Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ripped Open

After yet another holiday party, 38C and I arrived home very late, a bit drunk but horny too. She looked great in a gray velour type skirt with red low cut sweater. Underneath she sported black pantyhose with red satin "cheeky" panties with matching bra. The cool part was she came to bed still dressed. I always like the undressing part of sex. The slow reveal and the petting over the clothes. Even better, though; her pantyhose had a run.

Also, of note: she had her appointment with the laser people and will continue treatment after their review. Which means: she shaved! Yay! Finally.

We kissed passionately for a bit and I felt up her boobs through her clothes. The sweater allowed for easy access and it wasn't long before I had a gorgeous nipple in my mouth with a hand on her crotch. The hose rip was mid-thigh and I began tugging on it to rip the hose open. That is also hot to me, but the problem was these hose were tummy tuckers and I couldn't get through to the "goodies" very easily and I couldn't wait to get my mouth on that clean pussy.

38C was hot to trot too as she had my pants unbuckled and tugged down in no time and was expertly working my 70% hard cock with her mouth. Soon enough, I got my treat in the form of eating her out through her panties, then pulled them aside and went to town and finally pulled them down and took care of her sweet puss with my eager mouth.

Probably alcohol, tiredness and the fact I jacked off at 2pm the previous day didn't give me the full on chubby I wanted, but I climbed up and mounted her soon enough. It felt really good and it felt even better when she dug her nails into my ass.

I pumped for a long time going 70% to 80% hard, but not dead on stiff. I think at times she takes that personally (as if I'm EVER not totally into her) so I worry a bit and it doesn't help. I think also, the sensation was getting old to her too so I was happy when she suggested some doggy-style. She leaned over the bed and I entered her from behind. Usually this position gets us both off in a hurry but what really got me going was she reached back and fingered her asshole, just a bit, and said, "Cum right here!"

THAT, my friends was all I needed. Three or four more pumps and she got her wish. A nice thick load right on her butt hole. She fell forward on the bed and finished her orgasm by grinding her clit while face down as I rubbed/scratched her back.

p.s. Sunday she said her pussy was raw from all the pumping.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


After returning from the Christmas Eve festivities we were both ready to go. There's something about holiday sex and both parties being dressed up and a little wine that sets the mood. Also, her sister was staying over and sleeping in the next room so we had to be extra quiet and for some reason that is a big turn on.

The Mrs. took off her outfit staying in her tank/bra (undershirt for vee neck blouse) and her lace back, pseudo thong panties. Very hot. We made out for quite a while with the occasional hand glancing her breast and once in a while I rubbed her thigh. She mentioned something (I can't remember) about eating or something so I asked if she really wanted something to eat. The answer was a very strong, "yes" so I slid my pants down, slinked up the bed and she gobbled up my cock for a nice suckfest. Since I hadn't technically fucked her the day before, I was aching to bury my cock in her pussy and she seemed to want that. Before long, I had her panties tugged down and I was going balls deep missionary style as I slid up so my shaft hit her clit just right. She was fighting back moaning to loud, as was I so as not to announce our activities to her sister.

After a bunch of pumps, I popped out, quickly slid down and licked her soaking wet pussy for a few, then went back to fucking her. I did this probably 6 or 7 times before putting my full weight on her body, which she loves, and pumping a bunch of loads deep in her cunt. By now she was so turned on the practically pushed me off her and began massaging her clit as I sucked her tits and neck.

She came in no time at all. Soon we were both fast asleep.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


38C was messing around in the kitchen after her shower wearing only a robe. She was cleaning and getting food ready. I kept grinding up against her, kissing her neck and reaching inside the robe. She seemed to enjoy it and since Sonny was downstairs watching a movie, I asked her if she wanted a quickie. She said sure.

Actually, my plan was to push her up against the counter and take her from behind but she preferred to go to the bedroom in case Sonny came up and we didn't' hear him. Of course, her head was right and my penis was wrong.

After getting in the bedroom she fell back on the bed and I kissed her, kissed her neck and her upper chest. But since it was a "quickie" by agreement, I immediately went to her pussy. Have I mentioned how hairy it is? Oh, about 50 times? Ok. Anyway, I ate it out and it was soaking wet in no time. She's been very sexual lately and its so nice. After licking her to near orgasm and watching her finger herself, she got up and knelt in front of me to service my rock hard cock. Something about her sucking me on her knees while I'm standing is the best feeling for me. Soon enough, though she stood up and grinded against me eventually slipping me into her as we stood face to face. Its then I'm glad she's so tall. It felt great and I could tell by her movements I was hitting her clit just right.

As I was about to cum, I asked if she wanted to watch and she said yes. In a dirty-talk effort, I asked if she wanted to see my cum shoot. Yes, was the answer. I asked if she would like to see it run down my shaft. Oh yes was her answer. I pulled out and she got onto her knees again as I blew my load in the exact manner I promised. Watching me cum gets her off every time.

She quickly grabbed the vibe (we cleaned it the night before) and rubbed herself with it to orgasm as I rubbed my cum soaked cock on her thigh.

We both cleaned up and went about our day.

After Party

38C and I were out very late at a party. When we came home, me slightly buzzed, we got Sonny to bed quickly and I asked her if she was up for some fun. She enthusiastically said, "yes".

She left to get ready and came back wearing a black thong and a black nightie. We kissed passionately as I felt up her boobies and reached inside her pussy to her very hairy pussy (her Dr. appt. is this week, so that should be resolved soon). She was wet quickly.

I went down and ate her wet cunt out for a bit. Then she went down and sucked on me real good for an extended time. I thought I might cum, so I pulled her up and went to work fingering her pussy in anticipation of climbing on. She came though. Real quickly and really hard, out of the blue.

That's fine by me and she went back down to sucking me. I was looking forward to cumming on her face or her jacking me and I reached for the vibe to help out. She rubbed the vibe on my shaft, balls and taint. Soon it was down near my asshole as she sucked me. I love that feeling and actually wanted it inside me as I came. Reading her in the past though, she doesn't seem to like that so I didn't push it. After a lot of vibe and ass play, without insertion, I helped her stroke me off.

We quickly fell asleep as it was terribly late.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Morning Wank

I awoke this morning to see 38C pulling up some black hose as she got ready for work. Underneath she had on tiny, light blue, cotton bikini panties. I just love the sight of panties under pantyhose and when she showed me her lacy black bra I started rubbing my morning wood.

I'm not sure if she noticed as she kept getting dressed. When I asked her to slow down, she knew what I was up to and showed of her nylon ass and that sexy bra. She began helping me rub and even took me in her mouth for a bit (that is what qualifies for posting here -- wanking wouldn't). As I got closer and closer I asked to see her pussy and she complied. Soon enough she turned around and bent over and spread a bit. That did the trick and my first spurt traveled some good distance almost reaching my nipple. A few more pumps and I was ready to start my day and she began to finish dressing.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Typical Sunday Evening Quickie

38C and I were both exhausted by bed-time but I was pretty hyped up about last night's mind-blowing orgasm, so I offered to get her off with a bit of titty-sucking and clit-rubbing. She's still on her period of course.

She didn't really seem up to it, but offered to "help me".

To be honest, I was pretty tired, and declined at first. Then I changed my mind a few minutes later.

She rubbed my cock in my boxers for a time. I reached down her back and felt up her plain lavender cotton pantied ass. I was hard, but knew I wasn't going to get off with a bj. Soon, I was stroking as she sucked. That made it closer. Eventually, she pulled off me and I really went at my cock. As I was about to cum, I asked her to move up and show me her "bits". As she moved up and squeezed her tits together before stuffing them in my face, I knew I was past the point of no return. I tugged at her bottoms to see her panties or her bush, but I was already cumming.

Then we pillow-talked/cuddled for a bit before dozing off together.

Bit Mo' Anal

The Mrs. and I spent a wonderful day shopping together and had some furniture to set up when we got home. It was a nicely flirtatious day that went well into the evening. By bedtime, it was apparent we have some good love-making but 38C is dealing with that monthly devil.

After washing up and all that, I came to the bedroom to find some candles lit and the Mrs. in a black slinky nightie with matching panties. After making out like school-kids for a while we progressed to heavy petting. I love licking on those 38C titties as I massage her clit to get her going.

Before long she was going down on my rock hard cock and sucking the life out of it. Since I knew I wouldn't be in her pussy, I was hoping she might be up for some anal. We moved into a spoon position shortly and she was really grinding her ass against my stiffness. Before long, her panties were pulled down and I was poking the head at her butt hole as I pinched her nipples and occasionally dove my hand down her panties for fondle her hairy clit.

She asked, "You want to go in my ass?"

I guess she's a mind-reader.

She left to get some lube and when she came back went into the toy drawer from her gold vibe. Soon, we were back in spoon position and she was dirty talking my cock right into her ass as she fiddled her clit with the vibe. It was hot when she kept asking if I could feel the vibe while in her ass (I could). She also complained I wasn't going deep enough. Wow! THAT is really hot. I think I'm too careful when we do anal but she seemed to really want it.

Soon enough, she was cumming to a mind-blowing orgasm with my cock in her ass. She asked if I could feel her cum. I wasn't sure, but I could definitely feel her clamp down on it.

After she came, I pulled out and began stroking. I wanted to cum hard and didn't want to really plow her ass and get her uncomfortable especially since I'm sure after cumming she lost it a bit. The lube reduced my friction so I wasn't getting off as quickly as I wanted to. I requested she move up the bed and show me her pussy and tits. She did and before long I was exploding all down my shaft and onto my belly.

She kept remarking how strong her cum was and that always gets me hot.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Evening Session

Sometimes I lag behind in posting these, so details and my time can be sparse.

As I was dozing off, with Sonny between us, the wife asked if I wanted a little. Well, sure I did. I always do. So we adjourned to the spare bedroom so as not to wake Sonny. I brushed and washed and she slipped on a tiny sheer black nightie with matching panties.

She danced just a bit in the dim light before climbing on me and rubbing her pantied clit against my relatively soft cock. Eventually it grew and she reached down to position it to rub her just so. She was really into the sex as was I, but not to her degree because I think I was still sleepy. She went down and sucked me briefly before climbing back up so I could pull the nightie down and suck her tits. Then she pulled her panties aside to I could enter her. She felt dry at first, which actually feels good to both of us. I pumped, and pumped and pumped.
She moaned a lot.

I thought I could get her to cum like that. But I couldn't. Although she was obviously enjoying herself. She asked me to cum inside her, so I obliged. She sloppily climbed off me again and rubbed her clit to another quick orgasm.

Some quickies lately, but those can be fun when time is pressed.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Morning Session

Our boy wouldn't go to sleep last night so I wasn't able to follow up and take care of 38C like I wanted.

We awoke this morning though, and got him in front of a movie. I showered and 38 C did too, then put on a slinky nightie with matching white satin panties. She still hasn't shaved and frankly, her bush, especially out of the panties and down near her ass is kind of a turn-off but she assured me that drs. appointment would be soon. Good.

We foreplayed/kissed a bit before I dove between her legs. I got her good and wet and eventually took off her panties and gave her cunt a good tongue lashing. Even flicking her asshole a few times.

Next she climbed up on me and sucked me and ground into me before putting me in her. We fucked for a long time cowgirl-style as I sucked her tits before I eventually deposited a load into her soaking wet pussy.

She got off, dripped all over me, wiped up, grabbed her vibe and buzzed herself to orgasm in about 2 mins as I sucked her nipples.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Commuter Lot

Wife and I haven't seen much of each other this past week. I was hoping to hook up with her Thursday night before I had a late meeting, but I forgot she has a class. She suggested meeting somewhere after her class but before my meeting.

Fine by me.

We agreed on a commuter lot near her school. However, she got detained in class and arrived with only 12 minutes to spare before I had to leave for class. This was by no means, a private commuter lot, but as I've stated before, she rather likes the risk of getting caught publicly.

After two or three minutes of small talk, she was unzippiing me and having a go at my already hard cock. Sucking it sloppily like I enjoy. I had my hand all over her ass, feeling up her pantylines and eventually plunged it in her pants to feel up her satin bikini panties. Soon, I was about to cum and told her so she could get it out of her mouth but she didnt' right away, so I thought she might take the load, which she does infrequently. I must've cum a tiny bit in her mouth and her timing of pulling me out threw me off so I had sort of a half cum. Plus, I was looking at the clock so as not to be late.

It was disheartening and I didn't want her to feel bad so I started stroking as asked to see her tits. She lifted her shirt and squeezed her boobs together and flicked her nipples. She seemed to really enjoy herself and as I got closer (which was tough) she fondled her crotch through her pants. Well, I came a load down my shaft, my knuckles and onto my tiny tuft of pubic hair. It was hot and she told me so.

Time was short, so I really, really had to go. She made me promise to return the favor the next night. I assured her I would.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

2nd of 2

We had company over for dinner and some drinks afterwards.

Sonny fell asleep early so we were able to have a second go at some hot sex.

38C snuggled up with me and rubbed my stiffening cock through my sleeping pants. I returned the favor by rubbing her ever-increasingly-hairy pussy through her sleeping shorts and light purple bikini panties. I was surprised to see she still had her light purple bra on under her shirt as well, but then I had commented earlier in the day that I liked it when she flashed me.

Normally, if we've already had a "go" that day, the later session is more of a quickie. After warming her up and she warming me with some sucking, I went down on her and sucked her clit for a bit. The new hairiness, which will be trimmed and shaved in a few weeks, isn't bothering me that much, except that I hate that it comes out the panty leg. Once that drs. appointment is over, things will be back to normal, I hope.

Anyway, I was in the mood for some missionary, so I climbed on top and stuffed my 90% hard cock in her pussy. She was up for it again as I drove balls deep inside her and reached around once in a while to fiddle her asshole. My mind was wandering a bit and I didn't want to go all night, so after pumping for quite a while and listening to her moans, I asked for some doggy.

She flipped over quickly and I pushed in from the back. She loves doggy and its the quickest way for me to get off. Soon I felt the cum coming so I pulled out and laid back onto my ankles and shot my load all over my pubic region.

As usual, she went into her cumming position and had no time getting off as I rubbed her back and ass and kissed her neck.

1st of Two

38C text me a nice little promise for some "fun" Friday night when she got back from girl's night out. She got back really late and awoke me dressed in only lavender colored panties and a nightie top.

However, the best laid plans were interrupted when Sonny knocked on the door wanting to sleep with us.

Fast forward to 8:30 a.m. and I got Sonny situated in front of a movie and went back upstairs to finish what we started. Some spooning and kissing morphed into her panties being pulled down and me gently playing with her asshole with my finger. She seems very receptive to that lately and at one point I had my hard cock pressed firmly against it as I fiddled her clit in front.

That changed into semi-69, meaning me eating her pussy with my hips up toward her head, but not straddling her face. When I went back up along side her I played with her pussy and sucked on her tits. She was very wet and seemed like she could cum at any moment. I, of course, was grinding my rock hard cock into her thigh.

Soon she went down on me from between my legs for some semi-sloppy sucking on my cock before I asked her to come straddle my face. Indeed, she was good and wet. Next she moved down and I slid into her easily.

I was so wound up by then, it didn't take long until I gave her the head's up of what was to come, so she climbed off and I twice pumped before shooting a good load onto my belly.

She quickly flipped onto her belly and rubbed herself to orgasm.