Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some flirty texting led to a nice pre-sex groping session in our pantry of all places. Tit fondling, cock sucking, dry humping and even some pussy eating.

Later on, after Sonny was asleep, there was ass-slapping, pussy eating, cock sucking, tit squeezing, milk dripping good times. Even going so far as to getting my tip in her ass as she massaged her pussy all spread out.

Eventually, she rode me to a nice orgasm. She was rather vocal too. Then I pulled off the rubber and came all over her face.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

She's still on the rag and seemed way less than enthused to do anything sexual. After a few minutes of kissing, rubbing her titties and even rubbing her pussy, I almost gave up.

Then she had a second wind and got somewhat into it.

Things progressed to a nice blowjob. As I was about to cum I was surprised when she didn't pull away. Then she did and she stroked out a nice load for me.

I found out afterwards she didn't plan to pull away, meaning she would take it in her mouth. Something she very rarely does. But my cock slipped out of her hand and consequently out of her mouth. Some did get on her face at least.

Oh well. Maybe next time.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Was supposed to have some sex since she was too tired last night.

Then came the dreaded period.

I got an okay bj though which she finished off by squeezing a hint of milk onto my thigh.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

After dinner we even stopped to buy condoms. But we never used them.

What we did do, however, was nice! Especially when she showed me her new Leopard Print Bra and Pangy Combo. Also, under the "nice effort" category, she wore somewhat of a sheer shirt to dinner to show it off to me but then she said she was too cold and also someone was sitting nearby that we knew. Both of those had some validity but I feel she chickened out.

In any event, the material on both was nice. And her freshly groomed "mound" underneath the panties felt fanatastic. I sucked her tits for quite a bit and even got a little milk, but I think things are drying up. I licked her pussy too and got her to massage my cock with her panties while she sucked me. When she commented that her mouth was on the wetness of her panties that really turned me on. We dry humped her ass a bit as well.

Eventually, we got her her on top of me, grinding her pussy on my cock until she came as I sucked both nipples at once. Another thing that drives her nuts lately.

She's sort of like a guy in that after she cums there's a marked drop-off in horniness and enthusiasm. Our original plan was a big cumshot on her ass, but I asked her to fuck my face with her wet pussy as I stroked.

Eventually, I came all down my hand, shaft and all over her panties.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shower. BJ. Fingering. Titty massage.

It got going quickly and eventually became a nice grinding session, lactation, 69, face-sitting and cowgirl.

She wanted my cum in her but I wanted to pull out and blow. So I did.

Her modified vibe, with the tickler finished the job.

Monday, November 15, 2010

After some more text flirting, the fact that we had both fallen alseep took some of the luster off our encounter. Especially since she jacked off in the shower earlier (which she NEVER does). However, I spent a good long time massaging her pussy to sufficient wetness. She stroked me as well.

After anal last night, I was surprised when she wanted some ass-grinding but that's the way she's evolving. In an anal craving whore, so to speak. And I love it!

Alas, we didn't do anal and I really desired to pound her pussy hard. Soon enough I had her at the edge of the bed, with her legs pulled up high and I was pounding her cunt with my cock as hard as I could. I pulled out, tugged off the condom and blew a nice little load on her belly as she squeezed a few drops of milk out of her titties.

My mouth on her milky tits and the vibe, complete with finger stimulator attached to it had her cumming in no time!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We text flirted for hours. She even sent me a cleavage pic and a bra shot.

Some more sexy innuendo ensured during dinner.

Afterwards, she greeted me in a sexy velour nightie, matching bra and panty set and thigh highs. And she knew what she wanted.

We kissed passionately and I played with her titties and clit through her panties. She made me eat her out. Then I spend considerable time on her still-lactating tits, particularly delighting when she sucked them herself. More pussy eating and a nice blowjob followed. There was plenty of titty milk spread around too.

At one point, she was bent over and spread and wanted me to spank her with some of the blow hitting her asshole. Then we 69ed for a time.

Back and forth we went. Her grinding on me, sitting on my face, trading oral.

Before I knew it, I was lubed up and 6 and a half inches deep in her asshole as her vibe plied the inside of her pussy. I couldn't take anymore and I blew my load.

She came shortly after.

Bonus points occured as I awoke from dozing off and she was getting herself off. That's a first!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I sucked her titties and fiddled her clit to get her good and going. Then she HAD to give me a quick BJ, before I condomed up and she rode me nice and hard, squirting her titty-jizz on me until I came.

Little yellow vibe helped me help her.