Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I woke up stiff as a board. Partly, because I haven't gotten any since last Thursday night, partly because, well, I always wake up stiff as a board.

I approached her in the kitchen dressed in her less-than-sexy robe and asked if she could "help a brotha out". I was thinking maybe a little BJ but actually we had her robe opened and I sucked on her titties until we moved to the sitting room where she ground against my crotch as I still sucked on those titties eventually getting to some light oral for her.

Then we heard some stirring upstairs from Sonny so we hastily made a beeline for the rec room downstairs where we could have more time to be presentable should he come downstairs. I ended up fucking her, standing, face-to-face until I pulled out and rubbed out a rather thick load down my shaft and knuckles. She rubbed one out for herself shortly afterwards.

Then we continued to get ready for work.

Monday, March 30, 2009

We finished watching one of our sexy instructional videos. You know, the ones that show 26 positions (where, actually like 20 of them are doggy style with one leg up or not, etc.) and she was rubbing herself by the time it ended.

I, naturally, asked her to keep going. So she kept her hands down her sleep-time stretch pants and in her white lacey bikini panties. Even bringing a finger up for me to have a taste. It turns me on so much to watch her play with herself, since its not really something she does on her own. Next, I asked her to sit down toward my feet and spread her pantied crotch wide and continue. Which she did for quite a while. HOT! Of course, I stroked and showed her then bent myself to poke her pussy and she used me to rub herself.

After some reasonably wet sucking (my newest fetish) she was prepared to mount me but I asked her to fuck my face first so she complied and mounted my face and gound me pretty good and gave out some nice instruction. After quite a while of that, she did slide down on my extremely hard cock and rode me good until I came deep inside her wherein she did the same a few seconds later.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another session where I was fighting against cumming too soon. I had surfed some porn earlier in the day and fluffed up a couple times but resisted getting off to save it for "us". Usually, when I do that I cum hard too! This was no exception. Her ensemble consisted of a sexy, titty-accessible nightie with lace thong panties which I had no problem eating her out through over and around. She gave me some nice sucking too but not quite as wet as yesterday.

At one point I had her panties tugged down mid-thigh and was probing her ass and pussy until she told me to fuck her and cum all over her ass. I did. And came what seemed like gallons! Shooting up her back and directly into her asscrack.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It had been a while, so naturally I was rock hard as we were getting into it. I almost blew my load on her face at one point when she pulled away and there a thick layer of wetness on me streching back to her wet mouth (something not normal for her).

Numerous times I had to slow down so as not to shoot so I spent some time going down on her and paying lots of attention to her titties. Once inside and pumping away, however, it wasn't long before I came really hard.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I was exhausted and we pillow talked for a while as she rubbed me to hardness. I tweaked her nipples and played with her through her plum bikini panties before she rolled onto her side so I could hump them like she likes. Then she sucked me with some nice wet ones before mounting it and fucking me to orgasm for both of us.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

She started her period but wanted me to join her in bed. I could tell she was really, really tired so we pillow-talked as she gently massaged my cock. It got pretty hard and she sucked it for a while before I pushed her off me and told her to play with her nipples. She did just that and I jacked out my load.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The sweatpants came down to reveal nearly sheer white bikini panties. She bent over provacatively and wiggled her ass in that special way she has of doing that. When she turned to face me, I could clearly see her dark patch of fur behind the fabric. She's let it grow out a bit.

Fast foward to her sucking my rock hard cock ridiculously well and telling me how much she wanted my precum to the point of licking it with her tongue. Next it was my turn to spend some long quality time between her legs. Only the fury part was fury, the rest was neatly and very recently shaved. I enjoyed myself and played with her "other" hole with my fingers and tongue a bit too.

At one point we progressed to her spread wide, my cock tip poking and sort of entering her ass as we both took turns massaging her clit. That was fun!

We went back and forth giving each other oral and I held out for a long time before eventually pumping that cunt hard. I told her I would blow it on her belly and she could rub it all into herself which is exatly how it played out.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I was feeling horny all day and text her to see if she wanted a naughty pic. She didn't seem to want one much but told me she wanted the real thing later.

Later came with her coming to bed in her sheer blue nightie with some purple sheer panties underneath and her freshly trimmed bush. We manually stimulated each other until I got her on all fours to suck my cock so I could play with her ass and hanging tits. I sucked them a bit too and felt a big O coming, so she climbed on, reverse cowgirl, with her panties still on and ground me to a thick creamy one.