Sunday, April 29, 2012

Since she was still finishing up her monthly, I asked for a BJ.  I tried to grope her but she was too sensitive.  I did succeed in getting her pants tugged down so I could play with her pantied ass while she gave a pretty good suck which ended in my stroking out the load

Monday, April 23, 2012

She woke me for a quickie.  I had already jerked it that day and waking up for some can be difficult but I took one for the team and put it in her mouth.  I suckled her titties a bit and then she rode me.  I think when she realized I was at about 70% she offered up a standing doggy style which took some concentration but I pulled it off - all over myself.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Red velvet nightie with black lace panties underneath greeted me from my shower.  A HARD blowjob greeted my cock. She dirty talked me and rode my face a bit as well.  And aggressively, which I like, of course.  We swapped around to cowgirl, 69, reverse cowgirl and she even asked for some light spanking.  Which was nice. And she also seemed charged up to lick her pussy juices off my cock, which I always enjoy.  I don't recall where or what made me cum, but I do recall it being a very hot session.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

We had sex.  I'm posting a week later.  Details are forgotten but I bet I came and I know she blew me!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A couple of margarita's in the hot-tub led to some very gentle back rubs for her which led to some long sensual neck kisses for her. I really wanted to take my time to get her going. And boy did I. She couldn't resist reaching down to rub my hard cock under the water and we slowly exposed her breasts out the top of her one piece. Her dirty talk was up to speed as well. After she had me turn the lights down (no one can see anyway, but if it gives her comfort) we both got naked. Some titty sucking and even a bit of underwater oral. Plus some under water fucking from a few different positions and hint of ass-licking even ensued. We were taking our time and both really enjoying the experience. Eventually, I put it inside her for about the 4th different time and told her I had to cum. I pumped away and wanted to cum on her tits (ewwww, cum in the water? ah, who cares?) but the said "cum on my face" and then stuck her tongue out to take it on her lips, tongue and in her mouth. AND there was no sense that it bothered her. As I was cumming, it seemed she really enjoyed it on her tongue, which she will take occasionally, but I can always tell she's not into it. When I kissed her later, I could even taste some.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

She wore cute "Easter" boyshort panties for Easter Sunday, of course. They're cotton with polka dots and purple lace edges. After a quick BJ we has some nice ass dry-humping and I suspected she might be up for some anal, but instead I entered her wet pussy in "spoon" position which graduated toward scissor fucking. Eventually, while she energetically massaged her pussy I came all over it and her hands. Then afer some time, her toy finished her.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A fantastic encounter that began with her immediately going into vigorous blowjob mode. I returned favor by fngering and licking her cunt until she told me she wanted to lick her pussy juices off my cock. She was incredibly wet and although I don't think she has any bi tendencies whatsoever on the rare occasion she's into this, it gets me going big-time. I dipped my prick a number of times and she enthusiatically cleaned it off. Telling me how she was "licking pussy". I went bit her nipples hard as I pumped her newly trimmed pussy and she seemed to want the bites even harder. Soon enough I went back down on her and ate her until she came hard. Then I slid back up and pumped her as I told her I wanted to cover her in cum. That got her going and it was soon that I pulled out and pumped out a nice load all over her cute fur patch and belly.