Saturday, April 30, 2011

We had some nice alone time in the hot-tub but it was obvious she wasn't up for anything sexual in there - for some reason she prefers not too.

But afterwards, she climbed on top of me completely naked and proceeded to grind down onto me. She had a buzz on from a few margaritas so I thought there was potential for some mind-blowing sex. I asked if she would put on something sexy and she, with my encouragement, put on some garters, sexy black panties and a matching bra. She looked so HOT. I wish she'd wear that type thing just a bit more often.

Anyway, she gave me a good blow job. I returned favor by eating her out from underneath her while she squeezed some titty milk onto me. Then I pumped away missionary position, before pulling out and blowing it all over her.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

After feining my disappointment about cumming last night before I was ready (really, who cares?) I mentioned I wanted another chance to redeem myself. She saw right through my charade but nonetheless told me I could climb on top of her.

I only wanted her in her bra when I did so and wanted my cock to grow by rubbing against her crotch until it was ready to enter her. She jetisoned her blouse, gray dress slacks and pink bikini panties and I immediately climbed aboard.

She likes these kinds of quickies sometimes, as do I.

I mounted. Got hard. And pumped away for a bit before exploding all over her pussy mound and belly. A strong one.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

She gave me a promise the night before so I enjoyed some early texting in the day to set the mood. However, work obligations kind of brought that to a halt.

However, at bed-time she was ready to go. My hand felt up her mound through her tan bikini panties (my least favorite in her entire stash) and got her rather wet quickly. She gave me a nice BJ and I promptly ate her out, while alternating by putting my cock inside her for some wet pumps.

Then a problem arose. I pulled out to ease down to lick her some more and I started to cum on her ass (her legs were up). I grabbed my cock and started to stroke out the heaviest load ever all over her tiny pussy hair patch, belly and tits.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A terrfic session that started with a few drinks in the hot-tub.

By the time I had cleaned up, she was in a slinky black nightie, black thigh highs and red lace thong panties. It was actually quite the thong weekend for her, which I enjoyed emensely.

We immediately went into some passionate kissing and some long, intense mutual oral. Then at one point she wanted me to stick it in her pussy so she could "taste my juices on your hard shaft". I know this isn't really hot for her, but she was doing it for my benefit.

Also, she had groomed down her pussy to nearly non-existent amount of hair. Just the tiniest of patches above her clit. I enjoyed that immensely as well.

All-in-all we didnt' fuck much. She ground on me for a bit and sucked me nicely. After a while she was on her back, sucking my cock, which I fed from the kneeling position, while I fiddled her clit. When she said "I want you to cum all over my face" I was so ready to, so I stroked a bunch onto her as she lapped her tongue like she couldn't get enough of it. That was out of character but very hot as well.

I had her so close to cumming from eating out her pussy while I fingered it that within seconds fo the vibe hitting her clit she was cumming strongly.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We flirted a little bit via text and once we got into bed there was some nice ass grinding up against her sexy bubble butt. I asked for some and she wanted me to lube up in her pussy. Which was plenty lubey! Very soon after I was in her ass. After a time we had to use some actual lube but it sure felt good to dump it all up in her tight ass. Been a while too!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

We had a pretty good fight over the weekend. Although I wouldn't classify it as makeup sex, there didn't seem to be any hard feelings. I had already dozed off, as did she on the couch. But I woke up when she came into the bedroom, probably because I was horny. I asked if she wanted to ride me and she said yes. We immediately got her down to her red lace panties. I enjoy how they fit her ass and played with and kissed her cheeks for a while as she stood next to the bed and began to work my cock. She gave me a quick suck then mounted me with the panties still on. I felt like I could go all night but sensed her drying up even as I worked her titties with my mouth. We got her panties off so I could thrust more vigorously and I eventually came inside her, although the cum wasn't as strong as I would have liked it was nice.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I started out by kissing and rubbing her. Getting close to her "parts" but not quite touching them until she actually started rubbing her clit when I finally got busy on her nipples. I helped her down there by rubbing through her sexy green lace bikini panties. She was wet quickly and I rubbed some of it on my own cock as I stroked and told her I was doing so. At one point, I mentioned a "fist full of cock" and that really turned her on. She wanted me to repeat it over and over. We moved into spoon position with some nice ass dry-humping until eventually I was in her pussy and pumping out a heavy load deep inside it. Her toy helped finish her off.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

She offered up another blow job so I took it. I was absolutely rock hard in seconds and she delighted in using her teeth to clamp down on it as she did a fine job sucking. The cum came when I began stroking as I felt up the back of her panties. Some of it got her chin.

Friday, April 8, 2011

After showing her my morning wood in the bathroom she came into the bedroom and asked if I needed "help" with my problem. Of course I did. Since I was already hard, she commenced to sucking immediately and sucked nice. I felt up her ass and boobs and even sucked them a bit. Then I took over stroking as she squeezed out a few drops of milk onto my face. My own milk was squeezing out soon thereafter.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nice session that started with some snuggling. I got rock hard when she spent a long time working my cock with her mouth. I worked her big areola in return before she climbed up onto my face. She ground down through her plaid bikin panties for a while, then removed them. She sported her black thigh highs for me too. She was also very vocal this night. Love that. Then we did cowgirl forever! She rode my shaft before putting it in and we had many a good a good pumping session before I eventually exploded everywhere.