Sunday, October 25, 2009

It was a quick foreplay session with some nice cock sucking. Her tits are sort of off-base due to the pregnancy sensitivity. There was not much left except to plow her pussy missionary position and after 3, 4 or 5 pumps go down on her. And repeat. And repeat. Unitl I accidentally felt some cum dripping onto my leg as I ate her. I told her this and it drove her nuts. I thought I blew my opportunity for a strong cumshot but I fucked her good for a time before blowing on her expanding belly.

Her mini vibe and my hot breath finished her off.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

She had been bugging me to take a "hike" together but we just couldn't get our calendars together. Something about outdoor fooling around and the risk of getting caught that really turns her on. We agreed on a date and place finally.

She wanted me commando in workout shorts. I settled on sweats since it was a bit chilly. She wore a skirt with thigh highs. The request was a nice rogering doggy style.

We hiked a bit. She flirted a little but wasn't helping my mood by talking about her job the whole time. Sometimes she has no idea how mundane conversations can chill my "mood". I usually rebound though.

Eventually we settled into a small knoll near the river. She peeked down my pants. We flirted moderately and she sucked me semi hard a bit. Next she lifted her shirt and moved her black satiny bra and I nuzzled her tits a bit. Very quickly, I dropped down and tugged her black "cheeky" panties down and mouthed her pussy best I could from that position.

Its weird. Normally, this kind of day would really, really excite me, but I wasn't 100% into it. Of course that didn't stop me from fucking her standing doggy style until I pulled out and shot my load down into the leaves.

She wanted me to help get her off when we got back to the car, but seemed not as into it when we got there. She never got off from our excursion.

I guess everything doesn't pan out as planned.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

As usual we started with some spoon-style dry-humping. She tugged my pants down and pressed my cock tip firmly against her has and into her ass-crack. Eventually, her pants were tugged down and my tip was once again poking at that forbidden door. I couldn't imagine she was up for anal again and I'm not sure I was. The pressure felt really good to her and my tip may have even been a hint inside her. She squeezed and squeezed and gyrated and I told her she was going to "milk a load out of me" and that turned her on incredibly which turned me on further and guess what? I came from that. All over her asshole.

Her vibe helped finish her.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

After a quiet night out that ended at Friendly's of all places, she came to bed wearing a string black thong and matching top. Almost immediately after some foreplay kissing, she was grinding her ass, spoon-style, hard against my rock hard shaft.

We tugged the string to the side and I was dry humping her pretty good. I'm sure the tip was in her and she was loving it. When I mentioned some lube she seemed disappointed, but it seemed the only way to go.

After lubing up my straight up cock it was buried in her in no time and her dirty talk about how good it felt that I was fucking her asshole had me shooting in her very shortly.

She lay back and with her mini vibe rubbed her clit to a pretty intense orgasm.

She's becoming quite the anal whore lately and I'm loving it!

Monday, October 12, 2009

As I watched TV she climed onto my lap. Clad in tight jeans and a boustier-type top under a nice jacked. She ground herself on me for a while and smothered me with her tits.


Later, when I came to bed she was all charged up. Apparently, she was over her illness, if only temporarily. In any event it led to a nice wet blowjob which I reciprocated by eating out her newly trimmed pussy. I toyed with it with my cock for a time until I couldn't take anymore and vigorously fucked her before pulling out and blasting on my belly.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

She was still charged up from the morning I could tell. As she was cooking she kept giving me some passionate kisses and crotch squeezes went so far as to lift her shirt so she was cooking in her bra in front of the window.

My recently emptied cock (what? 6 hours or so?) responded well. She stirred and turned to me and presented her sensitive nipples for some sucking which I gladly did. I also massaged her crotch through her jeans. We kept getting interrupted by the meal but it was still fine by me.

I knelt on the kitchen floor and tugged her jeans and yellow panties down mid-thigh to lick her pussy which she loved. Once we could get the food off the stove, I pulled her into the living room and plopped her on the couch and really went to town on her cunt. It was brightly lit and if anyone was really paying attention through the front window they could see what we were up so, especially when I climbed up to the couch arm and put my rock hard cock in her mouth. She loved this move. And I played with her soaked pussy as she worked it.

Next, I moved down between her legs and fucked her good for a few minutes before pulling out and cumming on her belly.

Again, she didn't want to cum.

I can't remember a time when we had a daily double. Especially one where we did it so close to the previous time.
38C has been weary lately so as a consequence our intimacy time has been less. Its all good though, I can put up with it for a little while.

Anyway, Sonny was off at Aunties for the night, so we had a nice morning session. She's experiencing some pains and is a bit worried about the pregnancy so she told me she didnt' want to cum. Odd. I think even she knows this has no basis in science, but at least I was about to get some.....

Gentle rubbing and sucking morphed into her pulling me to the edge of the bed and tugging or PJ's and panties down to straddle my cock in a somewhat awkward way. At first it was just rubbing her clit but eventually it led to penetration. I delighted in watching my cock slide in and out of her and she was so into it I thought she'd abandon her "no cumming"edict.

Eventually I pulled out and came and that was that. She stood by her pact.

Fine by me.