Monday, April 27, 2009

I was completely tuckered out after working all day doing yardwork in the hot sun. It was nice with the night air and the windows open when 38C came in dressed only in plum colored panties and pink dress shirt.

We pillow talked a bit as she gently massaged me, including what I love for her to massage.

Then she took me in her mouth for a nice suckfest. I returned the favor by going down on her stubbly pussy. She just doesn't like it shaved for very long, so its already growing in. As I ate her I jacked with her panties. That evolved into keeping my cock wrapped in them and inserting them into her. She seemed to really dig this. Probably the extra friction and such and of course I love anything to do with her panties.

I pulled out and shook them off me for the homestretch however. I needed to feel more wetness and I did a bit before putting my special wet load inside her.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I had to run off to my night job, but was horny all day so I asked the wife for a blow job.

She was home all day painting, so let's just say she was dressed less than impressive in tee shirt and stretch pants. Underneath, however, she did have on cute pink lace panties.

She agreed, naturally, and commenced to blowing me right there in my dress slacks. Then she removed her shirt and I gently massaged her tits. She asked for some doggy. I was already close to cumming, but agreed of course.

I was in the mood for just the blow job, but couldn't quibble with her request. So, with her panties down mid thigh I bent her over the bed and plowed her for a good 20 pumps or so, while holding her bra clasp, until I came inside her.

Then she went face down and massaged herself to another orgasm as I rubbed her back.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

After a day at the casino together, I asked for a bra flash on the rainy drive home.

Not only did I get that, but she progressed to playing with her titties, which prompted me to do likewise. Her immediate reaction, all while driving mind you, was to reach for my crotch to find my already hard cock. One good turn deserves another so I reached her her crotch too.

Before long, she was unbuttoned and unzipped and between car passes, I had my hand on her soaking wet and freshly shaved pussy. She was really, really horny.

We were on the way to pick up Sonny from 38C's parents house, but took a diversion about a block early. She told me to stop the car and as soon as I did, she bent over to take a few sucks of my cock, even though it wasn't the most private road as evidenced by us getting driven up upon as I went to suck her titty. So we drove a bit more and found a closed restaurant with two tier parking wherein I hid the car behind a dumpster since it was still broad daylight.

She went down on me again with a bit more vigor this time and I did all I could not to shoot in her mouth as I saw her black lace panties peeking out of her loosened jeans. Again we were interrupted by a car driving in. He was a distance off, but he had to know.

By this time 38C was so horny, I don't think she gave a shit. So we tugged her shirt down and I sucked her tits before giving her pussy some more manual attention. She could have cum and almost did, but wanted to save it for later.

Just as we were about to leave, I made her tug her pants and panties down so I could give her cunt a few kisses. She spread wide to accept me.

Then we had a long intermission, if you will. At grandmas, we had some dinner and a nice visit before heading home. One Sonny was asleep we sort of picked up where we left off except I was a "bad cop" and handcuffed her as she entered the room and violated her by searching her thoroughly for contraband. In her role, she told me she'd do anything avoid arrest so naturally that involved sucking my cock.

Which she did. Well.

Soon enough I had the handcuffs off her as I bounced between her tits and soaking wet pussy. I even probed her ass a bit and we had tons of good dirty talk!

I went between fucking her cunt and eating it until I felt a bit of cum ooze out of me onto myself. I had shot a bit as I pulled out of her. I hate when that happens, but thought I could recover quickly. I could. I orally made her cum before putting my 80% hard cock back in her and pumped her hard and furious a bit before I came hard inside her.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

After a LONG day of shopping and catching glimpses of her thong pantylines through her well fitted jeans, she came to bed in that thong and a the tight shirt she wore but braless.

I teased her and said she'd get no nipple action, but I did go down on her wet cunt for a long spell. We dry humped a bit, played with her ass a bit and had some nice dirty talk before she eventually climbed aboard, cowgirl style once again, and fucked me good and hard until I came deep inside her.

Since I had cum first, she went into clit massage position, face down, and I rubbed her back as she came hard too.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

She slipped into a cute polka dot, pink thong and proceeded to go down on me in her low cut shirt. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her bra-encased tits with her thonged ass in the air as she sucked me good. I could have cum and thought she wanted me to at one point, until she climbed up my body, tugged her thong aside and rode me until she came as I sucked her tits through her pink bra.

After she came, she slid down my body and sucked me some more until stroking out a thick load that shot for some pretty good distance.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I firtatiously text her all day. Even sent a few suggestive pictures.

By the time we had some alone time, she put on some pretty panties and showed off her goods for me. Then it didn't take very much neck kissing, titty sucking and pussy rubbing from my part before she was actually cumming hard.

Some wet sucking on my cock resulted in the same thing all over my belly.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

After sucking on her tits for a bit, I massaged her pussy by reaching down her panties and made her cum rather quickly. Since she was surfing the crimson tide I was hoping to get a killer blowjob, but we ended up spinning her on her side and toying with her ass with my cock. Got the tip in and pumped a bit but she was uncomfortable after a long day, so I ended up pulling out and stroking a load onto my belly.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

She woke me up with a gentle rubbing in a nice spot. Then she stroked me for a bit (something I should perhaps give her more instruction on) then sucked me as I felt up her boobies.

I don't think her heart was in it, but the sweet thing was trying, so I appreciated it but took matters into my own hand (so to speak) and asked to see her panties wherein she played with herself just a bit until I came.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

After a nice shower together, we set up a large mirror so we could see each other as we did it. However, that always sounds a bit hotter than it really is.

What was hot, though, was her enthusiastic sucking, our 69 and eventually her cowgirling a load out of me deep inside her.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

We were going to put some furniture together and I jokingly text her about what she would "wear" for the event. She hemmed and hawed and I told her I had my outfit all set: silky boxer briefs and matching tight shirt. I made sure I was in them when she walked in.

She immediately changed into a pretty, velour nightie and I enjoyed views up her short dress at her black panties. I even took a pic.

We were riled up by the time we got to bed and I liked that she took complete control: first by wetly sucking my rock hard cock, then by grinding her crotch on it, next by sitting firmly on my face so I could eat her pussy.

We moved into spoon position where I poked her butt for a bit before eventually driving up her pussy and pumping away until I came hard. She did the same on her belly shortly after as I rubbed her back and whispered in her ear.