Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It was late. I was tired. She sucked and sucked but I only maintained about 60% wood. That is, until I went down on her wet pussy. After spending some considerable time eating her out, I was rock hard and she kept pulling me up to suck me. At one point, I pulled out of her mouth and felt myself dripping just a bit more than precum. I was fighting off a cum, but dropping heavy amounts. So she climbed onboard cowgirl style and I deposited it where it was supposed to go. Deep inside her.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I was packing up some stuff to head out the door to do some holiday/grocery shopping and gave 36C a kiss and hug goodbye. But then it struck me: SEX! I asked if she was up for a quickie and she was. We closed and locked the front door and she knelt and sucked me right there, in our foyer.

Soon, she spun, tugged her sweats and panties down and spread for me to enter her from behind requesting only that I hold her hips while I pumped her. I did and once again it wasn't long before I pulled out and shot my load all over her ass. She quickly retreated to the bedroom with me in tow so she could get off as well stating that she had to lie down for that.

The lines shopping didn't seem nearly as bad. And I noticed, in one particular line, a wet spot at the base of my sweatshirt. Cum? Yeah, probably.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I wanted to sleep badly since I had worked all night but was so damn horny it was actually getting in the way. I normally would have just rubbed one out but wanted a bit of help from 36C. She said she would as soon as she could and once she was able to get Sonny pre-occupied she came into the room, stripped down to her panties and began a terrific blowjob.

I couldn't hold out for long at all and thought I began pumping some into her mouth and was surprised when she didn't pull away. She finally did and it was obvious I hadn't started spurting yet, just feeling contractions. Once I did spurt we marveled at the distance (neck high) and volume (everywhere).

Then I took a nice long happy nap.

Monday, November 17, 2008

She was practically asleep and nearly unresponsive when I asked if she wanted to fool around. Once I sensed she was coming around to the idea, I immediately tugged her PJ pants and panties down and spent significant time orally stimulating her clit. She emoted between giggling and ecstacy.

After some brief sucking of me, we moved into spoon position where I tested to see if she was up for some anal. After poking and proding around her ass, it appeared she wasn't, so I fucked her nice and easy in that position until I came inside her once again.

Just in time, she has signs of her period starting.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dressed in her red, sort of boring pjs, she began massaging my already hard cock, which led to sucking it for a bit, which led to me sucking her tits (after opening her shirt) until which time she climbed aboard the Cum Express and I did just that: pumped a substantial load deep inside her newly stubby pussy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I came back from Sonny's bus stop to find 38C dressed in a tiny black nightie and even tinier string matching thong. She climbed up on me on the couch and ground down onto me as we kissed and I sucked her titties. Time was of the essence so before long she had my stiffness in her mouth and was sloppily sucking and stroking it until I eventually shot my load all over her hand, my shaft, balls and belly.

After some cleanup, I zipped up and headed to work with a smile.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

She shut the bedroom door dressed in a sexy, strappy black nightie with her white cotton bikini panties underneath.

Nearly immediately, which isn't normal for me, I had her panties off and was spending some sweet time licking between her legs. Her shave is growing back in, so it was a bit stubbly and I teased her about that, but still enjoyed myself.

At one point she asked if I was humping the bed. I tend to when I eat her out and she LOVES it. I proceeded to peel her panties off the rest of the way and humped them as I continued my enjoyable task.

After quite some time, she said she wanted to suck me and did so, enthusiastically and wetly while leaving the panties wrapped around my shaft. I find that extremely erotic.

Eventually, she climbed aboard for some cowgirl and after some nice slow grinding I quickened the pace until shooting my load deep inside her. She clinched and clinched before eventually climbing off and rubbing herself to two nice orgasms.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

While snuggling and watching football I slid her hand down to my rock hard cock. I don't think she was necessarily in the "mood" but she promptly went down for some enthusiastic sucking before removing her black pucker-butt panties and mounting me. I think she wanted to cum with me deep inside her again but when it seemed her mood was different I suggested she put the bullet on her clit as she rode. That seemed to do the trick and soon after she calmed down I began to pump vigorously before pulling out and shooting my load directly onto and perhaps slightly into her ass.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

While dressed as the St. Paulie Girl I loved how the skirt part barely covered her frilly panties. Time was an issue so after some quick wet sucking I tugged her panties down to mid thigh and entered her spoon-style as I unzipped the back of her outfit exposing her bra. I firmly held it, or her shoulders as we pumped in rythym with each other until I shot deep up inside her and she followed with some manipulation to get herself to cum strongly.