Tuesday, October 28, 2008

She may have wanted more of that cum she had when she rubbed her bald pussy into me as I drove deeply into her cowgirl pose. She was a little stubbly and I was freshly shaved and we weren't able to achieve the same feeling so we settled on some hard and fast, progressed into some standing doggy-style and I eventually blew my load all over her back and rubbed it in (something we had been talking about from a recent dream she had).

Sunday, October 26, 2008

After another hot text session, wherein she mentioned "after my nap, I'm going to take a shower, shave my pussy and fuck your face with it" we ended up in a VERY hot session.

She surprised me a bit, because she was in rather boring PJs when I got to bed, but underneath was the tiniest red satin thong and her pussy was as smooth as the material.

Passionate kissing and titty sucking all the while rubbing her pussy through her sexy panties had us BOTH raring to go. After getting her good and hot with some aggressive cunt licking and fingering she said she wanted my cock bad. When she got a hold of it, it could not have been harder and her sexy and sloppy sucking had me doing all I could not to pop in her mouth.

She even climbed up for a quick insertion so she could "taste" herself on it. She does that to get me hot, because I don't think she's really into it. But it works.

Some more sucking and pussy eating along with a hint of finger anal play (both ways) gave way to some great cowgirl that had her grinding fiercely on me until she shuddered in orgasm. I let her calm down for about 20 seconds before pumping away until I pulled out and shot all over my belly and chest.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I woke up to find her locking the door dressed in sexy sheer white lace panties and matching top. I didn't even need a view of that to be stiff, since that's how I awoke.

Intimate kissing led to some nice crotch rubbing. She slid down me to spend a good length of time servicing my incredibly hard and recently shaved cock. At times, she'd surface so I could work on her very sensitive nipples as I fingered her recently shaved pussy. At one point I was jacking off with her nipple by squeezing it against my cock shaft and rubbing back and forth.

Then it was time for some good oral on her pussy and I took my sweet time down there as she held my head firmly to avoid any chance of escape. Her wetness was incredible.

After perhaps 45 minutes of this foreplay, we got down and dirty with some shaved on shaved fucking. I was so hard and penetrating so deep I could see her wince in pain/ecstasy until I eventually pumped a full load deep inside her.

Just in time. She got her period a few hours later. PHEW!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I walked in the bathroom as she was putting on her makeup but already dressed. It didn't matter to me, I poked her clothed ass with my morning wood anyway and she ground back against it. I asked for some kisses on it and she sloppily complied as we traded who stroked. I was getting close and time was an issue, so I asked to see her pussy. She promptly unbuttoned, lowered her tan lace panties and showed me her bald pussy. A few more strokes and I was shooting a load into my hand.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

She woke me up on the couch by not so gently rubbing my cock through my jeans.

In bed, rubbing turned to sucking and when my hand dove down into her plum-colored lacy "cheeky" panties I was surprised to find she had shaved it down again. Nice!

She mounted me and rubbed against my uninserted shaft until close to cumming, then put my cock inside her panties to rub skin on skin and did cum.

It was a matter of moments until I was inside her soaking wet pussy fucking fast and hard as I fingered her ass gently and she talked dirty into my ear. I pulled out to shoot two good distance loads and a few more dribbles all over my belly and shaft.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I worked late and was surprised to find she was still sleeping beside me when I awoke at 10:30. She had on a sexy red pajama suit and I liked spooning up against her (Sonny was downstairs watching TV) and pushing my semi-hardness into her and feeling up her pantylines as I tried to guess which ones she had on (brown bikini).

She awoke and after quick trips to the bathroom (pee and teeth brushing) we came back to a nice, aggressive blowjob and I went down on her for some rather brief oral followed by some titty sucking before we yanked her PJ pants and panties down for another missionary session which resulted in another creamy load in her stubbly pussy.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The texting was actually a bit hotter than the session that followed. Sonny stayed up so late that I think it cramped into our time, but she started off with a nice blowjob when I finally got to bed. I was rock hard and she was ready to go when I finally plunged into her wet, stubbly (she's letting it grow back in) cunt. Some vigorous pumping soon resulted in a nice internal cumshot. She proceeded to finish her cum with the help of her bullet.

Texting Fun!

36C is home today studying for an exam. I am at work. She text me.....

She: God damn I am so horny for you! :)
Me: No shit????? Sweet!
She: All I can think about is sexy kissing and squeezing your ass with both hands while sucking your hard cock. I can hear your moans. Mmmmm :)
Me: Waoh! And boiiiiiiiinnnggg!
She: Mmmmm I want to taste that boiiiiing. My clit has been tingling all day. Think you could take care of that for me tonight? :)
Me: Absolutely! :) - Was thinking about today's pretty lingerie not long before you text me (she had a cute ensemble on this moring)
She: By the way, the twins (her boobs) really miss you. They were hoping your were in the mood to play etch-a-sketch tonight. How about it? You in the mood?
Me: Always in a mood - but you have really charged it up now :)
She: Well you did ask me to charge your batteries (play on a text I sent asking her to put some batteries in the charger). It just so happens mine were already charged. Rrrraaoww!
Me: Heh, heh - then I will start with some deep kissing....
Me: before moving down between your breasts - tugging your bra aside for my tongue's access.....
Me: Eventually moving even lower to pull your panties aside and lick and fuck you with a stiff tongue.
She: Nice. :) On my neck, shoulders and back too?
Me: Of course! and gently pushing against you so you could feel my excitement - like it is now
She: Wow! I didn't think I could get any more Horny than I already was. I look forward to everything your tongue has to offer. I have to warn you though, I think my pussy is explosive at this point.
Me: I will create an explosion of my own after helping you to yours :)
She: Inside me? Please? I want to feel your body quiver and hear your deep quiet groans as you shoot gobs of hot cum into my pussy. Please?
Me: Yes! Deep in your pretty, shaved pussy.
She: Very deep! I want my legs spread over your shoulder as you thrust deep into me, slapping me with your balls and watchign my tits bounce with each thrust. That's what I really want, Babe. Please fuck me like that.
Me: Oly to collapse onto you as I cum hard - spurt after spurt -before falling limp on top of you , exhausted
She: That sounds hot Babe. I can't wait. The twins and puss send their love. :). wow am I worked up now, lol.
Me: Touching yourself?
She: Only with the phoe when your texts come in :) I want this feeling all saved up for when I fricken attack your body tonight.
Me: So I shouldn't let my hand "brush" my lap then either? :)
She: No! I'll take damn good care of your lap tonight. By the way, did I tell you I'm horny? Or how badly I want to suck your cock as I stroke it and listen to how wet my mouth has made you.
Me: Um. Yeah....I heard, LOL
She: Then I'll give it to you.
She: But of course. Do you want to be standing, sitting, kneeling or laying on your back or a combination of each?
Me: Start by standing. We'll go from there.
She: You want me to undo your pants while giving you deep sexy kisses (sucking), then go down on my knees and look up at you while you guide my head with both hands?
Me: Oh yeah I want that.
She: I love looking up at your face when I have your cock or your balls in my mouth. Especially when you smile at me.
Me: Can I look down your back at y our sexy pantied ass as you do?
She: Oh yeah!
Me: Mmmmmm
Me: As a hint of cum oozes out and you watch as my balls tuck up as your fingernails grip my ass.
She: Ooh. Nice.
She: Okay. No more dirty talk, I'm at Sonny's school.
Me: Ok :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gambling and drinking led to another nice fuck session in our hotel room. First she changed into a new nightie with matching thigh highs, then she took charge.

Wet slopping sucking led to her forcing her shaved cunt into my face and me going at her titties pretty hard. She talked ultra dirty and rode me rather violently. At one point, she said she said, "fuck my wet cunt so I can taste my pussy on your hard cock".

I can't even remember all the details but I remember vividly another strong cum but this time inside her as she did the same almost simultaneously.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Our trip to Vegas resulted in some drinking and tons of flirting. She looked so cute in that summer dress. After coming back to change for dinner we had some nice dry sex including titty licking and much crotch grinding and even a few explicit photos.

We changed and went out for more drinks and gambling and she looked so hot in her moderately short dress.

When we came back a bit after midnight (seemed later, we're still on east coast time) we wore the suite out. Leaving the windows open and the lights dimmed we used the entire bed, both rooms and the hottub. Sucking, licking, assplay, panty wearing -- you name it, we did -- it was nasty, it was intense and it was HOT!

Eventually, I had her pressed up against our open window as I fucked away from behind before pulling out and shooting my load straight up wherein it landed on her back and ass. She quickly went down on the bed and mulched her pussy as I spread my cum around her ass and back in a gently "lubed" massage.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

While spooning, she was pressing her ass up very hard against my crotch. Which in turn, made me very hard.

I continued to kiss her neck and lobes and got her really charged up so that she tugged her panties down and was literally gripping my cock tip with her ass. After quite a bit of this, she asked if I wanted to "slip around down there". That is sort of code for some anal. Sounded good to me.

After lubing up her ass and watching her play with it, it wasn't long before I was easing into it. She seemed to want it really badly but I was careful to take it easy.

She clenched and pulled me in deep until after a while I couldn't take it any longer and I shot my load wherein she kept clenching and massaged herself to her own big O.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's been so long since I've been inside her wet, warm cunt. As she kissed me goodbye I mentioned having sex tonight. She said "We could do that".

I did that!

After some stroking and sucking, I mounted her and pried into her moist wet pussy and spent the better part of 20 minutes alternating between pumping it, grinding it and eating it. Eventually, I moved her into doggy position so I could finish. She requested I do so all over her ass, so I did as I was told.

She stayed in that position and mulched herself into a fine orgasm of her own.