Thursday, July 31, 2008

She walked into the rec room and gave me a choice: I could sit there and watch the end of that shitty-ass movie Road House or I could come upstairs for some oral lovin'.

Sorry Patrick Swayze, I chose her!

Dressed in her long flowy work skirt she quickly stripped off her top and began rubbing me in a bra that was having a hard time staying on.

The rubbing and the sucking resulted in many positions - her between my legs with me on my back and then her on her back with my cock right at her face. The latter allowed my access under that skirt and to her tan bikini lace pantied pussy.

Either position had her expertly working my cock with her warm wet mouth as well as grabbing my balls and stroking me as she sucked.

Soon she reached for her panty drawer and it was obvious she was going for her toy. The bullet. But she didn't use it on herself as she sucked me, rather she used it against my asshole! And DAMN if that didn't feel great!

Eventually I was back on my back with my legs spread. She sucked my cock allowing a hint of saliva drizzle down as she toyed with my asshole with her vibrating bullet. Instinctively, she knew when I was about to cum. That, or I said, "Oh my god, I'm going to cum!". In any event she popped me out of her mouth and stroked a few more times before I covered her knuckles and my belly in cum.

Then the bullet had a turn on her pussy and it worked marvelously in no time.

Monday, July 28, 2008

She entered the bedroom and asked "should I lock the door" or are you too tired? Lock the door is codespeak for sex!

Who was I to say no?

The sloppy wet blowjob that ensued left a slight pool at the base of my cock. After climbing up me and removing her black tummy tucker panties I had a go at her wet pussy which she ground emphatically into my face.

After some spooning and some minor assplay with my cock, she mounted me reverse cowgirl. It felt good and I certainly love viewing her ass and asshole as she rides me. Then she spun around and humped me good and I sucked her tits. This was more or less a marathon session and I could have lasted forever even though I was rock hard.

Evidently, she got tired though and wanted me to climb onto her. Not so fast was my reaction and I went down for more pussy eating wherein I had her at the very edge of a big O in reasonably short order. So I slid up her, slid in her and pumped for quite awhile until her dirty talk of "fuck my cunt" and "fill my cunt with your cum" resulted in just that!

Out came the new toy and a shuddering orgasm for her shorty afterwards.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I love a lady in a denim skirt.

What I love even more is when she's on her back on the bed, legs up, the skirt and hiked up high and I'm playing with her through her pretty white cotton panties.

Without much foreplay, I inserted my semi-hard cock into her and pumped slowly as it grew. She mentioned how much she loved that feeling and I lifted her shirt and bra to have a go at those beautiful tits.

As I kissed her lower legs and feet it wasn't long before I pulled out and popped a thick load onto her clit and pussy lips which she rubbed in.

Friday, July 25, 2008

We had semi-planned a naughty dip in the pool when it got dark, but 36C fell asleep on the couch with sonny. So off to bed I went only to awakened by a hand down my shorts.

Braless, still in her work shirt and clad in light pink lace panties she had me stiff in no time and soon was gobbling my cock. That progressed into me tugging her shirt off and suckling her tits as I massaged her clit and eventually stuffed my cock inside her panties and dry humped her. That really got her going and she asked me to eat her pussy, so I tugged her panties off and started jacking with them to make her wait just a bit before going down on her.

Her dirty talk of "my lacey panties feel good on your cock?" and "you stroking into my panties?" turned me on so much that I wrapped my cock in them and humped the bed as I ate her out. She really gets turned on when I hump the bed as I eat her and the material felt so good that I actually slipped the panties on and continued.

I've done this before and she didn't seem as into it as she did this time.

I had her so wet and wild as I fingered her and sucked her clit that I'm sure I was dripping pre-cum into her panties and told her so. That turned her on even more.

What turned me on, was when I slid up to dry hump between her legs with the panties still on and she reached around and grabbed my ass-cheeks hard. I stuffed my cock into her a few times and then went back to eating her out before she pushed me off and sucked my pussy juice soaked cock.

Soon after, still clad in her panties, she climbed aboard and fucked me cowgirl until I blew my load deep inside her.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Her semi-topless sunbathing in the afternoon primed my pump pretty good so that when she came to bed later I was hard even before she starting giving me a nice handjob.

Which, in turn, morphed into some nice sucking which changed into her favorite pastime lately: spooning with my hard cock pushing her panties up against her ass together with some hard grinding and some reach around.

Soon enough the white lace bikini panties were down to mid-thigh and my cock-tip was poking into and inside her ass. Although we didn't go for full anal, her flexing of those certain muscles soon had me popping a first spurt into her ass. My tip felt too sensitive to stay there though, so I pulled out and shot the rest of my load onto my belly. She finished her orgasm with some quick face-down grinding.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Early in the evening I suggested that if we got Sonny down we go for a "naughty" swim. Well, the little bugger was still up at 10:20 so instead 36C put on her St. Paulie Girl outfit complete with fishnet thigh highs. I haven't seen that outfit in a while but I love it!

She suggestively moved around for me for a little while and since the outfit doesn't even cover her pantied cheeks, I was hard in no time. Soon enough she commenced to gulping and biting my incredibly rock hard cock which segued into her mounting my face for some panties-aside oral which did absolutely nothing to aleviate the condition below my belt.

After some more intense sucking of my cock, I had to ask her to back off for fear of popping too soon and in her mouth.

So what does she do? She climbs onto me and fucks me hard! I mean, a good old fashioned bucking bronco cowgirl ride complete with titties smacking me in the face.

I thought about cooling off but instead spun her off me, turned her around, bent her over the bed and fucked her hard doggy style before blowing my load deep inside her as she massaged her pussy to a strong orgasm of her own.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My back has been killing me. I hurt it in the gym on Thursday and its not getting better.

What made me forget about it for a little while was 38C's hand reaching down my sleeping pants though. I was hard in no time and she went down for some noisy sucking. After a while, she complained her "head was too heavy" and laid back next to me wherein I slid up and stuck my rock hard cock in her face so she merely had to turn her head to suck me.

A reasonable solution for both of us and damn if it didn't feel good.

After a short time she slid up for some quick titty sucking and I felt up her crotch before she spun over and presented her brown satin pantied ass for some poking and proding. She had me poking it pretty hard for a time before she pulled them aside and massaged her clit with my stiffness.

Eventually I tugged them down though so I could fuck her in spoon position. It felt good and I forgot all about my back as I pulled out and blew my spunk all over her pussy.

A quick wipe up and she flipped over and massaged herself to an real quick hard orgasm as I gently rubbed her back and kissed her neck.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I had to get off to work and get off before work.

38C was on her phone with her sister ( I know, shocker!) when I began unzipping her pants and tugging down her panties. I wanted to eat out her pussy and she knew it.

However, sensing things to come (cum?) she quickly got off the phone and I quickly commenced to getting her off. She was in a great mood for sex and got really wet quickly and was thoroughly enjoying my oral escapades.

Before long I was trading a few cock pumps inside her pussy as she licked her juices off my face then going back down below to service her smooth lips. Back and forth that went until I felt my cock explode cum deep inside her.

Then we reached for her new toy and stimulated her cunt as I licked her nipples until she had her own hard O.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

We snuggled together watching the end of the Red Sox-Yankees game when I asked if she wanted to "play". She said, yes. I rubbed her shoulders and back as she slowly moved down to my already stiffening cock.

She tugged my shorts down and I had her tug her PJ pants down revealing pink satin briefs with a nice lacy front.

When she went down to suck me she discovered I had shaved completely. Normally I trim extensively and shave the sides, my balls and taint, but I was feeling shaggy so I started from scratch. She seemed to dig it and man did my bald cock look big when hard.

She sucked me pretty good and for quite a while before laying back so I could suck her tits and rub her pussy. Soon we were in a dry hump position and I asked if she was fuckable (still coming off her period). She said she wasn't sure but after some more dry humping, then spooning humping I tugged her panties down and pushed hard against her ass. Before long she shifted my cock to her pussy and I entered it and pumped away until I blew a nice load.

Then out came her new favorite toy and together we worked her up to a nice and intense orgasm.

And there wasn't a mess. So she was, indeed, fuckable. As always.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The way-too-tight orange shirt that accentuated her nipples, including areola, was very enticing to me. The tight stretch pants completed the impromptu PJ outfit and when she jumped on the bed between my legs I knew a good sucking was in order (she's on her period).

The sucking was good and soon we had her new toy stuffed down her panties which caused her attention to my cock to waiver as she moaned and gyrated with the vibrations. I slid up and stuck my cock against her lips and she eagerly took it in as the bullet shot her straight through an intense orgasm which actually had her uncomfortably clamping her teeth onto my cock.

Her enthusiasm was appreciated, however.

Once calmed she went back to sucking me until I took over the stroking as asked her to slide up so I could watch her play with herself. Soon thereafter, I too, was gyrating to an intense orgasm of my own.