Sunday, May 24, 2009

We lost power so we went out to eat. I got hard watching her dress in light blue thong with matching bra under her jeans and button up shirt.

Upon arriving home, she changed into a tight black halter top with matching soft black PJ bottoms was pretty nice. But kept the blue thong. I enjoyed feeling up the PJ material and her thong pantylines.

I enjoyed more when she groped my growing shaft through my white Calvin Klein briefs. Some more gently titty play led to some very enthusiastic cock sucking. I returned favor but left her panties on. My devious plan was to blow my load all over them. She came quickly as I sucked her tits and we both massaged her cunt, which is getting quite hairy I might add.

The dirty talk was flowing too until I tugged those panties aside and thrust into her. It wasn't long before I was about to blow, but my first spurt cleared her panties completely and landed on her soft belly. The rest, however, made them rather soaked.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I asked for a BJ before running off to work. Time was of the essence. She pushed me down on the bed and tugged my pants and boxers down to service my increasingly hard cock. I tugged her shirt up to look down her pants and eventually she was in her black bra and jeans sucking my cock. I stroked out the load and off to work I went.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The lavendar, lacey panties under the sheer blue nightie were just visible enough to be exciting. It didn't take me but a second to chase her into the bedroom.

She asked me to go easy on her VERY sensitive titties, so I gently teased them with my soft tongue only and they immediately responded. I took my time. By the time my hand went into those panties, and past her blossoming bush, I found a large amount of dampness. Naturally, I had to visit there orally. I took my time doing that as well.

She returned the favor and I had to hold on tight to not cum in her mouth. She slid her panties off and stroked me with them even massaging my asshole with her finger through them after she paused to sniff herself on them. THAT was a turn on.

Soon enough she mounted me and her increasingly pendulous breasts received more oral attention as she ground herself to orgasm. She pulled off and I pulled myself until I shot a load that nearly reached my neck before the rest of the thickness drizzled down my knuckles and shaft to rest on my lower belly.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some aggressive spooning and butt poking had me thinking that maybe some anal was in the works. I think she was pondering it too. She ended up sucking me pretty good before climbing on me and I came before I was quite ready. I tried to hold back, but shot a couple spurts into her as I sucked her tits and felt up her ass. I really wanted to eat her out and still thought about it, but not with my cum there. She climbed off as I recharged and I had her show off her rapidly growing bush while she played with her pussy and asshole until I shot another, better load.

Still, it was a little disappointing.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Woke up hard like usual. Couldn't wait for her to come back from the shower to rub one out viewing her. Once she saw me, though, she sucked me nicely as I felt up her ass. Almost shot the wad in her mouth, but she pulled it out in time for me to hit my belly.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The black nightie with matching black lace panties underneath created the mood in about 10 seconds. Some titty sucking and a nice long blowjob led to sexy cowgirl with the vibe between us until she came really hard. I then pumped into her.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

She asked me over to our sitting room and promplty tugged my sweats down and went to work on my cock with her mouth. I could have cum at any moment, but sensed she would want some in return.

Soon, she had pulled her shirt off and was blowing me in her bra.

Then she layed back and the bra came down where I proceeded to suck her huge nipples as I massaged her crotch through her panties.

After a bit more sucking of me, I bent her over the couch and fucked her hard from behind until I came inside her. Then she went flat on her back with her mini vibe and did herself to orgasm.