Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Her hand cupped my bulge in my tight boxer briefs and woke me from my slumber.

Apparently, studying late got her a bit horny which is always fine by me.

I was hard rather quick and she enjoyed a quick suckling of my cock before sliding up me and stuffing her tits in my face as she ground her cunt on my stiffness. She was cumming in no time and rather than let her settle down I tugged her panties aside and penetrated her. It took a while but soon I was pulling out of her and shooting my load onto my belly and down my shaft.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm not sure she was into it, but I wanted to try something different.

36C was studying on the couch while I was watching TV downstairs and feeling horny. I thought maybe she's enjoy watching me get off.

So, without word, I went upstairs, dropped trou and started jacking it. She said I was insatiable which was somewhat of a turn-off, although I'm not sure why.

She seemed as much curious as anything but didn't do or offer anything to help right away, which was okay by me.

Slowly, my cock grew in my hand. I was, however, having trouble concentrating. As I got harder though, she asked if I wanted to see her boobs. I did and it helped. Before long my cock-head was glistening with precum and soon enough I was gyrating my hips as I shot a load onto the hardwood floors.

It was okay by me as I knew it was somewhat of a risk and since she had a lukewarm response I doubt I'll try it again, but it was worth a shot.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I called her in from her reading in the sun on the patio.

Sonny had gone to a friends house so I was hoping she'd be up for some fun. She was.

She went and washed up and showed in the bedroom wearing a red velour spaghetti strap nightie with blue lace boy short panties underneath.

Quickly I commenced to kissing her neck. Moving my way down to her nipple as the strap fell of her shoulder. I spent a good long time teasing it and flicking it and sucking it. Until I noticed her hand was in her lap, massaging her own pussy.

She moved her legs, tugged her panties aside and gave me a good show of playing with herself. That evolved into a long session of me eating her out. I really liked her grabbing my head and pulling it into her crotch.

Soon that changed into a 69 with her on top.

Is it weird that I don't care for 69? I love eating her out, but the angle of her sucking me is awkward. I've never said anything to her about it, but I usually shift positions so she can't suck me in that position.

She climbed off and gave me some good wet sucking and the non-awkward position felt fantastic. It was especially hot when her stroked me fast and furiously using her spit. I'm very into that lately.

I'm also into having my cock inside her panties while she's in them. Anyone reading here knows I love panties as does 36C and she seems into seeing my bulge inside as she rubs my shaft against her clit. Which we did until she came really hard.

After she calmed down, I slipped into her soaking wet cunt and pumped away until I felt my own 3 days worth of cum about to spew. She wanted to see, so I pulled out and jacked a spurt up to my mid chest while the rest shot onto my belly and eventually merely drizzled down my cock and hand.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My hand went to her lap as I carefully steered the car down the rather deserted highway. Her response seemed indifferent.

However, I noticed some ruffling to my right in the dark and, as I suspected, she had removed her bra.

Shortly, my hand went to her breasts, but I don't think she was sufficiently warmed up enough for it to feel really good, so I let it fall back into her lap.

As the fingers walked to her "sweet" spot I sensed her moving her hips and could tell that it was feeling better and better.

With the cruise control set at 72 on the 3-lane reasonably empty highway I eventually made my way inside her pants where I proceeded to fiddle her clit through her panties enough to make them quite wet. This definitely felt good to her as she lifted her shirt and was massaging her breasts and moaning the whole time.

We passed a few truckers but she was careful to cover up although a flash of her tits to some poor overnight trucker would have turned me on.

As I continued my massage of her pussy with a quick break for her to thrust her tits in my face for some sucking she proceeded to gently massage my stiff cock through my jeans.

After 40 minutes or so of this action we arrived home. Once inside she kissed me very passionately as she tugged my pants down and took my cock into her mouth. Next she pushed me down on the bed and climbed on and straddled my face wearing only her plum colored soaking wet bikini panties and her heels. I ate her vigorously but stopped her from sucking me too much. I didn't want to cum.

Later, she flipped off me and I ate her out as she lay on her back, legs spread. I slid up her after a time and stuffed my cock into her panties, above her clit and ground on her until she had an extremely hard orgasm as I told her I might shoot my load into her panties and onto her fur patch. Apparently, my dirty talk set her off.

After settling down she went back to sucking me until climbing up on me cowgirl style and giving me a good fuck as I sucked more on her nice titties.

The whole time she was telling me how hot my dirty talk was and the word "cum" was really setting her off. I asked if she still wanted me to cum in her panties and she said yes so she dismounted me and we tugged her panties off her thigh and wrapped my cock in them where I promptly deposited a rather heavy load that oozed through the material and down my shaft. and the sexy nylon fabric.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I called her in from the patio where she was soaking up some sun in jean shorts and a low cut blouse.

Sonny played in the neighbor's yard so we crept up to the bedroom and locked the door. Some passionate kissing led to a bulge in my pants which led her to turning around for some neck kisses and grinding.

Hastily she whipped off her shirt to reveal her sort of too small light purple bra which I groped before she went down on me for some nice sucking.

I worried I'd blow my load so I pulled her up and gently pushed her face down on the bed as I ground into her ass and pussy with my stiffness.

Next I flipped her over for more of the same before tugging her shorts and tan bikini briefs off as I eagerly dove into her wet cunt and ate her out. She was squirming like crazy and really went off when I double fingered her as I ate her clit. I took my time until she was so hot to trot that she wanted me inside her.

She stood, turned and bent over and I fucked her really hard from behind while making sure I held her hips hard like she likes. Then I pulled out to shoot an extremely thick load down my shaft and knuckles as she finalized her cumming using her fingers on herself as I kissed and licked her ass.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I walked in the room just as she was changing into her comfortable sleeping clothes. I glimpsed her tan, lace panties and wanted a peek at her tiny fur patch, which is growing long. I gave it a quick kiss as I did her nipples when she exposed them.

When she finished (not sure why I waited until she did) I ground up against her nice ass and she ground back. It wasn't long before I had those stretch pants and panties down to her knees as my cock grew and poked her ass and pussy lips.

Soon enough I was driving it into her and grabbing her hips hard just like she likes. She reached between her legs and fiddled with my balls and remarked how good my thrusting felt. I had to pull out to cum and it was a hard cum with more than a few thick spurts which I attempted to catch.

She delighted in seeing this and immediately went into her patented face-down-clit-mulch position and had an incredibly intense and long orgasm of her own as I rubbed her ass.

Total time for our quickie: about 9 minutes.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

We had attempting to have some "alone" time on Thursday night but 36C wasn't feeling well.

Saturday morning came and I was up bright and early and so was she. She already had Sonny playing on the PC and came back to the bedroom and locked the door.

Since I knew she was on her period, I sensed a nice BJ to help get me off.

Wasn't long before she was doing just that. I asked her to take off the PJ pants so that I could see her black string bikini Victoria Pantied ass sticking up. Deep soft sucking and some nice twisty hand action, with a titty suck and ass grab intermission, had me ready to blow in now time.

She slipped me out of her mouth and I came thick gobs first onto my own belly then down her cock clenched fists. Her timing and rhythmic motion was near perfect.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The lacy top she bought at Kohl's matched the panties she was wearing under the tight jeans which also matched her bra that she complained about spilling out of.

The panties were "cheeky" and red with a hint of horizontal striping and I enjoyed teasing her when she came to bed. Long drawn out kisses. My tongue close to her nipple but not quite touching it, or if it did touch it, just for a quick flick. All while keeping her mostly covered. My wandering hands perhaps brushing between her legs but mostly toying around the "good" parts.

At some point the teasing built up too much and she roughly straddled me and ground herself down onto my stiff shaft. She was quick and forceful and it was damn sexy. From that position I could tease her titties even more.

She went down for some quick and hard and wet sucking which I had to stop one point because I thought I'd shoot a load.

Then she hiked up me and made me eat her pussy through her panties as she straddled my face. She was very wet and sweet and I enjoyed myself.

Before long my little cowpoke had slipped me in and was fucking me cowgirl style even though we both still had on underwear.

She flipped off, tired. I went down on her for a good long time in a semi-69 and let her play with my cock and balls, with a hint of gently assplay. I did this for a good long time, but I wasn't teasing anymore. I was fingering her and tongue-fucking her hard.

Of course, she also wanted her usual ass massage and I was happy to oblige when she turned to allow spoon position. She spread her cheeks and guided my stiff cock to her asshole and toyed around the edges with some firm pressure but without penetration until she had me fuck her in the spoon position.

Before long, I announced my cum and she said she wanted to feel it and see it. I pulled out and back and within four or five strokes was blowing a huge load first onto my chest, then my belly and finally into her hand which she rubbed all into me as she played with her pussy.

Next, per usual, she flipped onto her belly and asked for a back scratch as she came herself.

After about 45 minutes of pillow talk we were drifting off to sleep.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I told her I was going to spend some serious quality time eating her out.

She had sexy, lacy edged cream colored boyshorts on in bed. I tugged her tank up and sucked her nipples before she went down and gobbled up my cock.

But a plan was a plan.

I climbed off the bed and pulled her towards me and dove in. I flicked her with my tongue. I probed her with my tongue and fingers. I got her soaking wet and played with her ass just a bit.

Then I slid up and spanked her clit with my cock. It slipped in a few times even.

Then I went back to eating her out. Then back to spanking/fucking before I felt a swell in my balls. I pulled out and pumped a huge, but really thick load right onto her tiny fur patch.

She cleaned it up quickly and we both rubbed her to her own orgasm.