Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mornign Affair

Saturday night we went to 38C's high school reunion. It was a nice night, she looked great and we flirted quite a bit.

However, by the time we got home we were both too drunk and too tired to do much of anything except sack out.

I awoke her with some spooning dry humping and tit groping at about 4AM but she asked if we could wait a few hours as she didn't' feel great.

A few hours was quite a while actually. I woke up and watched some TV at about 8AM then finally went back to the bed at about 10:30 and she seemed ready to go. She was sleeping in a black bodyshaper thing with built in black panties and hose underneath. Neck kissing, making out and titty feeling quickly progressed into crotch to crotch dry humping. She really seems to get turned on by that lately and likes my body weight on her. After her panty-thingy was unsnapped it was hot to see her hairy pussy inside her hose.

I spent a lot of time on her tits while we both rubbed her pantyhose covered cunt. She then went to sucking my hard cock but I wasn't feeling terribly "fresh" so I asked her to take a shower. I brought in some silk boxers for me to wear afterwards and some white satin panties for her. We showered, and rubbed, but it was more business than sexual.

After showering we went back to the bed where she slipped on a white lacy nightie that barely covers anything. She ground her satin covered pussy against me as I suckled her nicely hard tits. Then she went down from some drooling cock sucking action which I found terribly hot especially combined with her wet and messy hair.

After a time, she moved onto her back where I could massage her pussy through her panties as I sucked her tits and kissed her. I got the panties soaked with is another turn on. I even played with her asshole a bit which she seemed to like. Again, I went onto my back and she came up to straddle my face and I ate out her wet and hairy cunt and my thumb played more with her asshole.

After some fun with that she got face down and I dry humped her ass through her panties as she talked dirty saying things like "I can feel your cock against my asshole" and "Are you fucking my panties?". I wasn't fucking her panties but it sounded good to me, so I slipped my cock inside them and fucked her butt cheeks inside those sexy panties. Even slipping over and pushing up against her asshole yet some more. We were both breathing heavy and really going at it.

Soon, we changed positions yet again with her fucking me cowgirl style but keeping her panties on. I reached around and felt up her ass and asshole and before long I felt an explosion coming up. She climbed off quickly and within one or two strokes I shot a load of jizz up past my nipple.

Long cumshots really charge 38C up, so she rubbed her cunt and came really quickly. We snuggled for a while and it was nice not to feel the pressure of getting some sleep or being somewhere.

Then I dressed to go do yardwork.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Formatting note: I'm changing the "post" times/dates to when the sex actually occurred.

Thanksgiving night sex was great but its been a few days so my details are limited.

38C has on a nice black skirt with hose and black tummy tucker panties underneath. We started with some heavy kissing then progressed to petting. I love her in pantyhose even with panties underneath. We dry humped crotches for quite a while and I was stiff as a board and could tell she really wanted it.

Eventually, she had me down to just my tie and was tugging on it as she straddled me and ground her clit into me. Eventually, I had her nearly nude and ate out her wet, and ever-increasingly hairy pussy, since she's letting it grow back in for the month. Its ok for now, but I really prefer it shaved or closely trimmed. At one point I dry humped her asshole and she was really into that too.

Again, details are limited, but I know she blew me for a bit before mounting me after we ditched the panties. As she fucked me from on top and I thrust into her the bed was going crazy and she was being very vocal. She was really close to cumming that way but I couldn't hold out and more and she dismounted as I came a bucket load on my belly. Quickly she threw down onto her belly and massaged her clit to a big climax, but she was disappointed the cum was diminished. That seems to happen with her frequently. Then we both quickly fell asleep.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sunday BJ

38C came into bedroom at about 10:30 dressed in cute PJ pants and their matching short sleeve top. She asked if I wanted "kisses" which is our codeword for a blow job. Since she's on her period, that's about all we'll do since neither of us is very into period sex.

After cuddling for a bit she began rubbing my cock through my underwear. I had jerked off about 8 hours earlier when she was out shopping so I was a little worried about performance. As she rubbed I fiddled with her nipple under her shirt then asked if she wanted her titties sucked. She said yes so I pulled the top up and sucked on her tit as I fiddled her clit carefully.

Before long, she was getting pretty excited which seems the norm during that time of month. She asked for her bullet to help, but it wasn't working. I think the battery contacts are corroded. So I got her vibe and she massaged her clit with it through her PJ pants and panties. At the same time she was stroking my now exposed and 90% hard cock. 38C was warming up quickly so I slid up the bed to put my cock in her mouth which further turned her on. Before long she was cumming with my cock in her wet mouth and her vibe on her clit.

After she settled down, she went down on my for some wet sucking and the twisty stroking thing. It felt really good but I thought to cum I was going to need to take things into my own hands. As I stroked she pulled her exposed tits up close to my cock and I asked if she wanted me to cum on them. She said yes. Not too many strokes later I was cumming all over her left nipple, which looked hot because it was so hard.

We cleaned up and dozed off in each other's arms.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Quick Assistance

Wednesday evening I had to run to a meeting so I showered and dressed. I had about 10 extra minutes and I asked 38C for some "stiffie" assistance. I didn't think there was enough time to get off, but he wanted some attention.

She got Sonny occupied with TV and when I went in the bedroom she was sitting in the chair. I walked up and she immediately started unbuckling my pants and began to rub my already stiffening cock through my underwear.

Time was limited so before I knew it I was in her mouth. She was also doing a little twist thing with her hand that I like so much. I reached down to feel up her boobs through her blouse and bra. I planned on taking at least her blouse off but was feeling so excited I didn't want her to stop.

I started to moan and normally she would pull me out of her mouth as she doesn't really like the taste of cum. When she didn't, I thought she might take my load. Apparently, she was just waiting to the last second though. The pulled me out and stroked me while still using the twist but sheilding my cockhead so the cum load could be contained.

The whole thing lasted less than 5 minutes and it felt great. I get really turned on when she sucks me off while fully dressed. I noticed, though, that cum was on her shirt and pants. That was VERY hot.

Monday, November 12, 2007


38C came home from shopping yesterday and quickly showed me a little outfit she had purchased from Target. I couldn't see much in the bag except that it was black.

Later in the evening
when I came up for bed, she was in a robe which she slowly removed to show me a strappy black camisole number with matching black panties that were sheer in the back.

I was horny and she was ready to go, so before long we were kissing like crazy and running our hands over each other. I squeezed and sucked her tits through the material for a while and soon she was climbing up on top of me and rubbing her pantied crotch against my stiffening cock. Then she turned around, reverse cowgirl and did the same thing and asked if I wanted to fuck her panties. I said yes, of course, so she proceeded to stuff my totally hard cock inside her panties and rub her pussy against it while still in reverse cowgirl. She asked if I could see my cock through the sheer material but it was pushing the gusset straight up and not reaching the lace part.

Then she slid her bum up towards me and stuffed her pantied pussy and ass on my face as she worked my cock with her mouth. She was really hot to trot and that always turns me on even more. I pulled the panties aside to access her cunt and it was soaking wet so I went to work with my mouth as my nose pushed up near her butt hole. After a time, she rolled off me and brought her head up towards mine. I felt up her crotch as we kissed and fingered her soaking wet pussy for a bit before stuffing my cock in the panty leg and humping near her pussy hair in that manner. We both really like that.

Next, she flipped over and we spooned with my hard cock dry humping her pantied ass as I kissed her neck and fondled her breasts. At one point my hand explored south and it seemed as if she had lotioned her asshole. It would be out of the norm for her, but I decided to pull the panties down and play with her ass with my cock sort of to feel her out if she was up for some anal. Before long she was opening her cheeks so I could push against her tight hole and she said, "Mmmmm....I can feel you pushing against my asshole." To further feel her out I pushed more and she reached back to grab my hips to pull me a bit more. Soon enough I was buried nearly balls-deep in her ass and pumping slowly as I reached around and fiddled her wet clit.

As she seemed to be really liking it, I pushed her more onto her belly and climbed up and over her to really fuck her ass and she was still okay with it. Before long, I was pumping a few loads into her ass. Then as I got off her she reached for my underwear and cleaned up and quickly put her hands between her legs, still on her belly, and rubbed herself to orgasm as I stroked and scratched her back.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Movie Break

38C's sister came over for dinner last night. When she removed her blazer, it was nice to see she had worn a blue bra under a white shirt. For some reason, that always turns me on.

After she left and I helped Sonny do his homework then went downstairs to watch a movie. About half way through, at 9:30, 38C came down and asked if perhaps I wanted to "come upstairs". I said sure. She said she needed 5 minutes to put on something comfortable.

I waited a bit, then paused the movie and went up to find her already in bed. She was wearing a spaghetti strap velour nightie with matching velour boy shorts underneath. We snuggled a bit watching tv then started kissing as my right hand explored her breast through the nightie. I was in the mood for a quickie so quickly I pulled the strap down and sucked her tit for a bit. Periodically, I would run my hands over her panties or plunge them inside to massage her patch of pubes or her clit.

Next we got in spoon position as she likes my breath on her neck and I like dry humping her ass. I tugged her panties down and at one point spread her cheeks and pushed my hardness against her. She said she could feel my underwear on her asshole and she liked that. I certainly didn't mind.

Soon enough, she was going low to suck my cock. I had on light blue tight boxer briefs that she said framed my cock perfectly. It wasn't long before she was totally sucking my 80% hard cock. I think I wasn't all the way hard because we didn't' do so much foreplay. She was, however, getting it pretty wet. I like when she slobbers all over it, with her spit running down onto her stroking hand, but I don't feel she's very into that. At one point I asked her to lick the shaft. She rarely runs her tongue down the shaft length, usually just sucking me deep, stroking me or sucking my balls. But she did it and it felt nice.

As she was sucking me I had my hand down the back of her panties and was playing around near her asshole. If it was closer to her shower, I would have played with it a bit more but it was in the evening after a day of work and she would be self-conscious so I didn't "go for it".

Next, I moved her onto her back and gave her tits some double action including pushing them together and sucking both nipples at once. I fingered her clit and her pussy but she wasn't as wet as she normally is after sucking me. I mentioned it and she seemed surprised and asked if it was wet on the inside because she felt excited.

I went down on her for a few minutes to get her going but quickly hiked her legs up onto my chest and shoulders and massaged my cock against her cunt. Then I plunged it in. It felt great because she wasn't very wet on the outside, I got a lot of friction, but she was wet inside so my cock felt warm. I pumped for a bit, really driving into her before pulling out and cumming on her pussy hairs and belly. Spurt number two and four went for some pretty good distance, almost reaching her nipples. She loves watching me spurt. She also mentioned she thought I "moved some shit around in there". I think at times I'm like 1" too long for her and I reach an "end". I'm only about 6.5 inches though.

After a quick cleanup, she flipped over on her stomach and massaged her clit to orgasm as I rubbed and scratched her back. We fell asleep shortly afterward to some TV. Our session was maybe 25 mintues long.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Hurt Neck

I woke up yesterday with a sore neck. After doing a bunch of yard work during the day and then going to the movies by the time nightfall came it was really sore.

Due to the time change the night before, by 9:30 last night I was tuckered out and dozing on the couch. So I decided to go upstairs to bed and was surprised to find the bedroom dark. 38C was still awake, however, and she said Sonny had just fallen asleep and she would put him in his bed in a few minutes. That is usually the cue that perhaps some sex is coming.

She put him to bed and I was lying there in blue briefs and a tee shirt. Rarely, rarely do I wear briefs, but laundry was low. Normally, I'm a boxer brief sort of guy or regular boxers or sleeping pants to bed. She was in comfy flannel pajamas with no bra but panties underneath which is normally how she dresses for bed.

She came back and asked if I wanted "kisses" to make my neck feel better. That is our alternate term for a blow job. I said, sure. I was already stiffening by the time her hand hit my package over my underwear and she was surprised. She rubbed me on the outside briefly then scootched down to take my dick in her mouth. It felt so good and I was so very hard quickly. She even commented on it. I could also reach down her back into her pants and feel up her panties and her ass. After she circled the head with her mouth, stroked me, sucked my balls and took me deep inside her mouth, she slid up so I could suck her tits. I think she said, "would you like to suck on my titties?" or something like that.

I lifted her shirt and had a go at her tits briefly as I continued to feel up her pantied ass. Then I put my other hand down the front to feel up her pussy. She was quite wet. I said I wanted to be inside her. She was concerned since her stomach was upset. But after sucking my dick a few minutes more, stood up to slip off her PJ pants and her new pink cotton boyshort panties.

As I lay on my back, she climbed onto my rock hard cock and her wet, smooth cunt felt so good. She gyrated on me for a bit, but asked me to go slow so as not to further upset her tummy. I was being so careful I didn't think I could cum at that pace. I forget what she said next, but it was basically to fuck her faster, so I did. I pumped into her a bunch of times and asked her if she wanted to see me cum. She loves to watch me cum and I usually pull out and pump out my load for her. But the clutched me tighter, so I pumped a few really strong pumps of cum into her.

After slowing down a bit, she climbed off and we both wiped up. Then, per usual, she got on her belly as I rubbed her back and ass and massaged her clit to orgasm. She very rarely cums during intercourse, but can cum very quickly after.

After she came, she explained that she didn't pull off to watch me cum because it seemed kind of dark in the room. We cuddled and both fell asleep rather quickly. I think the total session was no longer than 20 minutes, but its ok to have a quickie on a Sunday night with a hurt guy and a tired couple.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Coitus Interruptus

We arrived home early last night from some errands, etc. and I settled in to watch some college football. 38C went up to the bedroom to watch something more to her liking and our son, "Sonny", was playing the the rec room.

After a while I was feeling horny and thought I could sneak upstairs for a bit and perhaps Sonny would stay downstairs playing. I went up and 38C had just started a movie and was tucked into bed and regular PJs. Without saying much I pulled the covers down, tugged her PJ pants down along with her white satin panties (not the ones she wore the day before) and started licking her. She was ticklish so it was slow to get her legs open. My chin was towards the top and my nose was down by her ass. She asked if she was "funky" but she wasn't. After a short time, I spun her towards the end of the bed and knelt down as I licked her pussy. She started moaning and directing my tongue and even held her lips open a bit to present her clit.

Of course, I was getting hard but I was debating just eating her until she came and then leaving or trying to get a quickie and fuck her. I was leaning towards making it about her more than me.

As I went town, I was reaching up to her nipples and tugged and squeezed them through her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra underneath so I could fee they were hard so I lifted her top and climbed upward to lick on her tits for a bit. At this point she grabbed my hips (I was still in jeans) and pulled my hardness towards her pussy. She struggled with my zipper so I unzipped and quickly, in my mind, my plans changed, I was going to fuck that cunt. No sooner were my pants open, though, when Sonny was turning the locked door nob. It was not to be unexpected, so I wasn't even very frustrated.

I quickly pulled the covers over her since her pants and panties were down at one ankle and went over to let him in. He was tired and wanted to sleep with 38C. I distracted him so he could brush his teeth and 38C could re-arrange her clothes.

After kisses for everyone I went back downstairs where I shortly fell asleep watching TV. I thought about jerking off to some Playboy TV but decided that if 38C still wanted some action and came to wake me up, I would need some bullets. But that didn't happen.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


38C came home from work late last night and I had to immediately head out to a card game. She texted me while at the game telling me that she was wearing simple pajamas but not to let that dissuade me and I should wake her when I got home.

I replied, jokingly, "why? what for?"

She replied, "ummmmm.....FOR SEX!!"

I thought that was cute.

I got knocked out of the game after about 3 hours and was home by 11:20 and went in the bathroom and cleaned up, putting on some nice thong underwear I own and a muscle shirt. I don't think she much cares for the thong, but it kinda makes me feel sexy and I had a slight buzz from the beer I drank.

After I was done, she went in to the bathroom to clean up and brush her teeth then came in the bedroom wearing a sexy, sequined nightie she's owned for years with matching satin, full cut panties.

We kissed for a bit and groped then she showed me how she trimmed up her pubes. She's been getting laser treatment but it really hasn't been working and she desires to not shave and just keep a small patch above her clit.

I devised a plan where I was the laser manager and she was disgruntled. She was reluctant at first, but then agreed. She left the room and returned as a "customer". She wasn't especially good or very imaginative with it, but I appreciated her effort and got hard quickly when she sat me down and pulled her panties aside to show me. Soon she was pushing my face up under there where I found her to be already wet.

Next, she lowered her straps unveiling her right boob so I could suck it under the pretense that it was "smooth" and that's how she wanted her pussy. I laid her back on the bed and ate out her pussy for a bit including a quick flick of the tongue on her bum hole. I fingered her a bit too and then we grabbed the vibrator which I inserted in her, but still under her panties and then I pressed my still covered cock against her crotch. The vibe feels great against my shaft and balls.

Quickly, she was all heated up and sucked me for a bit as she played with her pussy. She said she wanted to cum with my cock in her mouth. I straddled her upper chest and enjoyed her sucking me. At one point she looked up and said, "Go ahead. Fuck my face while I cum."

That was hot.

Soon she was cumming with the vibrator. After she settled down she asked, still in role play, if I wanted to feel what her pussy should feel like on my cock. Of course I did. She straddled me as I lay on my back and pumped me slowly. Then, as our norm, she raised her hips so I could pump harder and faster into her. Very shortly, I was ready to explode. "You want to see me cum?" I asked. She said, "yes".

She climbed off as I was very close to shooting. I pumped a few times and came all over my lower belly. She enjoyed the mini-show as she always does.

That's a pretty normal session for us, although it was rather short. Maybe 40 minutes. Also, we very rarely role play, but it was fun. I would hope if we do it more often she would get better at it.

Friday, November 2, 2007


So let me start with this morning's events.

38C wakes before me and therefore showers before me. Normally, when I get up I go in to pee and hopefully catch her drying off and maybe get a naked hug or something. Today, she was still showering so I peeked in on her with a smile. She smiled back.

Later, when I was in the room getting ready she appeared in her robe. I asked her what she would be wearing for the day and she opened her robe to flash her pubes at me. I mentioned how much I wanted a "visit" there and she smiled.

She never did tell me what she was going to wear, but she usually doesn't know. The question is sort of a running joke between us as I know it slightly irritates her so I have fun with it.

For inquiring minds, it ended up being black dress slacks, over a black patterned thong, with pink padded bra and low cut patterned shirt.

When she was almost ready to leave the house, I asked for a picture, using her cell phone, of a thong flash. She declined. It bummed me out, but I didn't say anything or pursue it further. She did pull her pants down to show the thong and I gently squeezed her ass as I kissed her neck.

At one point she was much more tolerant of me taking naughty pictures of her. Sometimes, in the past, she'd let me have a morning flash picture to "use" after the left as that's my prime masturbation time and I'd much rather get off to her than some pictures on the internet. However, we had a bit of a discussion about taking naughty pictures about 6 weeks ago and I think in her mind she's decided to shut that aspect of our relationship down. She had deleted pictures from my phone without mentioning it to me and it as much as it dissapointed me, it also angered me a little. Her reasoning when I asked her about it was suspect too. So, now, perhaps she feels it creates too much conflict, but I'm sure she's uncomfortable with it as well.

I wish it wasn't so. I really used to like when she'd send a sexy picture to my cell phone, especially as a surprise, but that hasn't happened in a while now. Maybe the original thrill she got from it (she's had a camera cell phone about 18 months now) has passed. I fear I haven't handled things with her properly either.

I guess that's all to report for now.

The Beginning

I'm creating this blog to chronicle my sex life and you're welcome to come along for the ride. I hope if you read a post, you comment. Think of it as an open Sex Diary.

I will try to post my thoughts and feelings as well as play-by-play about my sex life. There's certainly more to a relationship than sex, so try not to judge this my attitudes based on the sex talk. I try my best not to objectify my wife and value her tremendously above and beyond sex and as a sexual being. Howver, this blog will focus on the sex aspect of my life and how it affects our relationship. I hope you, dear reader, can relate as well.

I would think that many men will see themselves in this blog. I think many women may be enlightened to how the male side views things.

I am a 40-something-year-old male married longer than 10 years to the same wonderful woman. Of course, like any blue-blooded American male I think about sex nearly constantly and I will detail some of those thoughts here. Please note, I will not be posting any pictures in this blog like so many brave bloggers do. But I will do my best to convey honest and at times, heartfelt stories and thoughts on my sex life.

My wife is a wonderful, wonderful woman whom I love deeply. I am absolutely certain she loves me very much but sometimes is slow to show that in the ways of sexuality. While I think she's really, really good in bed, she's rather lackadaisical when it comes to sex imagination and initiation. For some reason, I don't think I'm alone. I would love to try more things with her, but I have to admit she's pretty much a trooper in the "adventure" realm.

For purposes of anonymity I will refer to her as "38C".

She's been studying hard and working a lot this week, so the last time we've had sex was I believe last Saturday night, which was 6 days ago. I've masturbated pretty much every one of those mornings and today I'm hot to trot. All fired up, frisky and ready to go. Its Friday. I hope to get some and have a report for here soon.

38C is tall and pretty with brown/auburn hair, green eyes, the aforementioned 38C boobs with very large areola and a neatly trimmed bush.

I am tall as well, pretty good looking, 185 lbs, athletic, green eyed and sport 6.5 inches, cut with closely trimmed pubes, although at times I shave it completely. My main fetish would have to be lingerie; particularly panties and that's usually the type of porn I gravitate to. However, I am open to other stuff and will surf for stuff based on my mood at the time.

Well, that's a start. Enjoy. And when you visit, leave a comment please.