked where she wanted my load. She said she didn't care but wanted to see it. I fucked her hard and fast for a good 3 minutes before pushing her off me.

She immediately went onto her belly with her hands on her clit as she watched me pump a sizable load out which in turn had her cumming strongly.