Sunday, January 31, 2010

The vibrator slipped easily into her already wet and well-eaten pussy. I tucked the gussett of her patterned panties to keep it in place. Next, I tugged down the top of her wasteband, esposing her fur patch all the way to her clit. Then I licked it. And licked it. All the while pushing the vibrator in and out with my chin. The master plan worked to a thundering orgasm.

After she calmed down she gave me a nice wet sucking before mounting me. Her juices covered my cock, balls and thighs as well as her pussy lips. After a time I yanked it out and yanked out a thick load.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

She walked into the den in a dress and with full makeup on. The night before she was sending me naughty text messages so I was thinking she'd be up for some fun. And was she ever. Shot out of a cannon, she climbed atop me and immediately started grinding down on my near-instantly hard cock. When I felt her up, I realized she was braless.

We adjourned to the bedroom where she gave me a ridiculously good, long and wet blowjob. Of course I reciprocated the oral attack and she could NOT have been wetter, I must say. She told me she masturbated the night before thinking of sucking me. I can't remember the last time she jerked off (although I surely remember the last time I did).

After I time I alternated between sucking her titties, fucking her and eating her out. When my pecker couldn't take anymore of her sweet, wet cunt I pulled out and shot all over her belly and fur patch. Her little yellow mini-vibe finished her off just like it did the night before.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It was getting late and Sonny was still awake. I was beginning to wonder if Iwas going to get any. After he went down, however, I heard her cleaning up in the bathroon and I knew things looked good. She was hot to trot right out of the shoot dressed in her slinky black nightie and checkered bikini panties.

She enjoyed rubbing my shaft through my white boxer briefs as she admired how incredibly hard I was right away. Naturally, that led to some nice wet sucking. I enjoyed that for a good long time before her sensitive nipples got warmed up enough for me to suck and lick them as I played with here recently trimmed/shaved and increasingly wet pussy through her panties.

We are both sporting the same "haircut" these days. A tiny, well trimmed patch but the rest clean-shaven.

I went down south on that clean-shaven pussy and found it to be incredibly wet. I took a good long time and alternated between eating her out and fucking her although it felt so good I had to be careful not to cum. We changed positions a few times but eventually settled on a hard pounding in missionary. Her eyes closed like she was in incredible pain, but her wet pussy said otherwise.

Again, I planned on blowing my load in her face, but ended up covering her pussy with my cum before we whipped out her yellow vibe and massaged her cunt to orgasm.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

After a nice evening out together we came home both expecting some hot sex. And hot it was.

She came to bed wearing a sexy satiny black nightie with lacy black "cheeky" panties underneath. I was kneeling in bed with my hands down my boxers massaging my cock. It was meant for her greeting and she approved. I was instantly rock hard. Some passionate kissing had her anxious to go down on my hardness, which was also recently groomed. Her sucking and licking was perfect. Hot, but not so hot that I had to fight shooting a load.

Then she asked if I would lick her pussy. Of course I obliged. First by pulling her panties aside. She gets hot when I'm down on her and humping the bed. We spooned a bit and she tucked my cock into her panties and against her butt cheeks. Continually asking me if the lacy material felt good. Of course it did.

I went back down on her and eventually slid her panties off. I made a show of rubbing my cock with them as I went back between her legs. The panties were soaked and felt good as I rubbed myself and ate her. She asked me to finger her, so of course I did.

After a time of telling her how good the panties felt I stood up and put them on. Its not totally her thing but she's a good sport and seems more into it than she used to. Then I dry-humped her with my stiffness and the panties. Eventually I just started fucking her over the top of the waistband. Every time she grabbed my ass, feeling her own panties, it turned me on more.

We discussed where I would cum. She was so hot to go I mentioned on her neck and face and she was very up for it. Of course all that pussy pounding had me oozing. By the time I was ready to blow and had to crawl up her body, I oozed cum all over her nightie. After two strokes I shot my load but it went up over her face into her hair (hot) and onto my pillow (ewww). But damn, it felt good and all that cum really turned her on.

I licked her titties as she vibed her clit to her own intense orgasm.

Good times.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We were supposed to do it last night but were just too tired. She snuggled with me before finishing getting ready for work and I thought she might be up for some, but she never made a move. Before she got up I was gently playing with my cock, but she didn't notice. As she finished getting dressed I showed her and she reacted like she wanted it before but I didn't make a move.

In lavender panties, she came over and kneeled and sucked me a bit. I played with her pantied ass and asked her to show me her cunt. She stood, putting a foot on the bed, and rubbed her clit and slit and I came all over my lower belly.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

From a spooning position after some nice sucking, she let me inside her asshole. I went nearly balls deep as she talked dirty to me until I shot my load inside it. Amazing! And we only used a bit of spit for lube.