Sunday, September 27, 2009

I had asked her to wear something sexy around the household for the day. She chose a cute denim skirt with soft top and red thong panties underneath with matching bra.

At bedtime she slinked up next to me and I massaged her very sensitive boobs and reached up under her skirt as my growing cock rubbed her thighs. She tugged at the bra cups so I could lick her big nipples as I massaged between her legs to her thrusting hips.

We semi-spooned as she forced her ass against my stiffness and it seemed, briefly, as if she might want it in the ass. Eventually, however she sucked me a bit before climbing on top and fucking me until she came nice and hard.

I increased my pumping before pulling out and cumming all over her ass-crack and asshole.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

She was dressed in wicked boring PJs and I was pretty tired, but still hoping to get a little. I didn't waste any time after some nice kissing on going down on her senstive breasts and playing with her pussy through her pink cotton bikini panties with the lace wasteband. I ate her out for a bit then smacked her clit with my hard cock which she really liked. Soon, though, I plunged in deep and it wasn't long before I shot my load all over her tiny fur patch and pussy lips. She rolled over and immediatly came after a nice sensual backrub from me.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fresh out of the shower and ready for work, I approached her at the PC and asked for a BJ. She complied and pulled me out of her mouth in the nick of time before I blew all down her knuckles and she did a good job of stroking the rest out of me.

Friday, September 18, 2009

It got pretty hot and heavy on the couch. We failed to keep the blankets over us in case anyone was peering in our back window. It was hot when she alternated between kissing me and sucking my cock. Eventually, we went into cowgirl position and I took care of her nice titties while fucking her good and playing with her ass.

I pulled out and came on my belly as she rubbed herself to a nice climax.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Since Sonny had fallen asleep in the back seat and we had hours to go on our journey, I asked 38C if she wanted a bit of special rubbing attention. She did.

Took a while to get her warmed up as I massaged her crotch but it wasn't terribly long before her hips were gyrating. Of course we had to back off every time a taller vehicle passed by. At one point she had her shirt tugged down and her pretty pink bra was clearly visible and she asked me to tweak her nipples while she continued to massage her pussy through her pants.

She didn't even re-adjust the shirt when cars went by. Then, she completely took off the bra and her tits were there for my hands. She turned and covered as cars passed by, but my attention on her hard nipples and her expert work on her own pussy had her cumming soon enough.

Then she massaged me for a bit before I pulled it out and started jacking. She turned so I had a clear view of her tits and I touched her moist pussy at one point before I eventually came myself. Most of it spilling down my shaft onto my pubes (what little there are) and my underwear.

It seemed only minutes that Sonny was poking his head out from under his hoodie. The timing could not have been more perfect.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I woke from my couch nap to see her standing at the top of the stairs in a pretty little black nightie. When I chased up after her, I realized she had thigh highs on too.


After washing up, etc. I went straight into some great passionate kisses with breast and ass groping as well. We dirty-talked about how we were going to do it this evening and how I was going to cum a big load deep in her cunt. That drove her wild.

After some nice dry humping I went to town between her legs. And I took a good long time using my tongue as a flat paddle across her wet clit and newly trimmed tight trim. Soon she moved to suck me but since it had been so long since I came, I didn't that too much for fear of shooting too early, so I had her climb up and fuck my face. Which she did expertly and aggressively, just as I like it. Then she slid down and put me in her and pumped away on top for a while while I played with those big tits.

When she tired of that, I flipped her and mounted her missionary style until I could take no more and came deep in her pussy. Then she lay back and massaged her clit as I etch-a-sketched her tits until she came as well. And SHE had to deal with the wet spot.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Since she's been soooooo good to me sexually, lately, I promised her a nice relaxing hot oil massage. I suck at it but I wanted to at least try. I warmed the oil and prepared the bed with a protective towel. She walked in in a slinky nightie which stayed on only briefly.

With her face down, I went to work. Only occasionally glancing my hand near a "bit". After 15 minutes or so, she said to disrobe and straddle her thighs so I could massage her ass. Apparently, it turned her on to feel my cock dangling on her leg as I did. That, in turn, made me hard.

I slid up and let my cock brush her pussy lips. She pushed back a bit and before I knew it, I had entered her without any "hand" assistance. This made her really worked up and me as well.

When I thought I might blow, I pulled out to prolong the event. But too late: I felt my cock convulse and shot two dabs on her thigh. I wasn't sure how much I came so I continued to try to fuck her only to see the little guy go softer and softer.

Naturally, she turned put her hands between her legs and masturbated to orgasm as I stroked to pretty good hardness again. After she came she sucked my balls as I stroked more until I came again.