Friday, September 30, 2011

After a fight and some tension, she came to bed wearing a black nightie with a matching pink and white polka dot bra and panty set underneath. There was some necking and titty sucking. She says her pussy wasn't ready for some oral but I did examine her small patch of fur starting to grow back. I sucked her tits, even making them milk - which I wasn't sure they would still do. She sucked me good then climbed aboard and we traded places with who was the aggressor. She pumped me hard, then I pumped her hard. Eventually, she came nice and hard all over my cock. I told her to stand and bend over. She did and I fucked her cunt from behind until I blew all over her lower back nad ass. She said it felt really hot!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Knowing her period was looming and perhaps wanting to take advantage of her completely shaved pussy, she offered herself up to me. There wasn't too much work, actually. Basically, she climbed aboard and rode me hard and I gave it back to her with some hard, quick hip thrusts. There was a brief timeout for her to climb onto my face for a bit, but it was back to business quickly. I stayed hard and lasted long so that she even commented. Eventually, however, I came deep inside her.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

She has on a pretty black, flimsy nightie. When we got to bed she played with my cock a bit and I asked, "how are you going to get it hard?" She answered by saying, "Perhaps if I show you my shaved pussy."
She had 100% shaved for the first time in nearly 3 years and it was HOT! After sucking her tits for a bit and rubbing her down there I went down on her and ate it out. Then I slid up and spanked it with my hard cock before plunging in and out for a bit. Then I almost came! I spurted a bit, but didn't finish, so I pulled out. My glistenening and still hard cock made her horny as hell. When I came up to kiss her I let it slide up and down her slit. Even down to her asshole. Where I let it poke a bit. Expecting her to ease it away at any minute, I enjoyed while I could. However, my tip went in. I left it in a bit, feeling her clench. Slowly I eased in and pumped a bit. When I mentioned I wanted to cum on her black nightie, she said she'd rather I cum in her asshole. So I did!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I was leaving for a bit so she came to bed and gave me the best blowjob. I had to continuously stop her so I wouldn't blow into her mouth. Then she rode me good and hard until I was really close to cumming. I wanted her near it so she slid back down and sucked me briefly before I stroked out my load. Some of it went into her waiting mouth and some went onto her chin.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In celebration of my birthday, she wore the sexiest bustier thingy under her top with a nice pink thong and white thigh highs. But what really got me, was as she sucked me while I was on my back, her long, heavy necklace was toying with my taint and asshole.

I had to stop her a few times so I didn't blow. She also mounted my face before mouting me and fucking me to a HUGE internal cumshot. Leaving me inside her she ground out her own cum and everything oozed onto me as she climbed off.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

She wore a pretty black nightie to bed with sparkly pink bikini panties under. I worked her mound through the panties while kissing her lips, neck and chest. I worked up to a dry grind before she sucked me for a bit and I returned the oral favors - being careful to spend a good long time getting her squirming. Then I alternated between fucking her really, really hard and eating her out. She was wincing with each deep thrust but told me she wanted more and more. I really fucked her wet cunt hard! Pounding my thrusts with every inch I had. This went on for quite a long time until I had her put her panties on her belly, all spread out, and I dutifully blasted my jizz all over them and her.