Monday, August 31, 2009

After washing up I entered to room to find her in her in her new lacey panties and matching top and massaging her clit with her vibrator.

Earlier, she had text me telling me how horny she was and damn was she ever. I proceeded to lick her tits and rub my stiffness up against her.

Her white lacy full cut panties stayed on for a while because I enjoyed them so, but eventually she took them off and mounted my face. I jokingly mentioned some double penetration and she seemed very up for it so after she sucked me she put her vibe in her ass and I stroked as I watched that hot show.

Soon she wanted me in her and when I put my cock up her wet cunt the feeling of the vibrations from her ass set me off pretty quickly. I shot a thick load, no doubt, deep inside her and she finished herself off as I licked her nipples.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

We were to meet her sister for dinner. During the day, I text her asking if she wanted me to bring her vibrator along and she was very surprised when I did.

My original thought was she could have it "in place" during dinner but I realized that wasn't feasible. However, we chatted in the parking lot after and I handed it to her. She immediately put it in her panties and sat in her car (we drove separately). It was humming when I got in my car for the 20 minute drive home. My cock was growing.

She called me after a few minutes to tell she was shifting around in her seat but enjoying it.

She called me again about 5 minutes from the house and I could clearly hear her labored breath. She told me that when we got in the house she wanted to bend over the stairs to our bedroom and for me rip down her pants and black thong panties and fuck her from behind.

When we got in the house I wasn't really ready so I ate her out on the stairs for a bit while she fucked herself with the vibrator. We adjourned to the bedroom for some comfort and my attention to her pussy and tits, along with the vibrator's help had her cumming quickly.

Then I told her to get back on the stairs and that I was going to fuck her good. Which I did. Near my climax I told her I wanted to cum all over her asshole so she spread her cheeks nicely and I creamed it pretty good.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

She wore a pretty, pink sheer shirt with a bra underneath in which the nipples were cut out. We planned to go out to dinner but she was not confident enough to remove her light jacket. It was still hot knowing she was doing it though and I could feel up her thong pantylines through her thinly materialed skirt. I was commando in light colored linen pants. She promised to get me hard and embarrass me in the restaurant but, honestly, our privacy wouldn't allow.

When we got home, after a couple drinks, passion was high.

Deep, wet kissing started it all. I quickly grew stiff in my pants as I felt up her protruding nippled through her shirt. She told me how horny that bra makes her. I quickly went into groping under her skirt too finding her lace thong and smooth bikini edges.

Some grinding led to her tugging my pants down for some hot cock sucking which progressed into a nice 69. Damn if I don't love my face buried in her wet pussy and ass. I even fingered her ass a bit and she was loving it.

Dry humping followed with her wet cunt clutching my hard shaft. Describing that to her led her to an intense orgasm. I didn't even let her spasms stop before burying my cock deep in her cunt and pumping away until I popped out and blew a thick load all over my chest and belly.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sonny is off to grandmas for the week before going back to school. We very moderately fooled around driving home and once there, 38C stripped to white panties and no bra under her loose fitting top. She was really amped up and didn't take but a second to stuff those tits in my face and grind her crotch against my stiffness. I don't normally jerk off on vacation and we had limited sex so I was on the fringe of blowing my load already. Then she sucked me really good and got me all wet before I had to stop her again!

When I couldn't take it any longer, I mounted her and fucked her by pulling those panties aside before cumming inside her. She rubbed herself to her own orgasm very quickly afterwards.

Friday, August 21, 2009

We went to a concert together and details are sketchy but I remember the vibrator being inside her panties and her very hard cum as I toyed with her nipples before jacking off my load onto her belly. She's still on her period so penetration wasn't an option.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Her period put a crimp in the "sexiness" factor of our vacation, but she did give me a nice little blowjob while sitting on the tub as Sonny got dressed for the day outside the locked bathroom door. I accidentally came a bit in her mouth before the rest totally covered her knuckles and ran down her wrist.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vacation started which can be problematic for sex sessions when Sonny is in the bed next to us. But I did manage a bit of groping and some spooning fucking until cummin deep inside her.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We went shopping for new clothes for 38C since we are leaving on vacation next week. Among some of the purchases was new lingerie. After a late dinner we came home and she put on her tummy tucker thong (I know! Right!) and a cute halter top and suggested we put in a Better Sex VHS tape we had.

I forgot we even had it! Me, the horndog of all horndogs.

Anyway, we put her medium sized yellow vibe down her panties and a tiny one in her bra while I gently massaged her other nipple as the movie went. 15 minutes in I completely forgot it was on and was playing with her pussy with the vibe and my tongue. She was SOAKED.

Soon enough we had the vibe buried in her and I was dry humping as if I was fucking her since my thrusts were pushing the vibe in further. And I was precumming all over my shorts!

Eventually, I went back to eating her out and playing with her pussy with the vibe. At one point I was toying her asshole with it and she blew me away. "Get the tip wet with my pussy and push it a little in my ass". Holy shit, that got me hot. I did as she asked and it wasnt' long before she was pushing it almost all the way up her ass.

She mentioned how she bet I could feel it in her ass if I was in her pussy. So I slinked up and fucked her. I couldnt' got long and kept pausing so as not to cum, but feeling that vibe in there with me was too much. Plus, thinking about the double penetration - her first - put me over the edge and I blew my load inside her.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I was away for the weekend and got back late and exhausted. 38C was studying and I quickly fell asleep on the couch, but she woke me up for some loving.

She entered the bedroom in a white tee shirt with strategically wet nipples for the see-through effect and black bikini panties. We wasted no time in getting the nipples the proper attention they deserved and she wasted no time in getting my cock wet with her mouth.

Soon, she tugged the panties aside and slid me in her, cowgirl style, while she massaged her clit. Then the panties came off and she fucked me pretty good until I pulled out and shot on my belly with her tongue pretending to want to catch it.

A quick roll on her belly and some back rubbing, along with clit rubbing, had her cumming in no time.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We text a few times during the day about her being a "bad" cop. On my way home I bought a badge and nightstick from a toy kit and she put it on. Then I hid contraband (oregano in a baggy) in my pants.

She looked so cute in her black low cut top, badge and velour boy short panties. She walked the walk pretty good but tried her best. We both became too giggly. We fantasized to each other about a future naughty hike together and both spend lots and lots of times orally pleasuring each other. She was totally soaked and I was rock hard as she sloppily gulped me down. It was so good I had to stop her numerous times so I didn't cum.

Eventually she climbed on and fucked me good until I pulled out and blasted a HUGE load all over my belly and her yellow vibe (nightstick?) helped finish her off.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weird. I went up to interrupt the wife's homework to eat her out. Was going pretty good and noticed a mark on her leg. It was blood. Thought she must be spotting. She apologized and we got up to clean up, but it turns out I got a bloody nose somehow.

That kind of killed the moment but I stroked watching her jack off and shot a load onto her tiny bush.