Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dressed only in blue brief panties and a pink muscle tee, I was still ready to go big time and she sucked my really hard cock for quite a while before I took some time on her nipples. Her freshly groomed pussy and lips were a sight to behold and she mounted me and fucked me really good for quite a while before, once again, I pulled out and blew my load down my shaft.

Friday, July 24, 2009

She was just finishing up her period, but that's frequently when she's really, really horny. And I could tell she was by the dirty talk and the question of whether I wanted to fuck her ass or not. Of course I did.

First, after lubing, she teased it with my stiffness, then described how she was putting the head of my cock in, then I was fucking away and she was complaining that I was too gentle. So I said "fuck it" and really fucked it. She loved it so I asked if she wanted to try a different position. We've only done anal in spoon position in the past, but she agreed and climbed on top and fucked me pretty good in cowgirl fashion. Again, telling me to fuck her harder. So I did before pulling out and cumming all over my belly.

Her little yellow vibe helped her finish herself off.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A nice session no doubt, but not nearly as intense as the last one. They call can't be, right?

We were going out for family night and I was gently prodding her into wearing some sexy. She seemed game for it, but yet reluctant. Too much "I don't know what to wear" began to wear on me so I gave up the chase. Frustrating a bit, but not a huge deal.

Anyway, after we got back, some foreplay, including cock sucking and titty sucking led to penetration with her white lace panties still on. It felt nice and I eventually pulled out and shot all over the nice material.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Such a great session! 38C had the dirty talk that drove me crazy!

Nearly right away she had me grinding her ass, spoon style, through her stretch pants and pink lace panties and told me how good it all felt on her asshole and how she wanted me to push harder.

In the meantime, I had her shirt and white bra tugged down and rather roughly massaged her rock hard nipples. As she was asking if I liked the panties, she mentioned how much I'd like them while she sniffed and licked them as I shot my load all over them.


She went down on my totally engorged cock and sloppily sucked it until a stream of spittle ran down the shaft which almost caused me to blow. She said seeing her juice on my cock made her excited because she knew how much it excited me.

Double ooooff!

Then she forced her pussy up onto my eager mouth and I took extra care of her hairy cunt through her increasingly wet panties which she mentioned would be real hot when she got them to her mouth.

I had to slow down. I was about to explode. But it didn't stop her from grinding on my cock.

Then I spent a long time eating her out as she lay on her back before slinking up and teasing her ass and pussy with my hardness. I plunged in and out a bunch of times but stopped short of pumping away because I was teetering on the edge the entire time. And when she brought the panties up and licked them? Ooooooooo....................

I went back down and fucked her good before climbing up and cumming all over her face at her request. I understand where she was coming from when she said the first two spurts are so erotic, but after..........not so.

Anyway, I gently rubbed her back as she mulched her puss in the belly-down position before a hard cum herself.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I was fresh out of the shower and had just shaved down all my "bits". 38C was lounging around the house in her black one piece bathing suit and my devious mind decided seeing a load of cum on the suit would be hot. I had to get to work, but within 8 minutes she had sucked me rock hard and lay back, fondling her tits until I creamed onto the "mound" part of the suit.

The contrast was hot.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The yellow mini vibe was in her pussy with her lavendar panties still on. Vibrating away it was making her wet as she sucked me until at one point she mounted me, vibe still in, and ground against my stiff cock. She came quickly. I had her slide up me and tugged her panties aside so I could lick her. The vibe was out now, but still rubbing her pussy lips. I began to find it annoying so we tossed it aside and I had her slide back down me so I could fuck her which I did until pulling out and cumming on my belly.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I spent some quality time on her titties before tugging her laceband white patterned panties and having her climb on top of me. As she thrust up and down I continued to take care of those swinging tits until I pushed her off and jacked the thick load onto my lower belly.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Not too much to report but it was a nice little quickie. Just a little titty sucking, a quick muff dive and soon enough her legs were over my shoulders as I plowed her until pulling out and shooting on her belly.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

She started with some nice sucking action but was worried about actual penetration. It was so long since I've been inside her I really didn't care. I gently went down on her to test the waters and things were nice around her newly trimmed beaver. So I poked it. Not sure how manytimes, but not too many before I pulled out and came on her.