Sunday, January 27, 2008

Upset BJ

Asked wife if she wanted to fool around. She said she was having stomach issues and would prefer not to, but would blow me.

She massaged me hard and went down on me. Usually, the more into she's into it the more I get off. Obviously, she wasn't feeling well. Being a trooper, she tried her best and I really, really appreciate that but I didnt' want her to continue.

Instead, she took off her top and slid up to me and I suckled her titties as I jacked out a big load. Really quick action and it didnt' upset her tummy too much.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hot to Trot

Wife was hot to go. It was late and she actually woke me up. Gave me some good wet BJ and I fingered her clit inside her lavender panties. After a bunch of titty sucking she tugged her panties off and climbed on top. Said her pussy missed me.

She fucked me for 20 minutes that way, oozing wet pussy juice onto me, down my balls and shaft. We had a towel down in case her menstral stuff was an issue, but it wasn't. Eventually, we moved into a spoon position where she massaged her clit as I did her pussy until she came.

That really had me going so I pumped a few loads into her as well.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Panty Hump

I had to run out in a few minutes and wasn't nearly ready to go. However, I was horny all week and tonight when 38C was walking around in her short black skirt, hose and sexy top I wanted to at least slink up on her.

I came up behind her in the kitchen and kissed her neck, sliding aside her top and bra strap to get to her neck as I rubbed up against her but with my hand and stiffening cock.

She didn't seem too into it, maybe because she knew we were rushed. Also, she's still on her period which have been lasting a long time lately so she's scheduled a doctor's appointment. Soon, I was cupping her bra covered breast and my hand was tugging down her pantyhose to get to her tan bikini panties; and what was inside them.

I continued to massage her breast and kiss her neck as my fingers walked up onto her clit. Again, she didn't seem 100% into it, but wasn't pushing me away either as evidenced by her reaching back and massaging my cock.

Time was wasting and I felt so hot that I decided to get off by rubbing up against her. This, in turn, excited her, as usually that wouldn't get me off. I tugged her hose down to mid thigh and positioned my cock against her ass, but over her panties and really started going at it. She pulled my pants down, but my boxer briefs were still on.

Then she started a bit of dirty talk, "You gonna cum? You gonna cum in your underwear?" She was massaging her tits at this time and she pulled her shirt up to put them on display. Well, my cock tip was poking out the top and as I started thinking about cumming on her panties or her lower back I got more and more excited until I did just that.

Some of the cum stayed in my underwear, some was on her back. Later she told me it was on her panties too and she wore them the rest of the night thinking of me.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Exhibit A

We went out and saw some artistic exhibit thing. By the time we got home and settled (switching between MadTV and SNL) we were pretty exhausted. After snuggling up for a bit, I asked if she was too tired to fool around. "No" was the answer.


We kissed a bit and touched each other before I began to go crazy on her neck and upper chest. That always seems to get her going. Before long, I had her spaghetti strap top down below her nipples and was servicing them very well. After a time of that, with occasional south of the border hand action she went down on me. Some real good kissing and stroking of my hard cock led to more titty sucking. Eventually my hand went inside her pink stain panties where I massaged her clit to orgasm as she instructed me on what to do with my mouth around her tits.

She came very fast and since I was tired, that was ok by me. Plus, she's still sporting her period. Then she went down on me with my hand going down to stroke myself to help out. She sucked my balls hard as I stroked and that did it. My first pump actually shot up to my nipple. My next one mid-belly and the rest more or less drizzled down my shaft. She gets so turned on when I shoot for distance that it turns me on too.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Mall Trip

38C was going to treat me to dinner tonight and since she was dressed in her business skirt, I asked if she would wear some garters underneath. She lamented that she didn't have any that fit. I suggested we have dinner at the mall and do a bit of shopping first then. My treat.

We stopped at Victoria's secret and picked out a pair of stay-up thigh highs as well as a set of the clip version. Plus we got some perfume and a cute short frilly skirt (75% off) that she would never wear out, but thought would look cute a pink bra she had that matched.

We shopped first and ate late, so by the time we got home Sonny was ready for bed and so was I if you know what I mean! Its been a while since we fooled around because 38C has been ill and now she's on her period.

She put on her stay-ups under her dress skirt and came to bed. She asked me to be "careful" down there so as not to make a mess but I was way ready to go. We kissed/made out for a long time and it was very nice. She told me her tits missed me so I gave them plenty of attention. I reached down her pink lace panties to find a nice smooth shave (except for her tiny patch). I was careful, of course, but felt her unease so I didn't pursue down there too much.

Soon she was sucking me sloppily and I could have cum at any second but held out. Then she straddled me and ground her pussy into my stiffness, yet through her panties. I told her I wanted to fuck her. I knew she was messy, but we could use towels etc. I figured. Its usually not my thing, but I was ready to go. She definitely was not up for that. Too self-conscious. So she sucked, stroked me to a great orgasm then quickly got on her back, telling me to lick and bit her nipples as she took her vibe to her panty-covered pussy and got herself off in no time.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Saturday Night Special

She had a tough time getting Sonny to bed and actually dozed off with him in his room. I was waiting up hoping for our regular Saturday night session, but was having trouble staying awake myself.

Finally, she came in the room and changed into a soft lavender nightie, keeping her lacy-semi thong plump panties on.

Once in the warm bed she rubbed my check, upper arms and belly romantically and my cock was swelling fast. I had on my sleeping shorts but underneath I had put on a guy's thong which she sort of likes (she likes my butt) and it kind of helps set the mood in my mind.

After some nice kissing and some tender touching, she had my shorts off and was massaging my butt, going so far as to squeezing it hard. Soon she had the thong tugged down and was going to town on my hard cock. Stroking it and squeezing my balls as she swallowed the bulk of my shaft. She rarely gets it as wet as I'd like but I love to hear the slurping sounds like its soaked.

After a while of that, she rolled over on her back and I went down to eat out her semi-pantied covered pussy. I kept my legs up toward the head of the bed so she cold play with me at the same time. I ate her for a long time. She tasted fantastic and was very into me tonguing her deeply and flicking her clit. I got her so wet it ran down towards her ass and I even put a tip of my finger in her as I licked and pulled her clit into my mouth to flick it.

Next I came up for some nice titty time. The nightie was loose so it was easy to access those beautiful, sensitive nipples. After a bit of that, I again went down between her legs, but this time removed her panties. That particular pair is loose enough to take care of her with them on but I wanted full, uninhibited access for a bit. I like to keep them on one thigh though to grab them periodically.

After eating her for a while more, she asked to climb on top of me so we moved into that position. Her pussy felt so wet and warm and nice and I loved sucking her titties as she fucked me. I took over and fucked her hard for a bit in that position hoping to get her to cum. She was so very close.

Then she turned around in a reverse cowgil position which is nice to look at, real nice, but isn't the best feeling in the world. We did that way for a bit before she rolled off and I entered her missionary style. Again, she was really, really into it and moaning loudly. It was one of those nights I thought I could fuck all night. Eventually, though, I let myself go and pulled out of her to shoot my first pump all the way up the her tits with the rest of the pumps landing on her belly and pubic mound.

After a while of cleanup, she rolled onto her belly, as she normally does and we both rubbed her to orgasm as I kissed and breathed on her back and neck.

Friday, January 4, 2008


During the course of the workday I had sent 38C a few sexually suggestive text messages wherein I told her I wanted her and that I was horny as well. Its been days.

Sometimes she bites on those and goes with it, sometimes she doesn't. Depends on her mood I suppose.

I had to be somewhere wherein I had to leave the house at 7:10 and we had some "alone time" but she was content to chat and eat where I was hoping she'd mention some quick action. At times it disappoints me that she knows I would like a little but doesn't offer to help, instead leaving it to me to ask. I don't think its a deliberate thing on her part, I just don't think she's tuned in to it all the time.

Anyway, before five minutes before I had to leave I mentioned I was hoping for some alone time and she replied "why didn't you say something?". Argh!

Anyway, the conversation came around to "service" at which point I wondered if she would like any real quick. We were in the kitchen again and I knelt and unbuttoned her dress slacks exposing her pink cotton panties with lace trim. I pulled those down a few inches exposing her beautifully coiffed pussy and I proceeded to play with it with my tongue. She wondered if it was stinky after a long day but I assured her it wasn't and continued about my business even though pressed for time.

After moaning and wriggling for a bit, she pulled me up and unbuckled my pants and pulled my stiff cock out where she worked quickly with her wet mouth and hand. Before long, I told her I would cum and she backed her head off and continued to wank me to orgasm.

Again, she tried to catch it in her free hand, but most of it ended up on the kitchen floor which was easily taken care of with a paper towel.

I kissed her and thanked her and apologized for having to run. She said it was quite ok and she had to pee really badly but didn't want to say so to ruin the mood previously.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Kitchen Hump

After last night's festivities I was still horny. We spent a good portion of the morning cleaning the house and 38C sported a less-than-sexy pair of sweats (pantyless) and sweatshirt (braless). It didn't stop me from asking for a quickie and before long I had her sweats at her knees as I rubbed my 50% hard cock all over her ass. We did this in the kitchen in front of the window that faces the street too.

I reached up her shirt and cupped her tits and she reached back and stroked me against her asshole and pussy. When I was fluffed to about 70% we began plunging it into her cunt. Since she was not totally wet, the friction felt great and before long I was 100% hard and fucking her doggy right there over the counter. Her moaning set me off well and I pulled out and shot my load down my own shaft in about 3 strokes.

I asked what I could do for her since she seemed to enjoy it and she said, "I'm fine" with a smile. She pulled her pants up and I did the same and we went back to cleaning.

Sometimes she likes a quickie and isn't all into getting off herself and that's fine by me to be sure. She may have been sore from the past few nights too but didn't let on to that.

Merry New Year

After attending a rather lame New Year's party, 38C came home for guessed it....New Year's sex.

She came to bed wearing a braless yellow tanktop and blue seamless bikini panties and we got right into it right away. Kissing led to titty sucking and groin groping which led to our typical spooning dry humping and some gentle assplay. Soon, she went onto her back where I was able to fiddle her wet clit before going down for a taste and, boy was it good. She was so wet and into it that I soaked her panties and took them off for better access even going so far as to toying with her asshole, but I could tell by her body language she wasn't into it. Sometimes she is, sometimes, she isn't.

I must've licked her for a good twenty minutes and thrilled in her grabbing my head a moving her hips in motion. After a time, she took a turn on my goodies and made me soaking wet and hard. I wanted to mount her with my wet cock and did so and we fucked, missionary style for a good 15 minutes as well. I was driving deep into her and kissing her neck and she was responding terrifically.

When I could feel my explosion coming, I asked where she wanted it and she said on her tiny fur patch (again, thank God she's all cleaned up down there) so I pulled out and pumped onto her. I think my timing or our in-synchness was fucked up though because my orgasm wasn't terrific, just ok.

That was fine though as I again licked her pussy as she rubbed herself with her vibe. She came quickly and strongly, so it was hot.