Monday, June 30, 2008

Her mouth took care of my morning wood.

Dressed only in tummy tucker white lace panties, it didn't take me long at all.

It was weird though, that as I was about to cum, she pulled me out and stroked. I felt the ass-clinch of a cumshot and then another but nothing came out. Then I came a bit and it shot pretty good but there wasn't much volume. Finally as her pumps slowed I dumped another shot onto my belly, but didn't really feel it coming up.

Everything was like 2 beats behind. Felt good though.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stopped at an Adult Store on the way back from a wedding at about 1:30 a.m. 36C has been in need of a new bullet and we found one.

After getting home, she slipped into a tan camisole-type thingy with tiny white bikini panties and we immediately went into some passionate kissing and foreplay. Before long, the toy was tickling her clit as I played with her titties and sucked them. I enjoyed seeing her reach inside her panties as the bullet did its thing and she was cumming hard in no time at all.

After a time to collect herself, she practically tore my pants off and began furiously sucking my cock. I was hoping she'd make it soaking wet but that wasn't happening (perhaps she had cotton mouth from drinking). Soon enough we were in spoon position were she was pressing my stiffness hard against her pantied asshole as the toy began round two on her pussy.

I asked if I could slip around down there since her pushing back was actually getting tough on my cock. She lubed up and before long I was fucking her ass in the spoon position. It amazes me she's able to take me all in and the more we do it the more she likes it.

Every time I went balls deep I could feel her toy hitting the base of my shaft and stimulating my balls. Upon hearing this, it really, really turned her on and her act of reaching back to grab my ass to pull me deeper was all I could stand so as gently as I could, I eventually drained my entire load up her ass.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

She rubbed me. I rubbed her. We fucked! And came HARD!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Laying in bed, I asked if she wanted some. She said yes although I think she wasn't feeling great. I tugged her tight aerobic pants down revealing her sexy lavendar lace bikini panties and felt up her once-again stubbly mound. She's letting it grow back in. Oh well.

Quickly she was wet and I was grinding my cock against her thigh.

Her nipples were very sensitive from Friday night but that seemed to pass as she got more excited. Nevertheless, I only gave them very gentle licks as I got her pussy more and more wet all the while slipping my cock in her pantied legband and humping.

She went down for some noisy sucking before moving up and into spoon position and toying her asshole, through her panties, with my hard cock. I asked for some lube so I could "slip around" down there (my code for potential anal) and she said "fuck my pussy first". I don't think it was a ploy to get away from anal. She just wanted some cock first but it felt so good and I was so hard and she was so excited, I had to bury my load deep inside her.

She came soon after in her belly down position by massaging her pussy.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The heavy petting on the couch was nearly unbearable. We had plans to go out to dinner but when she came to give me a big kiss and I could vaguely make out her white thong pantylines, I just had to have a feel or two.

Well, a feel turned into more of a grope. And a grope turned into some cleavage licking. And cleavage licking turned into titty sucking. And titty sucking turned into crotch grinding. And crotch grinding turned into pussy fingering. And pussy fingering turned into quick and gentle cock sucking. And it ended. We HAD to go to dinner.

Before we went out the door, I asked if she had any old bras. "What for?" was her reply knowing I was up to no good. I thought it'd be fun if sometime she cut nipple holes in an old bra and wore it out.

She did. Right then and there and together we went out to dinner. Torpedo tits and all. Plus the white pants with the thong pantyline did nothing to hurt.

When we got home we picked up where we left off but added some pussy on face grinding. Some deep hard and furious blow-jobbing. Some serious tit sucking with the bra still on and some furious cowgirl fucking.

Then I mounted her for some missionary and pulled out hoping to stop a potential cum storm. I stopped the storm, but there was some drizzling. I stayed hard because I didn't fully cum but felt like it would be awhile before I could cum. So I concentrated extra hard on making her cum. Which I did with my mouth and hands and felt her shudder really hard, even so much that her ass was clenching.

I hovered over her, stroking. She teased me and talked dirty. Things were moving along but slowly. I grabbed her soaking wet thong and jacked with that. It helped and she dirty talked more. Then she asked if I wanted her to suck her juices and my cum off my cock.

HOT! And a bit out of her character.

We never got to that. I blew a thick intense load into her panties and onto her belly.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I dozed on the couch watching basketball and when I got to bed she was sleeping as well. I was so tired, I thought I wouldn't bother waking her but tugged the covers down to see her in a silky, lacy negligee and sheer lace panties. Without her knowing I looked at her panties to see if she had shaved completely, as I suspected she had. I couldn't tell whether she had or whether I just couldn't see the stubble.

I turned out the light and quietly turned the TV on not wanted to wake her.

She woke herself though and immediately went for my crotch. I was hard in seconds it seemed. She went down and gave me a good sucking but I was so curious about her pussy, that I interrupted her after about 10 minutes and went to work on her easily accessible nipples with my mouth as I let my hand wander south. Before I could get my hands inside, the pulled her panties out away from her body and showed me her hardwood flooring as she smiled and said the did some Father's Day grooming.


I played with her smooth clit as I continued to suckle her tits noting that she was getting wetter by the second. So, naturally, I had to go south of the boarder and take matters into my own mouth, as the case would be. I just love sucking smooth pussy. So I took my time and got her really squirming.

After I came back up I slid deep inside her and slowly pumped all my 6.5 into her as I watched her face and felt the wetness on my shaft. Alternately, I went down on her after a few pumps until I really felt the surge in my cock and I pulled out and slapped/rubbed her clit with it. She loved it and I pointed the lower part of the head at her clit and she saw my spurts come from below landing on her freshly shaved mound before she rubbed it all into herself.

She then flipped over as she asked for a back scratch and rubbed her clit to a pretty intense orgasm.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Both being exhausted from coming home late from dinner, I naturally assumed we would watch a bit of TV together and doze off.

Therefore, I was surprised when she snuggled up against me and started rubbing me "down there". Funny how that usually wakes me up. After a bit of that, I rubbed back and got her nice and wet as I sucked her nipples at the same time.

She then rolled over into spoon position and pointed my cock right at her satin pantied ass and proceeded to poke herself and stroke me at the same time as she told me how good it must feel to have the sexy panties rubbing my cock. Then she slipped me in her leg band and stroked me through the material.

I moved up and over and slipped her panties down as I entered her. She was a bit rough with my ass, grabbing it hard, scratching it and smacking it a time or two as I pumped into her until eventually I pumped a load deep inside her as she rubbed herself to a climax of her own.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

In full work clothes she snuggled up against me as I awoke from my nights sleep. Me, clad in shorts and a muscle tee, she in her summer sweater, striped dress slacks, lace pushup bra and matching panties.

The gentle stroking quickly brought a smile to my face. She said she was ready twenty minutes early. 36C has a steadfast "no sex after shower in the morning before work" rule because she hates to be "squishy" all day long. But oral is fine.

And oral I got.

I asked her to remove her shirt and I slipped her bra straps off her shoulders to get a good view and I was hard in no time as she gulped my cock and cupped my balls. After feeling up her tits for a bit, I brushed her chin in a "stand back" manor and took the final few pumps into my own hands and quickly shot a small load into my free hand.

Then she was off to work and I was off for my morning shower. With a smile on my face.

Monday, June 9, 2008

After feeling horny all day, I had to rush home from work and head off to a ballgame. However, since Sonny was outside playing in the yard, I asked 36C if she had time for a little "poke". She did.

She came into the bedroom clad only in her low cut shirt. Pantyless and pantsless was perfect considering I was squeezing five minutes in. She displayed her ass and rubbed it up against me and I felt my cock beginning to grow. However, she kept inserting normal conversation into the deal (i.e. stuff about her day) and it was throwing me off and my concentration wasn't what it should have been.

I had her lay back on the bed and she began to play with herself. I did the same and again my penis reacted to her apparent pleasure. But she went into an exam about her pussy hair growing back in. Again, not good for keeping the boner, lol. Plus I felt the pressure of time.

Eventually, I got hard again and while I wanted to fuck her I felt like I was getting close and didn't want to miss the opportunity.

With her bent over the bed clad in only a lacy see through bra, I massaged her pussy from behind with one hand as I stroked with with other until I blew a thick long load onto her back, one shot actually reaching her bra clasp on the back.

I pushed her face down onto the bed and licked and massaged her back until she came a strong one by her own hand.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

We came home from dinner and she quickly stripped out of her blue denim skirt revealing lavendar panties with lacey edges.

After climbing into bed and some foreplay kissing, she rubbed me to hardness before moving herself to spoon position. I reached around and rubbed her stubbly pussy feeling its wetness on my finger as she ground my cock into her pantied ass.

I slid her panties down and we both took turns teasing her asshole with my stiff cock as my reach-around stimulated both her pussy and her tits at times.

Sensing she wasn't going to oil up for some anal, I reached down and stroked myself more furiously as she spread her cheeks a bit then let them go so as to grip my cock-head with her ass. It wasn't long before I was plastering her asshole and butt-crack with my cum.

After a quick and necessary timeout for cleanup, she went onto her belly and mulched her pussy as I kissed her neck and rubbed her back until she came herself.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I awoke from the nap and shortly she came into the room and promptly removed her shirt, showing me the white lacy bra that barely contained her tits as she hopped on the bed clad only in sleeping pants and a tiny blue string thong.

Within moments she had my pants down and was sloppily sucking my rock hard cock as I rubbed her back and held her head a bit.

I wanted desperately to get to her recently shaved pussy (which was already growing back in as she was having "issues" with it and couldn't shave it again). I played with her clit inside her panties before she stood up to show me her beautiful ass, which she played with for me before moving it over my face.

She is on her period so we couldn't go too far, but I enjoyed what access to her nether regions I had. She went back down on me and sucked the shaft from the side as I watched it glisten wet before shooting a hard quick load that covered her hands.

My hand found her hand between her legs as she too, came hard, in short order.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Before dinner she gave me a peek of her incredibly small green lace thong that actually served none of the purposes underwear should serve except to charge my batteries. The short green skirt she wore over them didn't exactly kill said batteries either.

As I exited the shower, I too decided to wear a thong. One of my man thongs under some dress shorts. But that was to be a surprise.

Upon arriving home we were both exhausted as dinner was late but we were up for some fun. I had my hands and mouth all over her tits as she massaged my ass not yet knowing what I had in store underneath. We moved into sexy spoon position and she still had no clue I was wearing a thong even as she reached back and massaged my hardening cock and poked it against her ass.

When she went to suck me, she noticed and although she knows I own them (for fun use only - they're not comfortable really) she seemed pretty into playing with my butt cheeks and even near my sensitive area as she sucked me.

Soon after, I was between her legs grinding my still covered, hard cock against her before we had to tug hers and mine down for some actual penetration wherein I pumped away, fiddled with her ass, sucked her tits and eventually filled her with a nice load before she massaged herself to orgasm as I kissed her neck and rubbed her back.