Sunday, December 28, 2008

Surprisingly I got out of work early.

When she saw me she was so excited and wanted to have sex. I didn't mention I jacked off right before I left for work so when we got going I wasn't as hard and had to tell her why.

She asked what I thought about when I jacked and I mentioned her doing naughty things and having cum on her face. Actually, I was thinking about her eating out her friend but I think that would freak her out a bit.

She sucked me to 60% stiffness and I enjoyed watching her dip her hands down her panties and play with her pussy as I sucked her nipples. I dry humped her for a bit and she put my cock in her panties.

That felt good but I could tell I wasn't going to get rock hard because of the proximity to cumming and the fact I was exhausted.

So I positioned her on the bed so she could masturbate and I stroked right over her pussy. I wanted to lube it with cum as she came herself. When she started cumming I shot a load right onto her fur patch and her massaging hand.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The nice red nightie with black thigh highs was a great start to a great session.

Passions were high as we kissed passionately and felt each other up involving lots of oral. She kept mentioning how rock hard I was and I could tell it hurt a bit when I pummeled it deep into her. I have to admit I delighted in seeing her contorted face and when I asked if I should back off she defiantly said "NO!".

So I fucked her even harder as she drove her nails into my ass cheeks.

She wanted me to shoot my load onto her chest and neck. I gently touched her as if she was feeling my cum splatter her and that really turned her on.

Within moments I was hiking up her body to follow her orders and she decided on her face was ok too. When I started spunking she even took some in her mouth! HOT!

Again, she's only recently been receptive to that so it excites me that much more. Evidently, my cum went everywhere. Her face. Mouth. Hair. Pillow. I didn't care though. Felt so good.

Then we took out her brand new vibrator (the one with that new matching cock rings) and rubbed her clit to orgasm.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mostly dressed, she lay prone on the bed. I tugged up her shirt and pink bra to get at those beautiful nipples. I was completely nude and kneeling over her midsection. My left hand found her pants button and zipper and commenced to creating a bit of access to the good parts hidden there.

As my right hand playfully tweaked her hard nipples, my left found its way past her trimmed bush to her special spot.

Her mouth found my special spot and very quickly had me about to explode.

She said to cum on her belly. So I did.

Friday, December 19, 2008

As I watched her dress I started touching myself under the covers since I had not yet gotten out of bed. She smiled as I ogled her tight, lacey dark blue bikini panties and white lace, pointy bra.

When she moved over closer to me and stooped to show off her cleavage and groped herself through her panties, including giving me peeks of or fur patch, I soon deposited a nice load onto my belly.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I asked her to stay in her regular clothes as she sought out a pretty nightie. I like the slow reveal and everyday lingerie at times.

I found a lace white bra that she says makes her tits pointy. This under a pretty button-up blue shirt. I also found dark blue VS bikini panties, under gray dress slacks. I also found a pad. Its that time.

We gently played with each other and nuzzled. At some point I ended up kneeling down around her waist and toyed with her clit as she stroked me. With gentle direction she'd gotten better and better at stroking me. She asked if I wanted lube I never felt the need for it when by myself, nor do I with her.

Eventually, my hips thrust forward until I started to spurt onto her lower belly with a bit landing on her panties. White thick cum on her dark blue panties was very erotic. She slowed as I asked then "did me a favor" by cleaning the tip with her clenched hand. Not good. It was too sensitive and I told her so and we had a nice laugh together about it as she apologized for her faux pas. Its not a big deal but the sweathear that she is......

Then I rubbed/scratched her back as she convulsed to her own orgasm.

Sure hope her period is done by Xmas.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

After grinding her ass up against me in bed for a while, I asked if I could slip around down there for a bit. She got the lube, got my cock all slick and we tugged her panties down as I slipped and slid around her tight ass for a time before she popped the head in just a bit.

She was going really easy and slow and it felt great. Soon enough our pace quickened and the ultra-tightness had me squirted a couple times in her ass before I pulled out and stroked the rest onto my belly. The tip sensitivity due to her tightness was simply too much.

Then she went prone and massaged her pussy while I rubbed her slick ass until she came hard.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The shower together was nice.

Some mutual back scrubbing and butt washing/squeezing led to her cleaning my cock with the sponge and plenty of soap.

Very quickly she went down onto her knees and sucked my already rock hard cock. I told her I was about to cum and she looked up and said "Cum all over my face". That was hot and had me spurting up onto her nose and forehead.

She kept her mouth open the whole time too, seeming to want the cum inside it. That's out of the ordinary for her because, while she has a nice little fetish for cum, she usually doesn't want it in her mouth.

Not much went in (if at all) but THAT was a big turnon and I made sure to tell her so.

Monday, December 8, 2008

By the time she came to bed she was in a good mood but exhausted from studying. She asked, sheepishly, if it could be a "quickie".

Of course, I said.

Quick hand action on both parts. A bit of sucking with some nice firm fingernails on my ass (I always want more from her in that regard). Some cowgirl followed.

Eventually, at my request, she mounted me and I jacked off with her wet pussy against my face.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Of course I woke up hard as usual. 38C seemed ready to go to, since her hands were all over my package and then she "presented" by shoving her butt up against me. I obliged by dry humping that for a bit before eventually tugging her stretch pants and black panties down so I could mount her missionary and cum a nice one deep inside her.

Which I did.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

It has been so long we almost had to plan out a session and I had to dash off to work. After showering she gave me a good limp-dick blowjob claiming she wanted it to grow in her mouth.

Grow it did. Rock hard and I had to fight cumming for most of our session.

I spent a good deal of time eating her out too. I wanted her doggy for that as well and she complied. I let my mouth do the walking and toyed a bit with her ass even.

When we finally got down to some business it was more the teasing variety. I would go into her for a few pumps, but not stay long. It frustrates her a bit and I like that.

We got interrupted by a phone call at one point, but once we were back on track, she knelt beside the bed and sucked me good before standing up and fucking me face-to-face.

That didn't last long either and I pulled out and spurted everywhere. Of course she quickly dove on the bed and I helped rub her to her own orgasm.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Since we haven't been having as much sex lately (damn life) I've been pentup as hell and I think 38C knows it. After exchanging some flirtatious texts all day, it was nice to get her alone at home.

Gentle caressing between her legs and over her red satin panties had her soaking wet. I mean soaking. After she went down on me for some rock hard cock sucking as asked her to mulch her pantied crotch on my face. Of course, that resulted in them being tugged aside and me eating her out.

Next we stuffed her bullet down her panties and I had her "mount" me so we could both feel it. She got rid of her regular vibe because it died and I'd rather she use that. But she came hard like that and shortly after put my cock deep inside her where I eventually came.