Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Apparently she knew I was way overdue and I was hoping she was done with her period but doubted it. I was right. Plus, her titties were sensitive so she didn't want me really sucking on them. She did, however, give me a half way decent blowjob and I mulched her increasisingly hairy pussy a bit before she showed it to me as she talked about her big titties to which I jacked out a load.

Monday, February 20, 2012

After a pretty nice, wet blowjob, I had my cock pushing her white silky panties deep into her asscrack. There were a few occasions I thought I was up her ass, but wasn't. Soon she tugged them down mid thigh and I did her in the spoon position, holding her tight so I could thrust deeply. But I wanted her on me, so I could watch her O-face and suck those big 38C's. She mounted me and rode me pretty good, telling me she was getting shivers from excitement. My cumshot after she dismounted covered my shirt, almost hitting my face. Then, my mouth on her tits and her toy on her clit got her off.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I envisioned merely bending her over the bed and fucking her hard with her panties down just a bit. The reality was pretty close. She quickly sucked me and I fucked her hard, bent over, in the middle of the room with her striped string bikini panties tugged down mid-thigh. My cum ended up deep in her cunt.

Monday, February 13, 2012

After dinner I came in the room to see her struggling with her new garter belt. Her frustration kinda kills my mood so I told her to just go with the black thigh highs and her red panties with matching camisole. Once we got going, however, she was rather into it. She spent a nice long time on my cock with her mouth and rubbed me up against her pantied ass too. I went down on her for a bit before sticking her newly hairy cunt and pumping a bit until I accidentally oozed into her. I even toyed with the idea of not telling her and going down on her again, but didn't. It seems hot to do it, but the practicality of it seems less so. I pumped a bit more before pulling out and blowing all over her fur-patch and camisole. Then her toy and my mouth on her neck got her off.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My back was killing me but it didn't curtail my horniness. It just meant she would have to do a lot of the work. And work she did. She worked my rock hard cock with her mouth and she worked her pussy down onto my mouth and face. We 69'd a bit, I sucked her tits, and she wrapped my cock in her panties and stroked and sucked it that way. Then, with the panties still on my cock, she rode me hard until she came. Then she got nice and close as I stroked out my load and I almost hit her face.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When she invited me up to "snuggle" I thought at best I would get a little blow job, since she's still on her period. What I got was a lady who was HORNY! She couldn't get enough of my firm mouth/teeth on her tits, kissed passionately and mulched heartily to my strategically placed hand on her pussy. When she vigorously ground her ass up against me I thought there was hope for some anal so I asked if I could slip around down there (code for lube) she said yes and before I knew it I was in her ass and she was dirty talking me. I pulled out toward the end and stroked it up against her tight pucker before completely covering it in hot jizz wherein soon after her vibe on her clit and my mouth on her tits (almost like I couldn't be rough enough on them for her) had her cumming to a strong orgasm.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

After the "girlie" issues resolved themself, she had to go on her period! Dammit. And I found out after a nice date night out. She did let me snap a few sexy pictures though and gave me a nice, enthusiastic blow job while wearing a bra, pantyhose and tummy-tucker panties under. I blew it all over my belly.